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Mothers and Sons 2

Title:  Mothers and Sons 2
Studio:  Hard Candy Films
Writer/Director:  Nica Noelle
Released:  February 2013
Performers:  Dana Vespoli, Magdalene St Michaels, Amber Lynn Bach, Kiki Daire, Logan Pierce, Danny Wylde, Seth Gamble, Josh Rivers

If you don’t like a bit of story, a bit of narrative exposition, with your porn, then move along, there’s nothing to see here.  But you’d be making a mistake.  Half the enjoyment (well, maybe not quite half) of watching a typical Nica Noelle video comes from her skill as a writer/story teller.  That’s certainly true here, and fortunately she’s assembled a cast capable of pulling it off.  Her scripts generally require her performers to portray characters, which can be a lot to ask for some performers.  I don’t say that to denigrate their capabilities – let’s face it, the reason most of us are watching porn is to see people get naked and get it on; acting chops aren't required.  But, when we see people who can act AND have hot, passionate, sex on camera it’s a nice bonus, especially when they're given a good script to work with.

That’s exactly what we get with Mothers and Sons 2.   Noelle is a patient story teller and doesn't force the pace.  We know there’s going to be sex, but before we get to that we're going to get some character development. The sex will proceed naturally from the relationships established as part of the story.  The sex, when it happens, is well worth the wait.  Noelle has remained faithful to her old Sweetheart/Sinner tag line about “real sex, real passion, real orgasms,” delivering four couplings that contain all three elements.  One of the reasons the sex feels real is that we see the players develop believable relationships.  The set ups aren't just an excuse for people to hop into bed or on a hay bale.

This is true “couple friendly” porn, I think, with a nice dollop of romance thrown in.  The premise is women “rich in years” and their mutual attraction with younger men – friends of their sons in some cases.  What mature woman doesn't want to experience the vigor of youth once again?  Exactly.  And the fantasy of being seduced by an older woman is pretty universal for young men.  I know it was for me.  Perhaps I’m projecting again?  At any rate, there’s a bit of the forbidden fruit vibe adding to the erotic buzz in every scene.

The video sets up as two distinct stories each containing two main scenes.  First up we have Magdalene St Michaels and Dana Vespoli living together on a ranch.  Magdalene’s son, played by Logan Pierce, is coming home from college for the summer and will be bringing his good friend Danny Wylde with him, much to Magdalene’s displeasure.  She doesn't want some “frat boy” hanging around all summer.  Ha!   Dana is more philosophical about it and urges Magdalene not to prejudge.

Wylde plays a well-mannered, handsome youth, and Magdalene’s fears are soon allayed.  They chat amiably over dinner.  Cut to Dana Vespoli working in the horse barn (the story takes place on what is ostensibly a horse ranch).  Logan comes into the barn and they talk.  The mutual attraction is instant and obvious and by the end of the chat, they are kissing.  Well, we all know what that leads to right?  Kissing is the gateway drug for sex.  Just ask any father who has a daughter.  I had some concerns about the setting.  I've actually HAD sex in a hay loft and it’s a real challenge.  People think of hay or straw as soft.  It isn't.  And there are a lot of sharp pointy aspects to a “roll in the hay” that no one ever talks about.  They DID have a couple of blankets to throw on the floor so hopefully no one got poked in anything other than a sexual way. 

Meanwhile on another part of the ranch, Magdalene comes home to find Danny sitting at a table apparently doing homework on his laptop.  Homework?  What kind of college kid is this anyway?  It’s summer, and laptops are for downloading and watching porn, not doing homework.  Sheesh.  OK, kidding aside, Danny offers to get Magdalene, worn out after an apparently tiresome client dinner, a drink.  He is all solicitous and attentive, which Magdalene finds extremely attractive.  He’s obviously attracted to her as well which leads to a very personal conversation and, eventually, bed.  I love watching Magdalene St Michaels have sex.  She is all in.  And, she always takes some responsibility for her own pleasure.  I don’t think I've seen her in a sex scene where she isn’t helping her partner get her off.  I find that incredibly erotic.  And, she is very attentive to her lovers, making sure they are enjoying themselves as well.  Let’s just say a good time was had by all, shall we?

The second scenario involves the deliciously full figured Kiki Daire’s character, Shelly, and her best friend Laura, played by Amber Bach.  Shelly and Laura haven't seen each other in years.  Kiki has finally “made it” and now feels equal to her old friend, who has always been a very successful woman.  Amber and her son, played by Seth Gamble, are coming for a visit.  Kiki’s stepson is played by Josh Rivers.

Shelly’s husband is in Singapore, so she and her stepson, Brad, are alone in the house when their guests, Laura and her son James arrive.  The way this sets up is that Shelly is an artist, or used to be (her current husband it turns out doesn't encourage her art) and she also happens to have been Brad’s inspiration to study art.  Brad’s attracted to Shelly -- we can see that.  When James arrives on the scene, we also see an instant attraction forming between him and Laura.  (Is “him and Laura” grammatically correct?  No squiggly line, so I guess it is – it just sounds awkward.)

So, Nica Noelle deftly sets up the final two sex scenes with one long piece of exposition and relationship development.  The encounters, when they come, grow out of this, and a couple of other conversations. They appear (mostly) natural – there’s always a contrived aspect to these things that is difficult to avoid completely.  In terms of exposition, the key piece of information we gather here is that Shelly used to be Brad’s babysitter.

Laura (Amber Bach) is afraid of spiders, so when she sees one on her bedroom floor, she screams.  James comes to investigate and after dealing with the arachnid threat he offers comfort to the distraught damsel in distress.  In a completely shocking turn of events this leads to hot, steamy, passionate, sex.

Meanwhile, Seth and Shelly (Kiki D’Aire) are talking about art.  We all know that talking to art leads to sex.  Art, kissing, and the offer of a free massage, are all gateway drugs to sex.  That’s true here, because wouldn't you know it, one minute they’re talking about art and the next minute, the babysitter is being boinked by the baby, in this case a very grown up Brad, played skillfully by the very capable Seth Gamble.  It’s another scene full of sexual sparks and fire and a fitting close to the video.

This is a well-made video both aesthetically and technically, and well worth your hard earned cash.  Another success for Nica Noelle, story teller extraordinaire.  Now, close this web page and go buy a copy.

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