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A Mother's Secret

Title:  A Mother’s Secret
Studio:  Sweetheart Video (Mile High Media)
Director:  Nica Noelle
Released:  18 May 2016
Running Time:
Formats:  DVD, Rental, Video Stream, Download
Categories:   Big Tits, Brunette, College, Cunilingus, FaceSitting, Fingering, HD Porn, Lesbian, Mature & Milf, Natural Tits
Performers:  Elexis Monroe, Ingrid Mouth, Jelena Jensen, Kasey Warner


Scene 1. Ingrid Mouth, Jelena Jensen
Scene 2. Ingrid Mouth, Kasey Warner
Scene 3. Elexis Monroe, Ingrid Mouth
Scene 4. Elexis Monroe, Kasey Warner

Description:  (from DVD Box Cover) Newly-divorced mom (Elexis Monroe) is struggling to forge a new life after daughter (Kasey Warner) goes away to college. But when the slender blonde teen comes home for winter break, she brings a new friend with her; mysterious brunette Sevilla (Ingrid Mouth). As Mom's suspicions about her daughter's relationship with Sevilla grow, the lonely older woman fights her own disturbing attraction to the sexy young student. Starring Elexis Monroe, Ingrid Mouth, Kasey Warner, and Jelena Jensen. Featuring Max Sargent and Tommy Regan in non-sex cameos. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.

It’s been a few years since Nica Noelle last directed a girl-girl feature, and even longer since she’s done one for Sweetheart Video, an imprint she founded back in the “aughts,” and then left to start several new imprints including Girl Candy for which she produced another batch of girl-girl fare, and then on to other efforts mainly in the gay and transsexual genres.  Some wondered if she’d ever do girl-girl again.  The thought that this might be true saddened me, because I’ve always thought that Nica’s greatest work was in that realm.  So to say that those of us who consider ourselves fans of her directorial work were waiting for A Mother’s Secret with great anticipation would be a massive understatement.  Pressure much?  Yeah, I think so.

We needn’t have worried.  Nica Noelle’s story crafting and directing have only gotten better, sharper, through the years.  Among her special gifts has been the ability to tell stories featuring sexual compulsion and inappropriate relationships.  In this case, Elexis Monroe, the “Mother,” is the one struggling with forbidden urges.  In most cases the pseudo-family play in adult features situation where a “step” relationship is made crystal clear.  A Mother’s Secret goes further than that.  Nothing on the box cover or in the video itself suggests a step-mother-to-step-daughter relationship between the mother and daughter in this story.  Line crossed?  You be the judge.

A trademark of Nica’s girl-girl work has always been to look for chemistry in pairings so that she could present us with scenes where everyone looks like they’re *really* enjoying themselves as opposed to faking it, as has so often been the case in adult film.  This cast is smaller than the usual four scene, six-to-eight actress model for girl-girl.  One reason for this is probably because Nica has shifted her base from California, to New England and it costs a lot more to get people from the left coast to the right coast than it does to just get them to head down (or up) the freeway to whichever Porn Valley McMansion is hosting that day’s shoot.  But this works because 1) we get to see Elexis Monroe in two scenes, and 2) we get to see Ingrid Mouth three times.  Plus we get the always delicious Jelena Jensen and the delightfully fresh faced Kasey Warner.  Lucky us!

Nica Noelle’s move from one coast to the other comes out in another way, which is to provide a much different background vibe than the one we get from the typical southern California porn venue.  The decorating and architecture are classic New England and the exterior shots show us why fall is peak tourist time in the northeastern quadrant of the U.S.  It gives the scenes a much different, i.e. much more real, vibe and that’s also good.  The rooms tend to be smaller which contributes to the different look of this production because it changes the lighting and shooting equations.

About the movie itself.  Wow.  A Mother’s Secret is a well written, brilliantly conceived, creatively plotted, tightly woven, tapestry of forbidden lust and illicit passion.  Nica Noelle uses one sex scene to set up the next and takes us in unpredictable, but delicious, directions.  Her cast responds beautifully as they bring Nica’s story to life.  The twists and turns make this video a very interesting and entertaining ride.  And, its length at just under 110 minutes, testifies to Noelle’s efficiency as a director.  There isn’t a wasted moment.

Some general comments...

No spoilers here but the Elexis Monroe dream sequence, and particularly the surprise at the end of it, is f’ing brilliant.   And you can quote me on that.

The cast, particularly Elexis Monroe (who just gets better and better every time I see her) and Ingrid Mouth, who carry the bulk of the load here, are wonderful.  Elexis has long been one of the top girl-girl performers in all of adult and a personal favorite of mine.  Ingrid was less familiar to me so it was a delight to see her perform, which she does exceptionally well.  Jelena Jensen's scene was short but intense -- she's just so beautiful I always love seeing her on my screen.  And, Kasey Warner oozes the innocence of an ingenue until the clothes come off, at which point she becomes a sexual dynamo.

The sex is typical Nica Noelle girl-girl:  no toys, lots of kissing, good chemistry, organic development, minimal directorial interference, minimal editing, and plenty of tribbing.

With typical fearlessness Nica Noelle crosses boundaries, both in terms of the plot, and in the presentation itself.  Again, no spoilers

As always I loved the sound track.  The music selections really added to the feel of the film.

I got the impression that Nica Noelle made this movie for herself as much as she made it for us. There have been times when she’s made standard four scene porn that, while good, lacked the kind of in depth story telling that her fans expect and crave.  A Mother’s Secret is vintage Noelle with the added benefits of about a decade of film making experience as well as her own journey of personal growth.  This video shows us a mature filmmaker at the height of her powers.  Bravo!

I'm giving this feature a very strong recommendation for purchase or rental.  It is available in a number of formats so you should have no trouble finding it.

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