Thursday, May 5, 2016

Telepathy: Mantis Origin Story Part One

Title:  Telepathy:  Mantis Origin Story Part One
Director:  Stills by Alan
Released:  May 5, 2016
Running Time:  48 minutes
Performers:  Mia Malkova, Samantha Rone, Adriana Chechik (non-sex) Cassidy Klein (nonsex)

If you ever needed a reason to become a subscriber to this scene provides it.  Girlsway is now my "go-to" provider of high quality girl-girl porn.  Their combination of outstanding production values, beautiful models, interesting story lines, a very user friendly website, frequent updates, and to top it all off a very low price (less than $10/month with the annual membership package) is really hard to beat.

Telepathy:  Mantis Origin Story Part One is the first of a three part series based on The Turning.  The only thing I'm confused about here is the "origin story" part, since this scene takes place AFTER the events portrayed in The Turning.  Perhaps this will be explained in future episodes.  And if not, I don't care because, well, PORN.

Remember Dr. Elixer's "blooming tea" from The Turning?  Well, it's back, sort of, at least the active ingredient, i.e. the virus that turns straight women into lesbians.  Apparently the original blooming tea caused an epidemic of lesbianism, turning 65 per cent of the female population into raging lesbians.  Fortunately (or not, depending on your POV) the government stepped in and with the help of AWAL (American Women Against Lesbianism) stopped the epidemic and made girl-on-girl sex illegal.

That's the back story to this scene, and we spend the first 20 minutes of this 48 minute episode setting up the series.  Please do yourself a favor and DON'T fast forward through this.  One of the things I really like about Girlsway is that their set ups, regardless of length, are inventive and well executed.  That is true here as well.

There's a movie being made about the experience of Halle, or "patient zero" in the recent lesbian epidemic, staring Mia Malkova and Samantha Rone.  Adriana Chechik reprises the role of Halle. Cassidy Klein is an agent under the employ of Dr. Elixer who is trying to re-infect the population with her lesbian virus.  Cassidy says she has a fool proof plan to re-infect Halle and bring her back into the lesbian fold.  Her accomplice, Samantha Rone, is the key player in the plan.

In a pre-production meeting, Halle, Cassidy, Samantha, and Mia are talking about the movie.  Halle is asked to describe what happened to her for Mia's benefit, and while recounting her horror story, Halle breaks down. Samantha goes to get her some water, which she spikes with the lesbian virus.  Unfortunately, instead of Halle getting the water, Mia ends up with it, and is soon turned into a hot-to-trot lesbian.

On the set, Mia feels really funny and keeps getting these telepathic messages from her co-star, Samantha.  They kiss, which is now an illegal act, thanks to AWAL.  Stills by Alan makes a Hitchcock style cameo calling a halt to the production and ordering the women to behave themselves.

This sets up the actual sex scene as Mia is in her dressing room and Samantha comes in, quickly seducing her co-star who is now fully under the influence of the lesbian virus.  She gets telepathic messages from Samantha throughout, hence the title for the segment.  I was reminded, by Director Stills by Alan (thank you for the correction) that we had already seen Malkova as a MANTIS agent in The Turning.

I'll spare you the blow by blow.  The 28 minutes of sex that follows the set up is well worth the wait and well worth the hype that preceded this release.  These two women can't wait to get at each other.  After minimal foreplay, Rone is on her knees giving Malkova's pussy a thorough tongue bath.  And we're off to the races.  There's an excellent tribbing sequence, lots of kissing, some face sitting, and various other girl-girl staples (no toys). A little something for everyone.  It's electric, spontaneous, passionate, and eminently wank-worthy.  Samantha Rone and Mia Malkova are superstars and after watching this scene it's easy to see why.  They're beautiful, they love sex, and they don't mind if we watch.  Perfect combination.

Kudos to Stills by Alan, Bree Mills, and the rest of the creative team at Girlsway for giving us this awesome piece of artfully constructed erotica.  I'd almost go so far as to say this isn't porn but the tissues I just flushed would make that a lie.  TMI? I wank, you decide.

Go to girlsway and buy a membership.  It's worth it.

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