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Women Seeking Women 77

Title: Women Seeking Women 77
Studio: Girlfriends Films
Director:  Dan O’Connell
Released: November 19, 2011
Cast: Aria Aspen, Bobbi Starr, Jelena Jensen, Magdalene St. Michaels, Rozen Debowe, Sensi Pearl, Sindy Lange, Tessa Lane
Pairings: Bobbi Starr/Rozen Debowe, Sensi Pearl/Tessa Lane, Jelena Jensen/Magdalene St. Michaels, Sindy Lange/Aria Aspen


You don’t get to 77 volumes (79 as this is being written) of a series without doing something right, and Girlfriends Films has done exactly that.  Their formula has worked/is working and this video proves that even after 77 episodes Women Seeking Women is still fresh.

I highly recommend this video for purchase based on the Magdalene St Michaels – Jelena Jensen scene alone. Be careful though – it is likely to leave scorch marks on your screen.  This pairing may go down in history as one of the best all-time girl-girl scenes.  If it doesn’t win girl-girl scene of the year I’ll take it as proof that the AVN awards are rigged.

And the good news is that the other three scenes are all very wank-worthy, with a slightly different take in each one.  We have nerds, alt-girls, young cuties, and mature women.  There’s plenty of kissing, fingering, pussy eating, and grinding.  Throw in a strap-on scene for good measure.  The women are lovely, each one is different, and the pairings are up to the usual standards of GFF.


We start out with Bobbi Star and Rozen Debowe.  Bobbi plays the nerd with glasses and a prim/proper look.  Rozen is all alt-girl with the side-buzz purple hair, piercings, and tats.  Bobbi is always a delight to watch, and Rozen’s large natural breasts are a treat.  If Dan was going for the opposites attract vibe he picked the right women for it.  At first I found Debowe’s look a bit off-putting.  Once the ladies were naked, however, I got over it.  Lots of kissing at the beginning of the sex part of the scene (about 11 minutes in) and Starr does a great job playing the sexual novice.  Debowe has beautiful breasts and her body is a nice contrast to Bobbi’s.  A good, solid, opening scene with good chemistry and some heat.

Scene two features Sensi Pearl and Tessa Lane.  I would agree with another reviewer that this scene, and the one following, are more consistent with Mother-Daughter Exchange Club in terms of the setup, but who cares?  The idea of all of these set-ups is to get beautiful women in bed together so we can wank while watching them have sex.  Simple, really.   Lots of good pussy eating and orgasms in this scene.  If you are a fan of tight, petite female bodies then this scene offers plenty of great scenery.  Another very wankable scene.  And, it serves as the set-up for the penultimate scene on the DVD between Jelena Jensen and Magdalene St. Michaels.

The first time I ever saw Jelena Jensen was in Lesbian House Hunters 5.  She did a terrific scene with the incomparable Dana Dearmond.  I became an instant fan.  Her beautiful face and lovely natural breasts are a feast for the eyes.  Magdalene St. Michaels sure thought so.  I consider myself a big fan of Magdalene St. Michaels and I have really enjoyed watching her work.  When I heard about this pairing the buzz was that it was an epic scene and for once, the buzz was not all hype.  Jelena’s breasts are a major source of fascination for Magdalene who has a well known predilection for big naturals.  So, this scene is about breast worship.  So far, I have not been able to get past the point where Jelena rubs one of her breasts against Magdalene’s pussy without having to pause the video to clean up.  The chemistry here is perfect, both women enjoy each other, there are lots of orgasms, and all I can say is “whew!”  This scene is worth the price of the video all by itself.  The other three scenes could be categorized as “bonus material.”

That’s why it was unfortunate that GFF put the Sindy Lange/Aria Aspen scene last.  It should have come second, leaving the St Michaels/Jensen scene as the climax of the video.  It really isn’t fair to Lange/Aspen to have to follow the sexual tsunami thrown up by Magdalene and Jelena.  That said, it is a hot scene none the less.  This scene is all about strap-on sex and finger banging.  Sindy Lange is the aggressor, and Aria Aspen is the sexual ingénue.  Most of the sex here is Sindy fucking Aria, and boy howdy, Sindy really gives Aria a good shagging.  Toward the end of the scene, Aria turns the tables and gives Sindy’s pussy a good seeing to with her fingers.  Once again, a very wankable scene, but by comparison to the one just before it doesn’t generate anywhere near the heat.

Overall Impressions
I think GFF should have just made a two hour movie of Magdalene and Jelena making love.  The other three scenes in this video would have been fine in a separate video.  Here, they all suffer by comparison to the Jensen/St. Michaels coupling.

There were a few minor nits to pick, however.  One:  In the setup for the Sensi/Tessa scene, Magdalene is wearing some sort of yellow tube dress and it is NOT flattering.  That was unfortunate.  Two:  Aria Aspen has too much ink for my taste, but your mileage may vary. 

Videography, lighting, audio, and editing were all what we’ve come to expect from GFF – no problems there.

This video gets my strongest “buy” recommendation just for the Magdalene/Jelena scene, but most viewers will enjoy the other three scenes as well – there’s at least a load in each one from my perspective.

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