Sunday, March 20, 2016

My TS Teacher

Title:  My TS Teacher
Studio:  Transsensual
Director:  Nica Noelle
Released:  January 2016
Running time:  117 minutes
Formats:  DVD, VOD (scenes)
Performers:  Aspen Brooks, Danica Dane, Jaxton Wheeler, JD Phoenix, Jessy Dubai, River Stark, Wolf Hudson

This is the best I've seen from Transsensual since My TS Student.  I could just stop there but I won't because what would be the fun in that?

River Stark and Danica Dane are terrific.  Wolf Hudson gets to play a bad guy, and by "bad guy" I mean total d-bag.  Jaxton Wheeler and Aspen Brooks have a terrifically sensual scene.  Plus, as a bonus, we get Jessy Dubai.

River Stark plays a Professor who teaches American Literature (or so I gathered).  Danica Dane is her troubled student.  Wolf Hudson is Danica's nightmare boy friend.  Jaxton Wheeler is River's amiable ex bf who still takes her calls and offers sage advice, which makes his current squeeze Aspen Brooks jealous.  Jessy Dubai is a massage therapist who likes to bang her clients, in this case JD Phoenix.

This is vintage Nica Noelle story telling.  Lots of angst, moral/ethical dilemmas, emotion, passion, repressed lust, and a good resolution in the third scene (scene 4 has nothing to do with the story -- it's just there to take up space on the DVD).

The performers play Nica's tightly written and nicely paced script very well.  None of these players has attended the Max Reinhardt Theater Workshop or Julliard.  That's fine.  They bring genuine emotion and passion instead of acting chops.  Much better all around in this case.  The chemistry between Danica Dane's character, Sarah, and River Stark's character, Professor Rivers, is palpable from the opening frames.  The fact that we have to wait over an hour before they actually get together is one of the things that makes this story work.

And, Wolf Hudson plays his bad boy so well I found myself REALLY disliking him.  I almost couldn't watch his scene with River Stark (but I stuck it out, and I'm glad I did, because it was a hot scene).  Damn, he was one snarky SOB.  It was like all of the macho bull shit in the world was distilled into one character played by Hudson.  Bravo.

Jaxton Wheeler is a hunk.  He also has a sense of humor.  Swoon.  I'd make him a nice dinner and then have him for dessert.  And, Aspen Brooks?  What a doll.  Plus she plays the jealous girl friend (not pathologically jealous)  very well.  Great chemistry between these two.

There are some things in the first scene that I think I would have changed.  I think I would have skipped the Wheeler/Brooks tryst and instead expanded on the fantasy/dream sequences that both Stark and Dane have.  We get a nice little scene of Danica wanking, but Stark's dream sequence is cut short when she wakes up after a hot dream about her student and decides to call Jaxton for advice.  I think I would have extended both of these masturbatory/fantasy scenes to give us an extra Stark/Dane pairing plus extended wank scenes for both.

You can get this video as a DVD or watch the scenes on the Transsensual website.  Personally, I'm glad I watched it online.  As much as I love watching Jessy Dubai her scene was tacked onto the DVD as a "bonus."  For Jessy fans, however, the DVD will be a "must have," as her performance is classic Jessy Dubai. She tops JD Phoenix and has a nice pop shot at the end.

I'm still giving this a strong "BUY" recommendation though.  Bravo Nica Noelle, bravo!

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