Sunday, August 30, 2015

Carter Cruise Obsession

Title:  Carter Cruise Obsession
Director:  Greg Lansky
Released:  August 17, 2015
Length:  3 hours
Performers:  Carter Cruise, Riley Reid, Jason Brown, Flash Brown,  Rob Piper, Michael Williams

Greg Lansky does a truly skillful job of piloting this Carter Cruise vehicle for, whose high end videography, stunning women, handsome studs, and elegant backgrounds have raised the bar for interracial porn to a seriously high level.  The fact that Carter Cruise chose for her very first interracial scene says something about the studio, I think.  Adding Riley Reid to the mix is icing on the cake.

Carter Cruise is hot.  Actually, calling Cater Cruise "hot" does violence to the term.  In this release she plays "Kate," a good girl from a conservative home gone completely bad.  I suppose it would be a cliche` to say that she's gone "to the dark side," but in this case, she has. In this regard, the premise is pretty realistic -- lots of young people raised in religiously conservative homes have kicked over the traces, so to speak, at some point and gone completely the other way.  Sometimes it's drugs or alcohol, but in this case it's sex.  Not just sex, but interracial sex.

Fortunately for us, we get to watch.  There isn't really a wasted moment in the entire 3 hours.  The setups are brief and to the point -- they get the job done.

Carter fucks with abandon in her first foray into interracial porn.  She does anal, gags on black cock, eats cum, does two guys at once, has a spectacularly hot girl-girl-guy scene with Riley Reid (the money shot is really well done!), and obviously enjoys every single moment.

Kudos to for getting this video booked and for releasing the scenes individually as VOD plus putting them all together on this DVD.

A big thank you to Greg Lansky for his deft hand as director.  Not a single glitch to be found anywhere in this elegantly crafted masterpiece of pornographic art.

And, of course the cast is really what makes this video work.  While Carter is the center of attention (kudos to the wardrobe department, if there was one, for her ensembles -- very well chosen and incredibly sexy), her fellow performers are more than up to the task of keeping up with her.

I strongly recommend this DVD to Carter's fans, people who enjoy well crafted artistic porn, fans of interracial porn, or anyone looking for a really good wank video (it works great for that as well).  A treat for the senses and well worth the asking price.

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