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Lesbian Triangles 24

Title:                     Lesbian Triangles 24
Studio:                  Girlfriends Films
Director:               None Credited
Performers:           Elexis Monroe, Jodi West, Janet Mason, Sadie Michaels, Bibette Blanche, Prinzzess
Release Date:        September 30, 2011

Pairings:               Elexis Monroe/Jodi West, Janet Mason/Sadie Michaels, Bibette Blanche/Jodi West, Bibette Blanche/Prinzzess


This is the 24th installment in the series.  There are four scenes in this video loosely tied together by the soap opera-esque happenings in the lives of the six individuals appearing in this video.  The plot here is not really all that important and is no reason to buy/rent this video (or not to).  The sex is the thing and there’s plenty of it.  I was anxiously awaiting this video since I first heard about who was in it.  I really enjoyed Bibette’s work in the earlier volumes of this series, and the rest of the lineup is stellar – Jodi West, Elexis Monroe, Janet Mason, Prinzzess – an all star lineup.  Sadie Michaels made her video debut in Lesbian Triangles 22 but I don’t recall much about her scene. 

Scene 1:  Jodi West and Elexis Monroe. 

This scene alone would be worth the price of the video.  It contains the hottest strapon sequence I’ve ever watched.  And that’s just the foreplay for what comes afterwards.  Jodi West is a stunningly beautiful woman with a gorgeously lush figure and lovely face.  Elexis Monroe is, well, Elexis – what more need be said?  If she isn’t the queen of girl-girl sex on video I don’t know who is.

Jodi catches Elexis out on the patio using a telescope to spy on the neighbors.  This starts a fight and escalates to a confrontation in a bedroom where Elexis discovers Jodi’s strapon and lube.  At this point Elexis takes over the scene and dominates Jodi West, and I mean capital-D-dominates.  I’m not going to give you the blow by blow here, but even if you are NOT a fan of strapon sex you should watch this.  The passion and raw eroticism of this scene should be enough to arouse a dead person.  And just when you think things are winding down, the ersatz cock goes away and the scene continues.  Let’s just say that both of these ladies were probably desperate for a shower afterwards, and so was I.  Whew!

Scene 2:  Bibette Blanche and Prinzzess

The set up for this scene is not important.  It does the job, although it’s not very credible.  Enough about that.  The important thing is it does the job of getting Bibette and Prinzzess in a bedroom at the same time and they have sex.  I guess that would qualify as an understatement.  This IS Prinzzess we’re talking about here, and one thing I’ve learned is that any scene she’s in will have Intensity (capital “I” intended).  The beginning of the scene is a little awkward but once the clothes come off the action picks up and we get classic lesbian sex with a variety of positions and lots of orgasms.  I would have liked more kissing but that’s just because I love to watch women kiss.  There’s plenty of pussy rubbing, licking, sucking, and fingering and some pretty good titty play as well.  It’s a good scene – not as intense as the Jodi/Elexis pairing, but definitely wank worthy.

Scene 3:  Janet Mason and Sadie Michaels

Sadie Michaels made her video debut (if IAFD is correct) in the 22nd installment of this series.  Here, she’s paired with veteran performer and fitness model Janet Mason.  Once again we can skip the story and get to the action.  One of the most tried and true seduction methods is the massage offer, and Janet Mason uses it on a very tense Sadie Michaels.  This is the part of this setup that is actually fun to watch, as Mason demonstrates some excellent massage technique which, of course, leads to sex.  Massage therapists will hate this video.  I enjoyed it – I just wished there’d have been some massage oil involved because I like the way it looks on a woman’s skin.  All the same it was a nice sequence if you’re into that sort of thing.  The rest of the scene is standard girl-girl fare with a variety of positions and lots of give and take.  Again, this scene was not as intense as the opener, but it was still good.

Scene 4:  Bibette Blanche and Jodi West

This was the pairing I’d been waiting for, but after seeing the West/Monroe coupling I was wondering how in the world anything could match it.  The answer to my question is both yes and no.  The truth is you can’t compare the two scenes because they are so different.  Bibette and Jodi have a different kind of chemistry – it reminds me of the scenes that Julia Ann and Dyanna Lauren have had together over the years; two old friends bangin’ each other.  There’s a relaxed feel to this scene that makes it fun to watch.  The women are enjoying being with each other and are having fun.  There are laughs and wise cracks mixed in with the sex.  It’s a great closing scene.

Overall Impressions/Thoughts

The first and last scenes of this video make it worthy of purchase.  Jodi, Elexis, and Bibette provided the fireworks and the best chemistry of the scenes, but the other ladies did their parts well and are certainly a pleasure to watch.

GFF has its formula down pat in terms of lighting, camera work, and editing – they know what they’re doing.    The sex is hot, the women are beautiful, and there’s a load in every scene (in some cases more than one).  The script isn't going to win an Oscar but in this case there was just enough story and it made just enough sense that it didn't detract from my enjoyment.

I have no trouble giving this a big thumbs up for purchase or rental.  You will get your money’s worth and that’s no lie.

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