Sunday, August 13, 2017

Web Review: Twisted Visual

I don't do a lot of website reviews.  This is one of them.


Truth #1

I believe in recycling.  I practice it at home.  I separate my paper from my aluminum and I pay attention to the symbols on the bottoms of plastic containers -- I'm not a "wishful recycler."  I don't put styrofoam or packing peanuts in my recycle bin.

Truth #2

I have enormous respect for the work of Dana Vespoli, both as a performer and as a director of adult videos.  Especially as a director.  Her body of work shows incredible range, creativity, imagination, and willingness to take risks.  I consider myself a huge fan of her work.

So what?

Twisted Visual is a sort of  Vespoli video recycling center.  In net-speak you might call it an aggregator of all things Vespoli.  So if you're looking for one stop Vespoli shopping you've found it.

If you were expecting original or exclusive Vespoli content you're out of luck. There isn't any.  At least there isn't any that I could find. So if you already have a paid subscription to Evil Angel's website, for example, you've already paid for most, if not all, of what's on Twisted Visual.  What this site does is make it easier to find scenes that Dana has directed or in which she has appeared as a performer.

It's all scenes, and the scenes from a single video aren't offered together, so if you were looking for all of the scenes from a specific Vespoli flick you'd have to do some work to pull them together.

The site is optimized for streaming.  Downloaders will find that no matter which resolution option you choose, the only one you'll actually download will be 1080.  And while there are image sets the pictures are offered individually -- you can't download a zip file with all of the caps from a specific video.  Plus, the photo sets often do not capture "action" but are merely posed shots of the female performer(s) in a scene.

The search function works very well and you can hunt for your favorite video clips by type including transgender if that's your thing.  I found this feature to be quite useful.

Visually, Twisted Visual is neat in appearance, attractive in layout, and reasonably well organized. The ads for other sites are prominent but easily ignored.  No pop-ups either, which is a big plus.  The site seems to update about once a week.

One thing that puzzles me about this site is the way that old material is presented as new.  Take for example this tease for an upcoming update:

The tease is for a scene from She's Come Undone, Vespoli's 2013 release (that got a rave review from yours truly), so it is hardly new.  Perhaps I'm being picky.  It's new to Twisted Visual.  I wondered if the "new" part meant it was some sort of "Director's Cut" with previously unreleased frames, but no. My guess is the copy came from the original scene release from Evil Angel's website and was just copied and pasted to Twisted Visual's site.  If I'm wrong about that I will stand corrected.

So, let me sum up the pluses and minuses (from my point of view) for Twisted Visual.


Aggregates Dana's work in one place.
Excellent search function
Material clearly sectioned by type
Includes transgender and pegging
Visually attractive layout
Decent download speeds
Includes lots of photos
Choice of streaming options
Pricing plans not out of line with other, similar, sites


Nothing new -- if you bought an Evil Angel membership you already have most of what's here
All downloads are 1080p regardless of what option is chosen
Download interface is clumsy
Photos available as individual files only -- no zip files
Scene Caps not available in zip files
Old material presented as new

The bottom line here is that if you are looking for a Dana Vespoli repository you've found it at Twisted Visual.  If you're looking for new, exclusive material you're going to be disappointed.

I bought a year's worth of it but as I stated at the outset I believe in recycling and am a huge fan of Dana Vespoli.  Your mileage may vary.  Caveat Emptor.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Title:  Lefty
Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Director:  Dana Vespoli
Released:  5 August 2016 (web release)
Running Time:  123 minutes
Performers:  Dana Vespoli, Alexis Texas, Bree Daniels, Julia Ann, Dani Daniels, AJ Applegate.

NONSEX:  Steven St. Croix, James Avalon, KB, Brock Doom, Sal Genoa, Jane Hamilton, Lio Di Janeiro, Yhivi (cameo not credited)

Here's what the box cover says:

Dana Vespoli plays Linda Lefty Lumaban an undefeated boxing champion who abandoned her career at the top of her game, leaving behind an illustrious career, a beautiful girlfriend, and staggering wealth. Bree Daniels plays Erin, a hip journalist who decides to track down the elusive boxer to see if she plans on making a comeback. Join Erin on her odyssey as she interviews Leftys (sic) ex-girlfriend, Alexis Texas, discovers dark secrets from Leftys (sic) past and finally comes face to face with the brooding boxer in a climactic ending. Also starring Julia Ann, AJ Applegate, and Dani Daniels.

Scene 1 — Alexis Texas & Dana Vespoli in Pussy Worship!
Scene 2 — Julia Ann & Bree Daniels in Redheads have more fun!
Scene 3 — Alexis Texas, Dani Daniels & AJ Applegate in 3 Lesbians Isn't a Crowd!
Scene 4 — Dana Vespoli & Bree Daniels in Girly Action

If I was writing this review as a series of tabloid headlines it might look like this:







Fill in your own boxing cliche` here.  Or just keep reading. Dana Vespoli has produced a lot of really good videos in the four scene template model for Sweetheart and others.  Lefty, like She's Come Undone and Hollywood Babylon, is an example of what she can do with just a little more money and the freedom to tell a story the way she wants to tell it.

Make no mistake -- Dana is an awesome talent on both sides of the camera.  She's a passionate, almost fierce, sexual performer.  As a writer/director, she is creative, articulate, detail oriented, and visually gifted.  She gets the most out of her players the way a good corner man gets the most out of his fighters.

The old saying goes a person who acts as their own defense counsel has a fool for a client.  The same might apply to directors who appear in their own movies but not in this case.  Vespoli becomes Lefty and she never breaks character whether in the locker room or the bedroom.  Whether talking to a lover or a reporter.

And in the cast she's chosen she's found women, and a few men, who can keep up.  She gives them great dialog and they deliver it credibly and passionately.  The pairings in this video are inspired.  All four sex scenes are integral to the movie while at the same time providing those who aren't that interested in the story something to wank to.

I swear Julia Ann never seems to get older.  It isn't fair.  But I like it.  I'll confess right here that I've been a fan since the early 90's when she entered the adult video world and I'm still in awe of the presence she brings to every scene.  Pairing her with Bree Daniels was a great move.  The two burn up the screen with a scorching scene.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Dana Vespoli has an earthy kind of sensuality that is almost visceral in its effect.  Her scene with Alexis Texas is almost animalistic.  Alexis, of course, is no stranger to the sapphic arts.  She plays Lefty Lumaban's girlfriend in a tight red dress that leaves very little to the imagination. Vespoli gobbles up Texas' world class ass and everything else, getting as good as she gets from Alexis.  That's for openers.

Then we get the professor, played by Julia Ann, and the budding writer, played by Bree Daniels.  If this was still film we could say that they melted the celluloid making this scene.

But wait there's more!  We get a real treat with a lesbian threesome featuring Alexis Texas, Dani Daniels, and AJ Applegate.  It's an embarrassment of riches.  Three-way girl-girl doesn't always work, but these three are like a well-oiled orgasm machine.

Finally, we get Bree Daniels and Dana Vespoli.  Bree's character is researching Lefty and why she left boxing so suddenly at the height of her career. Naturally, the interviews lead to a scorching hot sexual romp during which Bree learns something about passion and intensity.

Oh, and James Avalon kills it as Lefty's trainer.  Brilliant!

There's even a twist at the end (no spoilers here).

Bravo to Dana and her crew for delivering a major blow for story based adult video!  Lefty should be a favorite in the feature category at awards time next year.

I'm giving this a strong buy/rent recommendation.  It's available in a variety of formats with streaming options starting at less than you would spend at the local movie theater for something that isn't anywhere near as good.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Mother's Secret

Title:  A Mother’s Secret
Studio:  Sweetheart Video (Mile High Media)
Director:  Nica Noelle
Released:  18 May 2016
Running Time:
Formats:  DVD, Rental, Video Stream, Download
Categories:   Big Tits, Brunette, College, Cunilingus, FaceSitting, Fingering, HD Porn, Lesbian, Mature & Milf, Natural Tits
Performers:  Elexis Monroe, Ingrid Mouth, Jelena Jensen, Kasey Warner


Scene 1. Ingrid Mouth, Jelena Jensen
Scene 2. Ingrid Mouth, Kasey Warner
Scene 3. Elexis Monroe, Ingrid Mouth
Scene 4. Elexis Monroe, Kasey Warner

Description:  (from DVD Box Cover) Newly-divorced mom (Elexis Monroe) is struggling to forge a new life after daughter (Kasey Warner) goes away to college. But when the slender blonde teen comes home for winter break, she brings a new friend with her; mysterious brunette Sevilla (Ingrid Mouth). As Mom's suspicions about her daughter's relationship with Sevilla grow, the lonely older woman fights her own disturbing attraction to the sexy young student. Starring Elexis Monroe, Ingrid Mouth, Kasey Warner, and Jelena Jensen. Featuring Max Sargent and Tommy Regan in non-sex cameos. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.

It’s been a few years since Nica Noelle last directed a girl-girl feature, and even longer since she’s done one for Sweetheart Video, an imprint she founded back in the “aughts,” and then left to start several new imprints including Girl Candy for which she produced another batch of girl-girl fare, and then on to other efforts mainly in the gay and transsexual genres.  Some wondered if she’d ever do girl-girl again.  The thought that this might be true saddened me, because I’ve always thought that Nica’s greatest work was in that realm.  So to say that those of us who consider ourselves fans of her directorial work were waiting for A Mother’s Secret with great anticipation would be a massive understatement.  Pressure much?  Yeah, I think so.

We needn’t have worried.  Nica Noelle’s story crafting and directing have only gotten better, sharper, through the years.  Among her special gifts has been the ability to tell stories featuring sexual compulsion and inappropriate relationships.  In this case, Elexis Monroe, the “Mother,” is the one struggling with forbidden urges.  In most cases the pseudo-family play in adult features situation where a “step” relationship is made crystal clear.  A Mother’s Secret goes further than that.  Nothing on the box cover or in the video itself suggests a step-mother-to-step-daughter relationship between the mother and daughter in this story.  Line crossed?  You be the judge.

A trademark of Nica’s girl-girl work has always been to look for chemistry in pairings so that she could present us with scenes where everyone looks like they’re *really* enjoying themselves as opposed to faking it, as has so often been the case in adult film.  This cast is smaller than the usual four scene, six-to-eight actress model for girl-girl.  One reason for this is probably because Nica has shifted her base from California, to New England and it costs a lot more to get people from the left coast to the right coast than it does to just get them to head down (or up) the freeway to whichever Porn Valley McMansion is hosting that day’s shoot.  But this works because 1) we get to see Elexis Monroe in two scenes, and 2) we get to see Ingrid Mouth three times.  Plus we get the always delicious Jelena Jensen and the delightfully fresh faced Kasey Warner.  Lucky us!

Nica Noelle’s move from one coast to the other comes out in another way, which is to provide a much different background vibe than the one we get from the typical southern California porn venue.  The decorating and architecture are classic New England and the exterior shots show us why fall is peak tourist time in the northeastern quadrant of the U.S.  It gives the scenes a much different, i.e. much more real, vibe and that’s also good.  The rooms tend to be smaller which contributes to the different look of this production because it changes the lighting and shooting equations.

About the movie itself.  Wow.  A Mother’s Secret is a well written, brilliantly conceived, creatively plotted, tightly woven, tapestry of forbidden lust and illicit passion.  Nica Noelle uses one sex scene to set up the next and takes us in unpredictable, but delicious, directions.  Her cast responds beautifully as they bring Nica’s story to life.  The twists and turns make this video a very interesting and entertaining ride.  And, its length at just under 110 minutes, testifies to Noelle’s efficiency as a director.  There isn’t a wasted moment.

Some general comments...

No spoilers here but the Elexis Monroe dream sequence, and particularly the surprise at the end of it, is f’ing brilliant.   And you can quote me on that.

The cast, particularly Elexis Monroe (who just gets better and better every time I see her) and Ingrid Mouth, who carry the bulk of the load here, are wonderful.  Elexis has long been one of the top girl-girl performers in all of adult and a personal favorite of mine.  Ingrid was less familiar to me so it was a delight to see her perform, which she does exceptionally well.  Jelena Jensen's scene was short but intense -- she's just so beautiful I always love seeing her on my screen.  And, Kasey Warner oozes the innocence of an ingenue until the clothes come off, at which point she becomes a sexual dynamo.

The sex is typical Nica Noelle girl-girl:  no toys, lots of kissing, good chemistry, organic development, minimal directorial interference, minimal editing, and plenty of tribbing.

With typical fearlessness Nica Noelle crosses boundaries, both in terms of the plot, and in the presentation itself.  Again, no spoilers

As always I loved the sound track.  The music selections really added to the feel of the film.

I got the impression that Nica Noelle made this movie for herself as much as she made it for us. There have been times when she’s made standard four scene porn that, while good, lacked the kind of in depth story telling that her fans expect and crave.  A Mother’s Secret is vintage Noelle with the added benefits of about a decade of film making experience as well as her own journey of personal growth.  This video shows us a mature filmmaker at the height of her powers.  Bravo!

I'm giving this feature a very strong recommendation for purchase or rental.  It is available in a number of formats so you should have no trouble finding it.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Telepathy: Mantis Origin Story Part One

Title:  Telepathy:  Mantis Origin Story Part One
Director:  Stills by Alan
Released:  May 5, 2016
Running Time:  48 minutes
Performers:  Mia Malkova, Samantha Rone, Adriana Chechik (non-sex) Cassidy Klein (nonsex)

If you ever needed a reason to become a subscriber to this scene provides it.  Girlsway is now my "go-to" provider of high quality girl-girl porn.  Their combination of outstanding production values, beautiful models, interesting story lines, a very user friendly website, frequent updates, and to top it all off a very low price (less than $10/month with the annual membership package) is really hard to beat.

Telepathy:  Mantis Origin Story Part One is the first of a three part series based on The Turning.  The only thing I'm confused about here is the "origin story" part, since this scene takes place AFTER the events portrayed in The Turning.  Perhaps this will be explained in future episodes.  And if not, I don't care because, well, PORN.

Remember Dr. Elixer's "blooming tea" from The Turning?  Well, it's back, sort of, at least the active ingredient, i.e. the virus that turns straight women into lesbians.  Apparently the original blooming tea caused an epidemic of lesbianism, turning 65 per cent of the female population into raging lesbians.  Fortunately (or not, depending on your POV) the government stepped in and with the help of AWAL (American Women Against Lesbianism) stopped the epidemic and made girl-on-girl sex illegal.

That's the back story to this scene, and we spend the first 20 minutes of this 48 minute episode setting up the series.  Please do yourself a favor and DON'T fast forward through this.  One of the things I really like about Girlsway is that their set ups, regardless of length, are inventive and well executed.  That is true here as well.

There's a movie being made about the experience of Halle, or "patient zero" in the recent lesbian epidemic, staring Mia Malkova and Samantha Rone.  Adriana Chechik reprises the role of Halle. Cassidy Klein is an agent under the employ of Dr. Elixer who is trying to re-infect the population with her lesbian virus.  Cassidy says she has a fool proof plan to re-infect Halle and bring her back into the lesbian fold.  Her accomplice, Samantha Rone, is the key player in the plan.

In a pre-production meeting, Halle, Cassidy, Samantha, and Mia are talking about the movie.  Halle is asked to describe what happened to her for Mia's benefit, and while recounting her horror story, Halle breaks down. Samantha goes to get her some water, which she spikes with the lesbian virus.  Unfortunately, instead of Halle getting the water, Mia ends up with it, and is soon turned into a hot-to-trot lesbian.

On the set, Mia feels really funny and keeps getting these telepathic messages from her co-star, Samantha.  They kiss, which is now an illegal act, thanks to AWAL.  Stills by Alan makes a Hitchcock style cameo calling a halt to the production and ordering the women to behave themselves.

This sets up the actual sex scene as Mia is in her dressing room and Samantha comes in, quickly seducing her co-star who is now fully under the influence of the lesbian virus.  She gets telepathic messages from Samantha throughout, hence the title for the segment.  I was reminded, by Director Stills by Alan (thank you for the correction) that we had already seen Malkova as a MANTIS agent in The Turning.

I'll spare you the blow by blow.  The 28 minutes of sex that follows the set up is well worth the wait and well worth the hype that preceded this release.  These two women can't wait to get at each other.  After minimal foreplay, Rone is on her knees giving Malkova's pussy a thorough tongue bath.  And we're off to the races.  There's an excellent tribbing sequence, lots of kissing, some face sitting, and various other girl-girl staples (no toys). A little something for everyone.  It's electric, spontaneous, passionate, and eminently wank-worthy.  Samantha Rone and Mia Malkova are superstars and after watching this scene it's easy to see why.  They're beautiful, they love sex, and they don't mind if we watch.  Perfect combination.

Kudos to Stills by Alan, Bree Mills, and the rest of the creative team at Girlsway for giving us this awesome piece of artfully constructed erotica.  I'd almost go so far as to say this isn't porn but the tissues I just flushed would make that a lie.  TMI? I wank, you decide.

Go to girlsway and buy a membership.  It's worth it.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

My TS Teacher

Title:  My TS Teacher
Studio:  Transsensual
Director:  Nica Noelle
Released:  January 2016
Running time:  117 minutes
Formats:  DVD, VOD (scenes)
Performers:  Aspen Brooks, Danica Dane, Jaxton Wheeler, JD Phoenix, Jessy Dubai, River Stark, Wolf Hudson

This is the best I've seen from Transsensual since My TS Student.  I could just stop there but I won't because what would be the fun in that?

River Stark and Danica Dane are terrific.  Wolf Hudson gets to play a bad guy, and by "bad guy" I mean total d-bag.  Jaxton Wheeler and Aspen Brooks have a terrifically sensual scene.  Plus, as a bonus, we get Jessy Dubai.

River Stark plays a Professor who teaches American Literature (or so I gathered).  Danica Dane is her troubled student.  Wolf Hudson is Danica's nightmare boy friend.  Jaxton Wheeler is River's amiable ex bf who still takes her calls and offers sage advice, which makes his current squeeze Aspen Brooks jealous.  Jessy Dubai is a massage therapist who likes to bang her clients, in this case JD Phoenix.

This is vintage Nica Noelle story telling.  Lots of angst, moral/ethical dilemmas, emotion, passion, repressed lust, and a good resolution in the third scene (scene 4 has nothing to do with the story -- it's just there to take up space on the DVD).

The performers play Nica's tightly written and nicely paced script very well.  None of these players has attended the Max Reinhardt Theater Workshop or Julliard.  That's fine.  They bring genuine emotion and passion instead of acting chops.  Much better all around in this case.  The chemistry between Danica Dane's character, Sarah, and River Stark's character, Professor Rivers, is palpable from the opening frames.  The fact that we have to wait over an hour before they actually get together is one of the things that makes this story work.

And, Wolf Hudson plays his bad boy so well I found myself REALLY disliking him.  I almost couldn't watch his scene with River Stark (but I stuck it out, and I'm glad I did, because it was a hot scene).  Damn, he was one snarky SOB.  It was like all of the macho bull shit in the world was distilled into one character played by Hudson.  Bravo.

Jaxton Wheeler is a hunk.  He also has a sense of humor.  Swoon.  I'd make him a nice dinner and then have him for dessert.  And, Aspen Brooks?  What a doll.  Plus she plays the jealous girl friend (not pathologically jealous)  very well.  Great chemistry between these two.

There are some things in the first scene that I think I would have changed.  I think I would have skipped the Wheeler/Brooks tryst and instead expanded on the fantasy/dream sequences that both Stark and Dane have.  We get a nice little scene of Danica wanking, but Stark's dream sequence is cut short when she wakes up after a hot dream about her student and decides to call Jaxton for advice.  I think I would have extended both of these masturbatory/fantasy scenes to give us an extra Stark/Dane pairing plus extended wank scenes for both.

You can get this video as a DVD or watch the scenes on the Transsensual website.  Personally, I'm glad I watched it online.  As much as I love watching Jessy Dubai her scene was tacked onto the DVD as a "bonus."  For Jessy fans, however, the DVD will be a "must have," as her performance is classic Jessy Dubai. She tops JD Phoenix and has a nice pop shot at the end.

I'm still giving this a strong "BUY" recommendation though.  Bravo Nica Noelle, bravo!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Porn Star Fantasies - Cherie DeVille and Aaliyah Love

Title:  Porn Star Fantasies
Studio:  Brazzers
Series:  Hot and Mean
Director:  Dani Daniels
Running Time:  29 minutes
Performers:  Cherie DeVille, Aaliyah Love

Lucky us:  Dani Daniels is now directing for Brazzers. This is definitely a good thing, as long as Dani keeps performing in FRONT of the camera too!  Even luckier for us, she has Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille as her stars for this mid century modern girl-girl romp, complete with laugh track. Aaliyah and Cherie have shared a LOT of scenes together.  What they have goes beyond chemistry and straight into porn magic.  Anytime I see that they have a scene together I automatically add that title to my queue (producers take note!).  So, we have Dani Daniels directing a pair of true hotties who are really into each other.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, nothing, actually.  That was a rhetorical question.

We open in grainy black and white as mid-century-modern housewife Cherie DeVille gets her hubby ready to head out the door.  The happy couple is in the kitchen where Cherie dispenses coffee.  And, while I'm on the subject of kitchens, this one is a brilliant recreation of a late 40's early 50's kitchen right down to the gadgets displayed on the counter tops, the plastic chairs, and the kitchen clock. Pretty good attention to detail for a porn set.  That detail extends to hair, makeup, and costumes -- even the shoes (check out the polka dot shoes and ankle socks Aaliyah is wearing).

The look and feel is early 50's situation comedy (think I Love Lucy with actual sex) including some kitschy music and an audience track (laughs and applause).  Aaliyah enters, there's some awkward sit-com action (not meant as a criticism -- awkward moments are what make sit-coms work), and hubby finally picks up his brief case, kisses his wife, and makes his exit.  Once Cherie is sure he's actually gone, the two ladies are free to engage in the sapphic arts, which they do, with lots of energy, creativity, lust, and C-H-E-M-I-S-T-R-Y. These girls know how to be nasty with each other in really fun ways. Aaliyah and Cherie don't need a lot of foreplay so once the real action starts they just flat out go at it.  It's a full on romp on kitchen counters, kitchen chairs, and, finally, the kitchen floor.

You get pretty much the entire girl-girl inventory (sans toys) in this scene, including kissing, breast play, spit swapping (literally), pussy eating, anal fingering, and tribbing (very nice tribbing sequence!).  And all of it is delivered with panache by two women who are so obviously having a great time that you can't help but enjoy it (well, I couldn't help but enjoy it -- your mileage may vary).

Bravo Dani Daniels for her deft direction, by which to say she allows her performers to have at it with minimal (apparent) interference.  Great lighting and camera work.  Good sound too.  Editing gets an "A."  So, an excellent concept combined with solid direction and performers who want to play together produces an excellent viewing experience.  This video alone would be worth a month of membership in my opinion.  Highly recommended.  Check my tumblr for screen caps and gifs.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Stranded 3

Title:  Stranded 3
Studio:  Offworld
Director:  Magdalene St. Michaels
Released:  October 2015
Running Time:  About 56 minutes plus BTS footage
Format:  VOD
Performers:  Syren DeMer, Blair Summers

Adult video veteran Syren DeMer and relative newcomer Blair Summers are paired in this third installment in Magdalene St. Michaels "Stranded" series.

As usual the set up involves someone who is literally stranded due to delayed flights, weather, lost passports, or just bad planning.

Magdalene St. Michaels stays behind the camera in this one, although it must have been difficult for her not to jump in for a hot threesome.  While I'm always pleased to see Magdalene get naked and enjoy herself it was OK in this case that she didn't.  Syren and Blair have great chemistry and both do well with the improv in the set up.

As was the case with episodes 1 and 2 of this series we get a nice build up to the sex, which, when it starts, continues to develop with great patience. Once things really heat up, however, the energy is plentiful as are the orgasms.  Both women have a great time.

Blaire, Syren's new assistant -- Syren owns some sort of business; we aren't told what kind --  has messed up some flight reservations meaning that the two women are "stranded" somewhere mid-trip because they couldn't make their connecting flight.  Syren takes Blaire to task for this and then suggests that if Blair wants to stay with the company and advance her career she'll have to make the boss happy.  Well, you can guess where it goes from there.  After some necking on a sofa, the two head for the bedroom.  As they're getting up to go, Blair just says "Just don't tell my mom."

Part of the appeal of Stranded 3 for me is the fact that the women seem so real.  Blair has some bruises on her left knee and Syren's C-section scar is clearly visible in a number of shots.  For some this would be a distraction.  For me it was proof that these weren't some air brushed cuties with six pounds of makeup.  This was two real women having real sex.

As for the sex, there is lots of kissing, breast play, pussy eating, tribbing, fingering, and no toys.  It all flows naturally.  There's great continuity in the shot selection, good camera work, lots of light, good audio, and minimal (if any) directorial interference once the action starts.  These women can't wait to get each other naked.  There's a humerous moment when Syren is trying to get Blair's shoes off, for example.  Some directors would have cut this awkward sequence, but I'm glad Magdalene included it. There are other, similar, examples.

Bottom line is that this scene is well worth your time and money.  It's available as VOD only and can be viewed through Magdalene's VOD site (  If you're a fan of lipstick lesbian sex with a nice build up and good pacing throughout, this video is for you.