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Mother Daughter Lesbian Lessons 3

Title:  Mother Daughter Lesbian Lessons 3
Studio:  Forbidden Fruits Films 
Released:  March 19, 2014
Director:  Jodi West
Performers:  Desi Dalton, Jodi West, Mary Jane Johnson, Annabelle Lee, Callie Calypso, Kiara Knight

This is the third volume in this series from Forbidden Fruits Films.  I missed volume 2 somehow, an oversight I’m going to correct at my earliest opportunity.  I reviewed the first video in the series last September and, since I reviewed it, you know I liked it.  I liked this one too, hence a review.  The things I’ve admired about Forbidden Fruits Films (see my other reviews of their work) are present here.  This is Grade A wank material.  The setups are occasionally awkward, and obviously improvised, but they do the job of getting the women naked and engaged in sex.  Sex is the key here.  There’s lots of it.  It’s passionate, noisy, and enjoyable to watch, particularly the scene featuring Jodi West and Anna Belle Lee.  Wow.  This scene was (insert superlative of your choice here) hot!

And, Desi Dalton, a familiar figure to fans of Forbidden Fruits Films (she’s appeared in seven or eight of their titles, at least) is present and that’s always a plus.  She opens the video in a great scene with Callie Calypso, her dogwalker.  Desi wants Callie to seduce her daughter (at least I think that’s what she wants – I have to admit that as usual not much blood was getting to my brain when I was watching this), and Callie shows her how she would do it.  That means that the two of them end up naked on the leather sectional where Calypso gives Dalton a very detailed demonstration of what she’d like to do to her daughter, including a very enthusiastic rim job.  “I hope your daughter has an asshole like this,” she says as she’s tossing Dalton’s salad.  Desi returns the favor, of course, and Calypso’s squeals nearly move into dog whistle territory as she is taken orally from behind.  It’s a sexual free for all with lots of licking, fingering, sucking, grinding fun.  Let’s just say that a good time was had by all, including yours truly.

So, next up, Callie meets Kiara, Dalton’s erstwhile daughter.  Desi has left Kiara stranded at the bus station, apparently, and is not home to greet her when she finally arrives.  Callie meets her instead and the two, naturally, go to Kiara’s bedroom to talk, where the conversation turns to lesbian sex, and the conversation inevitably leads to “have you ever?” and we’re off.  The sex in this scene is high energy.  For someone who’s supposedly never been with another woman before, Kiara is a fast learner and it isn’t long before she’s simultaneously licking Callie’s cookie while fingering Callie’s ass.  Not something you see in most lesbian videos.  Lots of vocalizations here, a little ass slapping, lots of fingering and licking and various other forms of toyless girl-girl play.  Two beautiful women just up and have at it – fun for us to watch as it was (obviously) fun for them to perform.

For the penultimate pairing, we get the always passionate Annabelle Lee with the equally appealing Jodi West.    I must admit that when I heard of this pairing I was really looking forward to seeing it.  And I was not disappointed.  Jodi’s seduction of Annabelle is worth watching all by itself.  This was, by far, the best set up of the four scenes.  I get a kick out of watching Jodi do improv.  She’s really good at it.  This time she’s the incoming evil stepmom and Annabelle isn’t wild about it.  But, Jodi knows that Annabelle is a closet lesbian and sets her sights on bringing Annabelle out of the closet and into her arms.  She succeeds, of course, and this leads to an incredibly passionate scene where Jodi does her best to drive Annabelle into continuous orgasms.  She definitely drove ME to an orgasm.  Whew.  Lots of scissoring in this scene as well as other girl-girl delights.  Annabelle and Jodi have great chemistry and it shows.  They obviously enjoy each other’s company.  I particularly enjoyed the tender finish.  Very nice touch.

Finally, it’s Mary Jane Johnson and Annabelle Lee in the movie’s closing scene.  Jodi tipped Annabelle off that Mary Jane had the hots for her, so Annabelle acts on this tip and pursues Mary Jane to see if it’s, true.  It is, of course, and they end up bopping each other’s sox off in a great finishing scene.  This is a setup worth watching as well.  Both Annabelle and Mary Jane make the awkward revelation that they are hot for each other very watchable and the sex that follows makes perfect sense.  It’s also intensely passionate, authentic, creative, and vigorous.  I was exhausted by the time it finished, and all I did was watch and wank.  There’s a great line at the end during the post coital cuddling.  The two girls are talking about going to the hot tub, and Annabelle suggests calling her step mom.  Mary Jane thinks that’s a great idea, which suggests a possible scene for MDLL4 – a three way with Mary Jane, Annabelle, and Jodi.  Be still my heart.

I liked this movie.  FFF is not a high budget, production values oriented, company.  They’re selling a fantasy (they’re pretty clear about the fantasy part with a big, fat, disclaimer right up front) and it’s a no frills package.  Jodi directed and shared camera duties with Jay West and Annabelle Lee.   Keeping the number of bodies in the room to a low number can (but not always) create a more intimate feel.  And, having two of the performers also shoot scenes can also push things in that direction, I think.  Well done all around.

I’m not going to nit-pick just to prove I’m a critic (I’m not – criticism and reviewing are two different things, IMO), so I’ll just leave you with a final thought.  If you are a fan of any of these women or of lipstick lesbian sex, you should get this movie and watch it.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  I know I did.

I’m looking forward to episode four.  Let’s get that Mary Jane Johnson-Annabelle Lee-Jodi West thing going!

(CORRECTION:  In a recent tumblr post, I mistakenly paired Callie Calypso with Annabelle Lee in a scene from this video.  The scene depicted in the captures I posted was of Annabelle Lee with Mary Jane Johnson.  I apologize for the error.)

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