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Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 32

Title:  Mother Daughter Exchange Club 32 Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director:  Not Credited (Presumably Dan O’Connell)
Released:  April 14, 2014
Performers:  Syren DeMer, Kendall Karson, Angie Noir, Jenna J Ross, Magdalene St Michaels, Alex Chance, Zoe Holloway, Adriana Chechik

This is, as the title suggests, the 32nd volume in this long running Girlfriends Films hit series and it proves that the basic premise still works.  This particular volume will be of particular interest to breast fetishists because it contains one of the best breast-fetish scenes ever shot in lesbian porn, but more on that later.

Since I am reviewing this video you can take it for granted that I liked it.  For those new to the blog I rarely (if ever) post reviews of things I didn’t enjoy watching.  There’s so much negativity and snarkiness out there already – I don’t want to add to it.  So, right off the bat I’m going to give this a strong rent/buy recommendation and if that’s what you were looking for you can stop reading right here, get out your credit card, and know that you’re buying/renting a very wankable video.

For those who enjoy reading my reviews for their own sake (consider yourself part of a small group of highly intelligent beings), read on.  I’ll try not to disappoint.

If you’re new to the MDEC franchise, the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club is a fictional lesbian dating web site where mother-daughter duos can find each other and hook up.  In my view it has been one of GFF’s better series along with Lesbian Seductions and Women Seeking Women.  The MDEC videos generally break neatly into two story lines, each producing two sex scenes.

In the first scenario, the mother-daughter couples are Syren DeMer/Jenna J Ross and Angie Noir/Kendall Karson.  Syren plays a woman who has not been lucky at love.  Her daughter, Jenna, decides to take charge and sets up a meeting with Angie and her daughter Kendall.  The idea, supposedly, is to get Syren and Angie together but it doesn’t work out that way.  There’s some really good improv here but that’s not why you’ll want to rent or buy this video.

Scene One:  Syren DeMer/Kendall Karson

So it was supposed to be Syren and Angie getting hooked up.  Instead, Syren and Kendall are the ones we find alone together in the bedroom where things heat up quickly.  The chemistry is excellent and the older/younger vibe adds spice to the tryst.  The set up does a great job of teasing us.  And, well, let’s face it, Syren DeMer is just fucking gorgeous.  Kendall is smitten.  Syren looks at Kendall with the kind of hunger that made me think of a lion eyeing a wildebeest.  They eventually get to Kendall’s room and the heat continues to climb.  One thing I’ll say about Dan O’Connell’s direction is that he’s very patient and doesn’t rush the ladies in their pleasure.  Syren teases Kendall and lets the passion build.  Do yourself a favor and let the scene unfold by itself without hitting FF.  You may have to sit on your hands, but it will be worth it, I promise.  If this scene had been shot on film I know the camera would have burst into flames at some point.  Yes, it’s that hot. 

Syren plays Kendall like a fine violin and Kendall is content to be played by this beautiful Cougar.  Who wouldn’t?  I loved watching Syren’s focus on Kendall as she gently kissed and teased her.  We all know, or should, that you can have just as much fun with clothes on as off – this scene is proof.  One of the hottest moments comes (no pun intended) when Kendall is fingering herself under her panties while the topless Syren looks on and helps out by tweaking one of Kenall’s nipples.  Whew.  They eventually do get naked and run through the standard lipstick lesbian pussy-centric repertoire of licking, grinding, fingering, etc.  Plenty of give and take.  As I said, there’s good chemistry here.  I have a hunch that when the “cut” call finally came, both of these ladies would have been willing to keep going.  A strong opening scene.

Scene Two:  Angie Noir/Jenna J Ross

So, Angie, who freaked out when her daughter sprang the whole MDEC premise on her, has had some encouragement from her other daughter (not sure who this was, but she’s a cutie) and we find her sitting next to Jenna on a sofa where she hears Kendall tell her that she (Kendall) and Syren are a “couple” and they are going away together for a weekend and want Angie to go along with Jenna.  Angie’s not sure about this whole deal (she does an excellent job of portraying bewildered by the whole thing).  Jenna obviously has the hots for Angie and we know eventually Angie will succumb (otherwise we have no second scene – sorry, I know that’s rather cynical of me), but it’s fun to watch the evolution Angie goes through here.

Eventually Jenna and Angie go off to talk things over.  Jenna is the seductress here and she patiently convinces Angie to try some new things.  It’s pretty tender by porn standards as seductions go and I liked it a lot.  Of course I knew I was going to get to see the stunning Angie Noir naked so that helped.  But, in truth, Angie was a gone gosling after the first kiss.  It just took a while for her to figure it out.  The contrast in body types works really well here with Angie’s curves and Jenna’s angles making a perfect fit for each other.  Lots of give and take, lots of breast play, and a smoldering passion that constantly threatens to burst into flames, which it does, and then some.  Once Angie has decided that this is for her she doesn’t hold back.  Jenna stokes the fire and reaps the reward.  A favorite sequence fairly early on has Angie on her back rubbing her happy spot while Jenna happily nurses on Angie’s breasts.  It looks way hotter than its sounds.

Jenna licks Angie with relish and Angie returns the favor with what I can only describe as reverence.  She looks at Jenna as though she can’t believe what she sees and wants to make sure she captures it forever in her memory.  Once she has her mouth fastened to Jenna’s coochie, however, she eats with gusto and relish.  Jenna responds enthusiastically.  Angie rides Jenna’s face for a while and there’s also a terrific tribbing sequence about 30 minutes into the scene. 

This scene takes all the heat from the first scene and keeps the pot boiling.  These two scenes alone would be worth the price of the video, but there’s more coming and you’d better be ready, by which I mean make sure your fluids are topped off.

Scene 3:  Magdalene St Michaels/Alex Chance

Word on the street is that these two ladies had wanted to work together for some time.  Kudos to Girlfriends Films for making this happen.  Magdalene is a well known breast aficionado.   Her scene with Jelena Jensen in Women Seeking Women 77 was explosive.  So we know she lusts after tits.  Alex has a nice set of natural wonders and she loves having them worshiped.  Match made in heaven.

This two scene set up starts with Zoe Holloway (another woman whose work I have always admired) and her daughter Alex in the kitchen.  Zoe convinces Alex to give up a Saturday night with her friends to hang out with her while she meets Magdalene and her daughter, played by Adriana Chechik.  There’s quite a bit of willing suspension of disbelief required to swallow this set up, but we really shouldn’t care because it eventually puts Alex in a bedroom with Magdalene where, after some awkward moments of conversation, seduction ensues. 

Magdalene devours Alex with her eyes before she ever lays a finger, or a lip, on her.  Alex is wearing a babydoll pajama top that allows most of her breasts to spill out.  Magdalene can’t take her eyes off the cleavage.

But she takes her time, in true Magdalene style, and doesn’t rush right to the goodies.  Once she gets there though, oh boy.  If you share her lust for breasts you will go absolutely bonkers for this scene.  For my money I think it’s the best lesbian breast fetish scene in the history of porn.  No words of mine can completely capture what goes on here, but there’s one sequence that totally blew me away. 

Magdalene is on her back, her fingers working her happy spot while Alex straddles her.  Alex’s breasts are hanging in Magdalene’s face, and Magdalene is moaning, gasping, twitching, and hip pumping her way through a massive orgasm without Alex even laying a hand on her.  OMG it’s so hot you just have to see it.  And that’s just a small sample.  Alex gives Magdalene everything she could have wanted out of the encounter including one of Magdalene’s favorites – breast to pussy contact.  Alex rubs Magdalene through another series of world shaking climaxes by rubbing her nipples through Magdalene’s slit.

Lest you think that Magdalene leaves Alex hanging, she doesn’t.  Magdalene is a very considerate lover and takes care of young Alex as only she can.

This scene left me completely drained.  I needed to take a day to recover before watching the final scene in order to be sure I was giving it my full attention.

Scene Four:  Zoe Holloway/Adriana Chechik

Adriana starts out as the aggressor here, making Zoe uncomfortable with a series of probing, awkward, questions.  It’s sort of playful.  The context here is that Magdalene and Zoe were busted by their daughters with some kinky enema play toys and now Zoe is left with Adriana to try to explain what was going on.  It’s cute.  Eventually however, there is that first kiss and we’re off to the races.

I love watching Zoe Holloway in a scene.  She’s one of those performers who can convince me that she’s completely lost in the moment and totally focused on her partner, regardless of how many cameras or whatever are in the room with her.   That is clearly evident here.  Chechik is a hottie of the first rank and more than ready to play with Zoe.  It’s like matches and gasoline.  Whomp there it is.  We have Zoe’s smoldering passion and Adriana’s youthful enthusiasm and wonder.  Yes, it IS a great combination, thank you very much.  For those who care about such things (like I do) there’s a nice tribbing sequence at around 20 minutes or so into the scene.  Of course there’s lots of kissing, licking, fingering, and plenty of orgasms to go around.  I could go on, but suffice it to say this is a marvelous closing scene capping off one of the best MDEC volumes in some time.

Final Thoughts

The look of this video is old school GFF.  Nothing fancy, standard lighting, non-descript bedrooms as settings for the sex, no unusual camera angles or any other tricks.  The audio and editing were good, which is to say I didn’t notice them.  The set ups were well played as improv, although the first strained credulity a little less than the second – they both did the job of getting our pairs into bedrooms where hot lesbian sex ensued.

To summarize, go buy or rent this video today.  You’ll be glad you did.

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