Monday, May 27, 2019

Title: Magdalene and Kasey

Studio: Nica Noelle Only Fans
Director: Nica Noelle
Released: April 2019
Length:  50 minutes
Performers:  Magdalene St. Michaels, Kasey Warner

I think (and she can correct me if I’m wrong) Nica Noelle’s first adult video directing experience was doing girl-girl for Girlfriends Films.  She directed quite a few productions for GFF before moving on to Sweetheart Video where she produced a ton of really good story centered adult features.  Then it was Girl Candy and another large batch of high quality story centered lesbian features. Then there was a break while she went off to the east coast to shoot gay and transsexual porn, but still story centered.  Like a lot of Nica’s fans, I missed her girl-girl work.

Putting Magdalene St. Michaels (as Meredith) together with Kasey Warner (as Faith) is vintage Nica. The two have great chemistry and the sex, when it comes, seems natural and authentic.  One of the things I really liked, and what really rang true from my perspective, is how long it took them to actually get their clothes off. You’ll have to watch this to see what I mean.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Not only is this pairing vintage Nica but so is the pace.  This clip comes in at around 50 minutes and Nica spends the first third of that letting her characters grow on each other.  Meredith has taken Faith into her home after finding the waif hitchhiking on a lonely road. Faith has had some bad trouble at home and needs a place to stay.  Everything is innocent until Meredith starts to walk into Faith’s room. Faith is laying on her bed facing away from the door. She has headphones on and we can faintly hear her beats.  Her hips are moving on the bed. Meredith is mesmerized. She just stands there. And as Faith moves from hip gyrations to open masturbation, the look on Magdalene’s face as she stands in the doorway watching such an intimate moment is priceless.  Suddenly she goes from someone performing a completely selfless act of generosity to someone suddenly hungry who sees a banquet laid out in front of them. Meredith struggles -- we can see it in her face -- to deal with these new feelings. She doesn’t consider herself a predator.  She doesn’t want to be that person. Still, she’s powerfully aroused by what she watched. (By the way, the masturbation sequence is intensely erotic and the cuts to Meredith’s face are interspersed with Faith’s in a wonderful rhythm.)

Meredith’s attraction to Faith disturbs her.  Why does she feel this way? She’s taken Faith under her protection.  Will she act on her desires? We soon discover that the attraction works both ways. Perhaps I’m projecting, but I couldn’t help think at this point that Faith was thinking of Meredith while rubbing one out.  

So, the attraction is mutual but instead of just throwing them into bed to have at it, Nica lets things smolder.  During a very sensual session of hair brushing, Faith tells Meredith that sometimes she wishes Meredith was her mother and sometimes she doesn’t.  Meredith’s facial expression at this point indicates that she has read the hidden meaning in Faith’s words and she begins to act more boldly. The heat increases steadily from this point. Then comes the moment where they slowly, tentatively, mutually decide it’s time for a kiss.  Oh, that kiss. They didn’t just grab each other and suck face (although that comes pretty soon after). That first kiss, tentative, yearning for more, taking the chance, is allowed to linger and ripen before things escalate to the next level. Intense? Yes. Hurried? No.

Nica Noell shows great patience in how she allows the sex to unfold, and Magdalene and Kasey seem totally onboard with it.  There’s no rush to do anything. I think good porn directors, and there are actually quite a few these days, strive to produce material that puts the viewer in the room and leaves the performers completely unaware that they are watched.  That certainly seems to be the case here. We never once see either Kasey or Magdalene look at a camera or take their attention from each other to see what the audience is doing. That’s the gold standard for me. I know, from conversations with Nica Noelle, that this is what she strives for.  Natural, authentic, lovemaking between two people who are really into each other and into sex.

When I say there’s no rush, I mean it.  The couple spends several minutes kissing and mildly groping on a sectional in the living room before being transported via an edit, onto a bed.  The lighting is perfect. It really looks like a bedroom as opposed to a movie set. Lots of shadows to play with and Nica uses them to full advantage.

As for Meredith and Faith, they grapple and kiss and dry hump for a LONG time (hooray for missionary tribbing, by the way) with all of their clothing still on, although one of Meredith’s breasts pops free pretty early on.  Meredith is wearing pajamas and sports a pretty decent cameltoe (not to be too graphic) throughout this section. It’s erotic. It’s teasing. It’s exquisitely tender and intense at the same time.

One cute detail is that Meredith is wearing some pink knit socks (booties) throughout and they wave about merrily as she squirms and jerks under Faith.  Made me smile. It was a nice touch.

By the time both women got naked we were 36 minutes into a 49 minute scene.  And I hadn’t fast forwarded once. I was surprised because I didn’t notice how much time had passed.  The deliberate pacing and story had totally sucked me in and I didn’t care about time. I only know it was 36 minutes because I went back and checked after watching it once.  49 minute movie with 13 minutes of naked sex. I can’t think of many other directors who could get away with doing this.

But it works here.  Boy, howdy, does it work.  

I’ve watched Magdalene St. Michaels perform for about ten years.  She’s always amazing. And I think she’s done some of her best work for Nica, although her recent turn as Mother Superior Joan in Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2 for Ricky Greenwood was also amazing.  Kasey Warner completely nails her part. And if you have a little bit of a hair fetish you’ll enjoy her natural look.  She matches Magdalene in every aspect of this scene showing nuances of her character with more than just line delivery. Her body language and facial expressions tell their own story.  Together, Magdalene and Kasey are movie magic. I hope to see them together in another scene sometime.

There are two ways to buy this movie.  You can join Nica’s Only Fans site, where you’ll find a bunch of other stuff of value as well, or you can Paypal $10.00 to  Choosing the second option, which is what I did (nobody ever gives this reviewer free stuff to look at, which is fine with me) you can also make a donation to help Nica deal with the aftermath of losing her beloved four legged companion Lebron.  Her heroic efforts to save him ended up costing a lot of money.

So you have options.  I will say this -- if you are a fan of Nica Noelle’s directorial work, a fan of Magdalene St. Michaels, or a fan of Kasey Warner, you should buy this movie today.  That’s my two cents worth.

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