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My Dad's TS Girlfriend

Title:  My Dad's TS Girlfriend
Studio:  TransSensual (Mile High Media)
Director/Writer:  Nica Noelle
Released:  April 1, 2015
Performers:  David Chase, Wolf Hudson, Sunday Valentina, Jessy Dubai

Nica Noelle's most successful videos have combined good story telling, great casting, good acting, deft directing, and chemistry.  Whether girl-girl, boy-girl, boy-boy, or in this case, boy-TS, all of those elements have been present all most all of the time.

In the case of My Dad's TS Girlfriend all of those elements are present, just not in every scene. Oh, I liked this video well enough, or you wouldn't be reading this review.  And, perhaps it wasn't fair that I watched it two days after watching My TS Student which was much more tightly plotted and much more dependent on actors to deliver the story.  My Dad's TS Girlfriend has a much more thrown together, improvisational feel to it.  There's a story, or at least a plot.

Wolf Hudson is David Chase's adopted son.  One day David announces to Wolf that he has a serious girlfriend and wonders how Wolf feels about his dad moving on after divorce.  Wolf is very supportive.

David introduces Wolf to his girlfriend, Sunday Valentina, and Wolf goes all elevator eyes and sexy smirk on her. Next morning, Wolf comes into the kitchen, where Sunday is doing dishes.  Dad's at the office so Wolf offers to show Sunday around the island.  This is the cue for a lengthy bicycle tour, some flirty fun in the woods, more cycling, and eventually, a return to the house, where David is waiting and he's not happy.  Wolf and Sunday plead dead cell phones, but David isn't buying it.

Dip to black and come up on David telling Wolf how he met Sunday online, met her for dinner, and was invited back to her place, which dissolves into the climax of their first date, in Sunday's bedroom.  Having seen Sunday Valentina perform in My TS Student I had looked forward to seeing her again.  She's a knock out.  David Chase is a bear, but not as hairy as most guys in that category, and he does a good job of arousing Sunday. David Chase is actually the kind of guy that I would go for at the bath house. He's a handsome hunk -- no question about that.  Unfortunately in this instance, he doesn't seem to be able to get it up, regardless of Valentina's oral and digital manipulations.  Valentina, on the other hand, has no erection issues, so she tops him, eventually blowing a pretty good load before Chase masturbates to frothy climax. I wasn't feeling the chemistry or the heat here, but Sunday is so beautiful that it is still a highly wankable scene.  It just felt weird. One great thing I learned about David Chase though is that he really likes cum -- yours and his, and doesn't mind showing it. That was HOT (I'm bi, remember?).

Meanwhile, Wolf, for reasons that aren't made clear, hires a prostitute. Lucky for him it's Jessy Dubai.  Now if you've never seen Jessy in a video before, you have really been missing out. She is one of the hottest TS stars around and her scenes always rock.  That's the case here, as she takes the (apprently) inexperienced Wolf Hudson for a ride, topping from the bottom, as it were, and even though she's the one getting fucked, you never get the feeling that she is not the one in control. No romance here, but gobs and gobs of heat.  These two get into it hot and heavy from the moment she drags him onto the bed and the action never slows down until both of them have made it to the finish line.

Not one for lounging in post-coital langour, Jessy takes a call from another client.  "I'm just wrapping something up," she says, "but you can come over in about an hour."  Cut to David Chase ending a cell phone call and getting into his car with a grin on his face.  Really?  You've got Sunday Valentina at home and you're calling a hooker?  Christ on a pogo stick.  That's fucked up.

But the good news is that this means we get a SECOND scene with Jessy Dubai, and guess what?  David has no problems making wood this time.  Better chemistry here, I think, and the two have a nice romp to a creamy finish.  Good scene all around, but I still wasn't able to figure out why these two scenes were in the video.  This (the two Jessy Dubai scenes) is where the story falls apart -- not typical Nica Noelle fare.  On the other hand, these two scenes provide three quarters of the heat in this video so "lay on Mac Duff," say I.

Back at the house, Wolf and Sunday have a heart to heart.  This is where the best acting (and presumably scripting) of the video takes place.  The dialog is crisp and certain, the emotions feel right, and the scene proceeds along a logical path.  Wolf tells Sunday that he thinks David is upset by all the time that she and Wolf have been spending together, and he hints that he has feelings for her that a step son shouldn't have toward his putative step mother, and it's confusing him.  She wants to know what those feelings are, and, long story short, he demonstrates by leaning in and kissing her.  The sex that follows takes place on a futon, and at one point, Valentina has her head up against the rail. But the two of them are really into each other so I guess I was the only one who noticed.  Great chemistry here and the sex is very sensual and less animalistic than in the previous two scenes. Wolf tops Sunday and gives her a good sexual drubbing, making her cum before finishing himself off on her belly.  Excellent concluding scene.

OK, so there were some things I didn't like as much in this video as compared to My TS Student, but that's hardly fair.  The sex is, for the most part, was passionate and spontaneous, well shot, and (mostly) well edited -- there were some cuts in the first sex scene that seemed a bit off, or at least a bit abrupt.  No issues with lighting or sound.

Overall, not a home run, but at least an R.B.I. double, to borrow a baseball metaphor.  I'd recommend this for a 7 day rental, and at less than $5 you can't really go wrong.  If you're a fan of Jessy Dubai or Sunday Valentina you're in for a treat. These two ladies are eye candy to the max.  In fact, there's eye candy wherever you look in this video because the male stars are pretty hunky themselves, not to mention hung.  So, lots to see, but don't rent this expecting a great story. It's adequate to get the various participants into bed but that's about it.  Nica's done better, but, then, Babe Ruth didn't hit homers at every at bat either.

Your mileage may vary.

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