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Girls Tribbing Girls: Big Round Bottoms

Title:  Girls Tribbing Girls -- Big Round Bottoms Studio:  Girl Candy Films
Director: Nica Noelle
Released: July 18, 2012

Performers: Karlie Montana, Reena Sky, Dani Daniels, Sophie Dee, Natasha Nice, Sinn Sage, Sovereign Syre, Serena Ali

Scene 1 -- Natasha Nice/Sinn Sage
Scene 2 -- Karlie Montana/Reena Sky
Scene 3 -- Dani Daniels/Sophie Dee
Scene 4 -- Serena Ali/Sovereign Syre

When this video was released back in 2012 I couldn’t watch it back then because it wasn’t available to me via any of the sources to which I had access at the time.  Things have changed since then.  Access to VOD (which wasn’t an option for me in 2012) has made it possible for me to go back and watch some of the video I wish I had been able to see when it was “fresh.”  This is one of them.

I must admit that the title of the video threw me off for a moment.  I mean “Big Round Bottoms” sounds slightly pejorative at first glance.  It’s easy to substitute “fat” for “big” without even meaning to, and that is NOT what this video is about.  I love women’s asses almost as much as I love their legs.  Yeah, I know, I’m a female-body-objectifying sexist pig.  But, no pun intended, asses and legs are also my favorite male body parts (in case you didn’t know, I’m bisexual, with a slight preference for women), so I’m at least an equal opportunity objectifier (yes, MSWORD, I know “objectifier” isn’t actually a word).  The bottoms in this video are round and oh so juicy – damn – I think I could overcome my claustrophobia enough to be smothered by any one of them, and if I suffocated, I would die a happy man.  Several of the adult industry’s best bottoms are in this video.

Box cover video descriptions are rarely a true representation of what is inside.  In this case, however, I think the description is pretty apt:  In four luscious scenes, eight of lesbian porn's most passionate performers grind their naked bodies into a state of ecstasy. Round-assed Sinn Sage and buxom Natasha Nice trib with a sweaty, breast-bouncing frenzy. Busty blue-eyed goddess Sophie Dee learns how good it feels to rub clits with hard-bodied young Dani Daniels. Ravishing and voluptuous Sovereign Syre loves to grind her pretty pink girl parts against naturally busty Amazonian beauty Serena Ali's caramel colored clit, especially in full-body missionary. Reena Sky's Latin beauty is a gorgeous contrast to Karlie Montana's red hair and pale skin as they passionately rub their wet pussies together. Directed by Nica Noelle, Girls Tribbing Girls: Big Round Bottoms stimulates the libido with mesmerizing, toy-free tribadism!  This video definitely lives up to the box cover.  It doesn’t hurt to have an all-star cast and a first rank director either.

Tribbing, tribadism, scissoring (although Sinn Sage doesn’t like that descriptor), pussy grinding, or frotage – call it what you will, it’s a very popular subset of the lesbian porn genre.  It also happens to be a favorite for me as a viewer.  Not all tribbing videos are created equal, however.  Some are obviously contrived and feature performers going through the motions; substituting fake moaning and gasping for real passion.  That’s one thing I have *never* seen in a Nica Noelle production.  I didn’t see it here either.

Each scene is a steamy lesbian romp with lots of great sex.  In fact, even without the extended tribbing sequences this video would have been worth watching.  With the tribbing included, however, it vaults into the realm of must-see-TV for anyone who is a fan of toyless lesbian sex, authentic portrayals of tribadism, or any of the women featured in this release.  In this volume you will see pussy-on-pussy lesbian fucking in pretty much every position imaginable – further proof that porn performers are (IMO) elite athletes.   The fact that you can own this video in high definition for less than $17, or rent it for just a couple of bucks makes it a no-brainer for you to acquire it either for your collection or a weekend of viewing pleasure.

As to individual performances it’s hard to imagine a performer so linked to one particular sex act as Sinn Sage is to tribbing.  Out of all of her scenes only a handful do not feature this particular act at some point, and her “pile driver” move should have a trademark on it, because no one else does it the same way.  Sinn’s epic scene with Elexis Monroe in Lesbian Sex 8 (Girlfriends Films) contains, in my opinion, THE greatest tribbing sequences of all time.  Sinn’s tryst with Natasha Nice in this video is a VERY close second.  Wow.  What a way to start the video.  The passion and pure eroticism are palpable. I expected steam to start erupting from my monitor at any moment.

Karlie Montana and Reena Sky?  Holy smokes Batman…talk about a display of female pulchritude and passion!  They light each other up, swiftly building and then maintaining a high level of passion and balls to the wall lady fucking.  It’s amazing.  No surprise that they are both drenched with sweat by the end.  Come to think of it, so was I.  At this point I was wondering if it was possible for this video to sustain this level of quality.  What a silly thing for me to wonder about.  Nica Noelle directed features don’t generally have “weak” scenes, and this is no exception.

Dani Daniels and Sophie Dee are next up and they deliver, in spades.  This scene has a different rhythm than the Montana/Sky scene.  It starts out a little slower and takes longer to develop, but this is a good thing.  I count myself as one of Dani Daniels’ fans and this scene shows why I like her so much.  In addition I have to say that after this scene I’m ready to sign up for the Sophie Dee fanclub as well.  Wow. What a great combination.  Excellent chemistry, spectacular beauty, fantastic sex – an incredible scene from start to breathless, sweaty, finish.

Finally, we come to the Sovereign Syre – Serena Ali pairing.  I’m going to have to get a new thesaurus because I’m very quickly running out of adjectives.  While I wouldn’t be willing to drink Ms. Syre’s bath water (I mean who drinks bathwater? EWWW), I would definitely be willing to put up a small shrine to her as a goddess of all things sensual.   Serena Ali was a delightful discovery for me and I am going to look for more of her work ASAP.  The final scene in a video is the director’s last chance to make an impression on the audience.  Considering that this video STARTED with Sinn Sage, it is entirely appropriate that it finished with Sovereign Syre.  And speaking of finished, I was, by the end of this video.  Finished that is.  Whew.  I needed several showers, about 2 liters of water, and a large meal by the end.  If I smoked, I would have had a cigarette.

No technical complaints for me in this one.  Very watchable and eminently wankable.  Well worth your hard earned (or not so hard earned) cash for a two day rental, or, if like me you are a collector, purchase.  Another Nica Noelle triumph.  Of the three volumes in the Girls Tribbing Girls series, this is without question my favorite.  I liked them all, though, so don’t take that as a criticism of volumes 2 or 3.

Girl Candy was such a great porn imprint.  Its demise was unfortunate, to say the least.  Some of my favorite girl-girl performances came for Girl Candy, including the four in this volume.  Nica Noelle has, apparently, moved on from girl-girl for the moment but I hope she will not abandon the genre entirely.

Thanks for reading, and remember to pay for your porn.

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