Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 24

Title:  Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 24
Studio: Girlfriends Films
Director: none credited (Presumably Dan O’Connell)
Released:  May 18, 2012
Performers:  Alyssa Branch, Crystal Jewels, Magdalene St. Michaels, Maddy O’Reilly, Jodi West, Amanda Bryant, Brandi Love, Prinzzess

My initial interest in this video sprang from the presence of some of my favorite ladies in the adult business including Magdalene St. Michaels, Jodi West, Brandi Love, and Prinzess.  I don’t want to give the impression that the other performers in the video weren’t of some interest but I was seeing some of them for the first time, and one (Crystal Jewels) was making her video debut (she has a scene with Heather Starlet in Lesbian Seductions 41 set for release later this month from GFF).

The standard MDEC premise is that lesbian mothers and daughters hook up with other lesbian mothers and daughters creating older/younger sexual scenes.  These videos break neatly into two halves with two scenes each connected by a common premise or set up.  This has worked well for 23 episodes.  MDEC 24 uses the same basic format, four scenes paired via two set-up scenarios, but there are some twists.  GFF doesn’t generally credit directors so I have no idea who to thank for the great patience shown in some of the scenes in MDEC 24.  More on that later.

Scene 1:  Magdalene St. Michaels/Maddy O’Reilly

I’ve seen Swiss cheese with fewer holes in it than the plot to the first pair of scenes in this video.  The less said about it the better.  GFF isn’t the top girl-girl studio because of its script writing and plot development.  It doesn’t matter because when the sex part starts we forget about the plot anyway.  In men this is caused by the lack of blood flow to the brain.  I’m not sure why that’s also true for women, assuming it is.

The main thing here is that we get to see Maddy and Magdalene have sex.  Here’s a perfect example of the patience I was referring to earlier.  Maddy and Magdalene want to have sex with each other so there’s no real seduction here.  However, it’s their first time, Maddy is a young girl, and Magdalene really takes her time with her, warming her up, arousing her, making her feel safe and secure.  It’s worth watching this part of the scene just to see Magdalene’s technique.  But when the clothes start to come off, things heat up in a hurry, and we are treated to a scene containing huge amounts of both tenderness and intense passion.  Both women had a great time.  That much is certain.
Scene 2:  Crystal Jewels/Alyssa Branch

The idiotic set up for the first scene is taken to new heights of absurdity here and I won’t go into it.  This was my first time seeing either of these two women (that I can remember).  Alyssa has only done a few girl-girl scenes and as near as I can tell, this was Crystal’s first scene of any kind.  Crystal has some mileage on her but she’s in pretty good shape.  I’d put Crystal’s age somewhere in the late 50’s, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on my estimate without knowing if she’d been a smoker or not.  Smoking adds (easily) ten years to a woman’s face not to mention what it does to your lungs, ladies.  Alyssa is about 20 but she’s already got 40 titles under her belt, mostly hetero stuff.

This turns out to be a great scene once you get over the absurdity of the plot line.  These women seriously get into each other.  Lots of kissing to start and then some excellent pussy play (fingers and tongues) some nice tribbing sequences, and lots of passion.  I’m looking forward to seeing Crystal with Heather Starlet in Lesbian Seductions 41.  Here’s a legit older woman who’s sexy and obviously likes to fuck other women.  For those who enjoy age difference as a fetish women like Crystal are a god send.

Scene 3:  Brandi Love/Prinzess

I love both of these women.  Prinzess reminds me of someone I actually know both in looks and certain patterns of speech.  She’s hotter than a pistol.  Brandi Love?  Well my goodness.  She’s a late bloomer in the porn biz but she’s making up for lost time.  When I heard about this pairing I got REAL excited.

The set up for the final two scenes isn’t as “holey” as the first one was, but what it lacks in quantity (of plot holes) it more than makes up for in size.  Brandi is Prinzzess’ step mother.  I’m trying to remember if GFF has had young girls fuck their step mothers in the MDEC series.  Maybe they’re trying to keep up with Filly Films in the pseudo incest arms race.  They can’t go much farther than this without having actual mothers and their daughters fuck each other on video.

Brandi and Prinzzess are hosting Jodi West (another fave) and her pregnant step daughter Amanda Bryant (whom I was seeing for the first time I think).  They’re in the kitchen where Brandi and Prinzzess are cooking up a storm.  Did I mention that strawberry rhubarb pie is one of my favorites?  Prinzzess thinks that since Jodi and Amanda aren’t blood relatives that they should French kiss.  Brandi is shocked at the suggestion, but Amanda and Jodi say we-will-if-you-will-first.  The situation escalates a bit and then Brandi excuses herself and Prinzzess and they leave to have a little mother-to-step-daughter chat.

Cut to, Brandi’s bedroom and a serious conversation about the origin of Prinzzess’ acting out in front of Jodi/Amanda.  It seems that since dad died Prinzzess hasn’t been getting enough attention from her step mother.  Well, what Prinzzess REALLY wants is for her step-mother to bang her like a cheap drum.  Her is another case in this video where whoever was directing made the OUTSTANDING decision NOT to rush the scene.  We can literally watch Brandi go from totally not getting that she and her step-daughter need to have sex to totally getting it.  This is must-see-TV.  Do not fast forward through this or I will find you and destroy your DVD player. (ATTENTION TSA COMPUTER SPIES:  I was using a bit of poetic license there, OK?  I’m not really planning on tracking anyone down and doing violence to their electronic gear.)

Where was I?  It takes a while, but once we get to some real lip locking the payoff is incredible.  Well worth the wait.  Once again a slow build up suddenly explodes into white hot sex.  Brandi and Prinzzess have amazing chemistry, both are incredibly beautiful, there’s a good bit of physical contrast between them (which I always like), and they both know what to do with a naked woman.  Whew.  This was a three tissue scene and no mistake.

But I had this weird internal dialogue going for a while.  I’ll use Lloyd to represent my more rational side, and Floyd to represent that part of me that was getting most of the oxygen during the scene.

Floyd:    Holy fuck!  Brandi Love and Prinzzess are going to have sex! 
Lloyd:    Um…but they left their guests all alone downstairs in the kitchen having said they’ll be right back.
Floyd:    BrandiLoveisnakedBrandiLoveisnakedBrandiLoveisnaked
Lloyd:    But they left their guests all alone downstairs in the kitchen.
Floyd:    PrinzzessisnakedPrinzzessisnakedPrinzzessisnaked
Lloyd:    But what will their guests think?  What will they do?  Who’s eating the strawberry rhubarb pie?
Floyd:    BrandiandPrinzzessarefuckingBrandiandPrinzzessarefucking

Well, you get the idea.  Fortunately Floyd won that round, finally got Lloyd to shut up, and a good time was had by all.  I would really have liked a piece of that pie though.

Scene Four:  Jodi West/Amanda Bryant

It wasn’t really fair for anyone to have to follow the Brandi Love/Prinzzess pairing.  However, Jodi and Amanda have no apologies to make for their scene.  In addition to the pseudo incest thing going on between step mother and step daughter we also have a young mother-to-be who’s showing pretty nicely.  She’s not a candidate for “Ready to Drop” yet, but she’s obviously, glowingly, preggers. The kink potential of this scene is just about off the charts.

This is Amanda’s first girl-girl scene as near as I can tell.  Jodi is a GFF veteran and another one of my “buy triggers” when deciding on a DVD purchase.

OK, as we cut away from Prinzzess and Brandi we discover Jodi and Amanda just outside their bedroom door – Jodi is eavesdropping.  Amanda is creeped out and hungry.  So they split.  Jodi murmurs something like “I sure would have liked a piece of that rhubarb pie,” as they leave.

Back home, Jodi and Amanda are laying on a bed together and Jodi is gently rubbing Amanda’s swollen belly.  Amanda is in some discomfort, which is not uncommon with pregnancy, or so I’m told.  Then Jodi drops one of the lamest lines in the history of seduction, “You know…what really used to help me when I was pregnant and in some pain was having an orgasm.” That’s not an exact quote, but close.  Really?  Who knew?

Jodi’s gentle touches soon break down Amanda’s initial reluctance (because, of course, if they hadn’t we wouldn’t get a scene) and the seduction is soon a fait accompli.  Amanda has a thick, furry, bush – something we don’t get to see much of in porn generally, but it’s a light red (like her hair) and doesn’t hide the goodies, so to speak.

This was a good closing scene to an excellent video in spite of the flaws in the set up scenarios.  

Final Thoughts

Lighting, editing, and camera work were all top notch.  The women were beautiful, sensual, and everyone had a great time.  All four scenes were eminently wankable.

I’m looking forward to seeing what GFF has in store for Crystal Jewels.

I have no problem recommending this video for purchase by MDEC collectors and others who enjoy the lipstick lesbian genre.  Preggo fetishists will find the fourth scene at least worth a rental.

Those who require a credible plot line with their porn will want to give this one a miss.


  1. I would like to thank you for the review. Its refreshing to read honestly. I have my sites attached to profile to find out more about me. This much I will tell you, I am 48, I do not smoke but life has not be fair either. But we work with the hands we are dealt and go on chasing our dreams. No I have not worked enough to have my lines soften as many of the woman in the industry have that luxury. Thank you again Crystal Jewels aka Mystical Jewels

  2. This is why it's always dangerous to estimate a woman's age. In retrospect, I should have left that out, and I apologize. I enjoyed watching you perform, Crystal, and I am looking forward to the release of Lesbian Seductions 41 in a couple of weeks.

    I know all about the unfairness of life. I recently lost one of my children to cancer.

  3. I have the pleasure of watching (and spending money on) Crystal Jewels for a long time. You are 100% correct mstrhole on three things.

    Crystal is sexy and obviously likes to fuck. She is great at solos, with toys and with the guys. MDEC24 demonstrates what she does with the ladies. So will LS41 I’m sure.

    Second, is that she is a legit older woman. Porn has so many different roles to showcase her talents. The only thing she needs is an opportunity. Dan O’Connell gave her one. Others studios need to follow his lead. I too am waiting to see how GFF develops her talent.

    Finally, Crystal is a god sent. When you get to know her on My Free Cams, you’ll see that she is a loving and confident woman both inside and out.


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