Saturday, December 6, 2014

SCENE REVIEW: Allie Haze and Rob Piper for

Title:  Blacked Allie Haze and Rob Piper
Director:  Not credited
Released: November 2014
Performers:  Allie Haze, Rob Piper

I don’t do a lot of scene reviews but this one is an exception.  Allie Haze followed up her anal debut for Hard X with a Mike Adriano release and now this scene for the up and coming web outfit  With a couple of exceptions I really like (i.e. love) how Allie has handled her career to this point.  She has gone from success to success and each new thing she does has worked out well.  One thing I’ll say is that she isn’t timid about it when she does something new.  Her anal debut was about as intense as anything I’ve seen in porn.

In this scene for, Allie is paired with Rob Piper who is both handsome and well hung.  In the brief intro scenario Allie is Rob’s PA.  As the scene opens she is fairly conservatively dressed and wears the most adorable glasses – I thought those specs were sexy as hell.  At any rate, she’s arguing with her boyfriend (apparently) on the phone about her hours.

Rob comes along and you can see that there’s chemistry/mutual attraction here.  They fool around for  a bit and then head, presumably, to Rob’s place where they can get down to serious ash hauling.  Rob
has slacks on and Allie is wearing a fetching white lingerie ensemble which looks terrific on her.  She is never fully nude at any point in the scene, btw.  They kiss and then Allie fishes Rob’s trouser snake out of his pants and gives it a good polishing with her lips and tongue.  She gags herself repeatedly during this sequence.

Next, Rob is on his back and Allie mounts him for some cowgirl vaginal sex which both seem to enjoy. Eventually they’re in mish and the camera lovingly captures Rob’s cock spearing Allie’s pussy and her facial expressions.  When she’s into it, her face gets red as does her upper chest.  Check this out – she’s really having a good time.  Lots of “oh shit” and “yes, yes, yes” – some of Allie’s trademark lines.

Then comes the moment in this video that really made me sit up and listen.  Rob has been giving Allie’s pussy a thorough reaming when she begs him to put his cock in her ass.  “Let me show you how good I am,” she intones in that little girl voice that she uses when she’s really into it.

Rob is a man of action rather than words – at least in this video – and he grants her wish to be anally impaled.  They start with Allie on her side and the video of the
insertion is worth watching over and over again.  It’s slow.  Rob takes his time.  Allie rubs her pussy while Rob gently reams her ass.  She appears to have multiple orgasms.  We get a nice sequence of Allie on her side, then in mish (still anal), and finally doggie before she begs for his cum and he delivers an impressive load into her mouth and on her chin.


This, my friends, is what Grade AAAA+ wank material looks like.  Everything I’ve seen from so far has been brilliantly executed.  The videography is outstanding, particularly from the lighting standpoint.  The light is both diffused and bright at the same time.  Lighting black skin isn’t easy, let me tell you, particularly when the background is almost all white.  This company should win some sort of award just for their use of light alone.  Great videography, great lighting, excellent sound, no distracting backgrounds, camera movement noises, extraneous video artifacts, or anything else to detract from the beauty of these two human beings making love. 

Kudos to Rob Piper in this scene.  He doesn’t force the pace for the most part.  He’s not pounding Allie into submission with a jack hammer hip action the way Manuel Ferrara does.  He’s got a long dick and it looks great gently sliding in and out of Allie’s ass.  You really get the sense of it disappearing inside of her and wonder where she’s putting it all.

Allie Haze is, without doubt, a super star.  This video is all the proof you would need to make that judgment.   When Allie Haze decided to do anal she didn’t just dip her toe in the water, like some starlets have done – sort of just doing it to say they did it, Allie went balls to the wall with it.  How long do you suppose it will be before we get an Allie Haze DP?  Gang bang?  DAP?  Can you imagine her with Rocco?  Yup, that’s what I’m talking about.  The sky is the limit for Allie Haze.

So, my advice to you is, if you haven’t done it already, surf on over to and watch this scene today.

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