Sunday, August 13, 2017

Web Review: Twisted Visual

I don't do a lot of website reviews.  This is one of them.


Truth #1

I believe in recycling.  I practice it at home.  I separate my paper from my aluminum and I pay attention to the symbols on the bottoms of plastic containers -- I'm not a "wishful recycler."  I don't put styrofoam or packing peanuts in my recycle bin.

Truth #2

I have enormous respect for the work of Dana Vespoli, both as a performer and as a director of adult videos.  Especially as a director.  Her body of work shows incredible range, creativity, imagination, and willingness to take risks.  I consider myself a huge fan of her work.

So what?

Twisted Visual is a sort of  Vespoli video recycling center.  In net-speak you might call it an aggregator of all things Vespoli.  So if you're looking for one stop Vespoli shopping you've found it.

If you were expecting original or exclusive Vespoli content you're out of luck. There isn't any.  At least there isn't any that I could find. So if you already have a paid subscription to Evil Angel's website, for example, you've already paid for most, if not all, of what's on Twisted Visual.  What this site does is make it easier to find scenes that Dana has directed or in which she has appeared as a performer.

It's all scenes, and the scenes from a single video aren't offered together, so if you were looking for all of the scenes from a specific Vespoli flick you'd have to do some work to pull them together.

The site is optimized for streaming.  Downloaders will find that no matter which resolution option you choose, the only one you'll actually download will be 1080.  And while there are image sets the pictures are offered individually -- you can't download a zip file with all of the caps from a specific video.  Plus, the photo sets often do not capture "action" but are merely posed shots of the female performer(s) in a scene.

The search function works very well and you can hunt for your favorite video clips by type including transgender if that's your thing.  I found this feature to be quite useful.

Visually, Twisted Visual is neat in appearance, attractive in layout, and reasonably well organized. The ads for other sites are prominent but easily ignored.  No pop-ups either, which is a big plus.  The site seems to update about once a week.

One thing that puzzles me about this site is the way that old material is presented as new.  Take for example this tease for an upcoming update:

The tease is for a scene from She's Come Undone, Vespoli's 2013 release (that got a rave review from yours truly), so it is hardly new.  Perhaps I'm being picky.  It's new to Twisted Visual.  I wondered if the "new" part meant it was some sort of "Director's Cut" with previously unreleased frames, but no. My guess is the copy came from the original scene release from Evil Angel's website and was just copied and pasted to Twisted Visual's site.  If I'm wrong about that I will stand corrected.

So, let me sum up the pluses and minuses (from my point of view) for Twisted Visual.


Aggregates Dana's work in one place.
Excellent search function
Material clearly sectioned by type
Includes transgender and pegging
Visually attractive layout
Decent download speeds
Includes lots of photos
Choice of streaming options
Pricing plans not out of line with other, similar, sites


Nothing new -- if you bought an Evil Angel membership you already have most of what's here
All downloads are 1080p regardless of what option is chosen
Download interface is clumsy
Photos available as individual files only -- no zip files
Scene Caps not available in zip files
Old material presented as new

The bottom line here is that if you are looking for a Dana Vespoli repository you've found it at Twisted Visual.  If you're looking for new, exclusive material you're going to be disappointed.

I bought a year's worth of it but as I stated at the outset I believe in recycling and am a huge fan of Dana Vespoli.  Your mileage may vary.  Caveat Emptor.

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