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My TS Student

Title:  My TS Student
Studio:  TransSensual
Writer/Director:  Nica Noell
Released:  May 2015
Performers:  Magdalene St. Michaels, Rob Yaeger, Chelsea Poe, Sunday Valentina

Regular visitors to this blog may have noticed a dearth of Nica Noelle reviews of late. That’s because for the past year or two Nica has focused on bringing her version of story driven adult fare to the gay porn genre, and by gay, I mean male-male. Even though I identify as bisexual and have had my share of sexual fun with other men, watching men have sex with each other has rarely been a turn-on for me.  I’d rather have sex with a man than watch other men go at it.  Not sure why and can’t afford the cost of analysis to find out.  Also not sure why I felt the need to justify myself.

But Tranny Porn, as it’s known in the industry has always fascinated me. I’m sure there’s a reason for that as well, but I lack the capacity for that much introspection this morning, so let’s move on, shall we?   Suffice it to say that when I heard that Magdalene St. Michaels had signed on to My TS Student and that it was being written/directed by Nica Noelle, I became a very motivated buyer.  As soon as it became available I went straight to and bought it.  The fact that it would be several days before I could actually sit down and watch it only added to my anticipation.  I was not disappointed.  This is a terrific movie and well worth the modest price (#payforyourporn).

As I watched the video unfold I was reminded of why I became such a big fan of Nica’s work in the first place.  She always gets right into my head.  It’s like she totally gets me, although we’ve never met (bucket list item).  There’s a ring of truth to her storytelling that gives her creations a type of authenticity that sets them apart from other story driven adult fare.

It was a real pleasure to watch this story unfold, even though it came uncomfortably close to the truth of my own life and actually made me squirm a few times for reasons that aren’t common in porn.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, as usual.  Hope you aren’t bored yet.  There’s a review in here somewhere.  Perhaps I need an editor.  I’m accepting volunteers.  No pay, lousy hours, and a very demanding boss.  Any takers?

My TS Student is very nearly unique in the transgender genre, and I only say “very nearly” because I haven’t seen every single TS video ever produced.  It treats performers who are on their journey to become who they know they really are as if they’ve already arrived at their destination.  Chelsea Poe and Sunday Valentina are treated as women, rather than some sort of freakish in-between creatures who are expected to perform as men in women’s bodies.  That’s an important point to consider when watching this video.  In that spirit, I will treat Chelsea and Sunday as women also, using pronouns consistent with how they self-identify.

This presentational viewpoint, treating TS performers as women, gives the sex scenes a totally different vibe.  When Magdalene and Chelsea have their scene, it’s like watching two women have sex.  The “Y” chromosome is not present in any form until the climax (for lack of a better term) of the scene when Chelsea ejaculates (prodigiously, for those who care about such things).  I could have done without that because I was enjoying the scene as a lesbian tryst, and didn’t need the money shot.   I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t aroused when it came (no pun intended), but the vibe of the scene was so different that the ending caught me by surprise. On a completely different level I was pleased to see that Chelsea got as good as she gave (par for the course in a Magdalene St. Michaels scene).

In other hands the story line might have become trite and predictable.  Magdalene and Rob are having marital difficulties involving Magdalene’s relationship with one of her students (Chelsea’s character), and his suspicions that Magdalene is doing more than just counsel the troubled young woman.  He challenges her about this and her responses only make him more suspicious. He eventually comes to believe that his wife is having an affair, which leads to his deciding to have one of his own.  This sort of thing happens regularly IRL, of course, which adds to the verisimilitude.

Still, the shift from the end of Magdalene’s scene with Chelsea to Rob in a bedroom with Sunday Valentina struck me as rather abrupt.  Fortunately, Sunday is such a beauty that I soon forgot about that and just enjoyed watching her scene with Rob unfold.  Rob is nervous -- he’s never cheated before and is not sure what to do.  Really?  Rob, my friend, you’re in a bedroom with a beautiful woman who wants to have sex with you.  What more is there to be uncertain about? I’m certain of one thing, however, and that is this:  we have chemistry here.  It’s the most important aspect of any adult video coupling because without it, the performers might just as well be using magic wands and Fleshlights.

TS porn typically focuses on the residual sexual features of the transgendered performer(s) because that’s the show people pay to see.  Nica Noelle takes a different path as this scene illustrates.  The way it’s shot does not follow standard TS porn conventions.  Yes, Rob does go down on Sunday, but it has more of the feel of a man preparing a woman for intercourse by licking her clit than an ordinary blowjob.  When the fucking starts the angles suggest nothing more than a male-female interaction, with all of the Y chromosomes on Rob’s side of the equation.  I wanted to stand up cheer.

Once again, as in the first scene, the climax took me a little by surprise. Nica had me buying the M/F narrative all the way to the point where Sunday begins to wank, and then sprays her belly with a respectable pop shot, just before Rob adds to it with his own.  Even then, however, this didn’t feel like typical TS fare.  Some nice cuddling for afters.

So, now, the score is Magdalene 1, Rob 1.  What do do?  One of the popular women’s magazines used to have a regular column titled “Can this Marriage be Saved?”  We might well ask this here.

Further trouble comes to this already troubled household when Chelsea shows up one day while Rob is home alone and proceeds to seduce him.  “My car broke down and I’m waiting for a tow truck.  Can I come in and get a glass of water?”  Rob falls for this line, of course, due to narrative causality no doubt.  Once inside the house, after having determined that Magdalene isn’t home, and without revealing that she is Magdalene’s student -- the  one Rob suspects his wife of having an inappropriate affection for -- Chelsea goes for the win, and soon has Rob right where she wants him.  The sex that follows is hot, to say the least, but, once again, Nica captures much more of a  boy-girl vibe with shot selection and the way Chelsea and Rob interact.  She wanks him to a frothy finish while he tongues her bottom.  “Cum on my tits” she demands, and he complies. Were they into it?  If the amount of sweat produced is any indication, they certainly were.

Which brings us to the denouement of this pretty drama.

Looking at the box cover you already knew that the three main characters were going to end up in bed together.  The only questions were how and when.  Chelsea’s character’s purpose in seducing Rob’s character was to prove to Magdalene that her husband was capable of cheating on her.  When everything comes out (no pun intended) instead of angry recriminations, fighting, and lawyers, there’s a group hug, which leads to hot, sweaty, sex.

Oh, and there’s even a mommy-daddy-daughter pseudo-incest vibe to the scene, thanks to one of the most deftly delivered lines in the video delivered by Chelsea’s character.  Well done!

Three-way sex can be very difficult to choreograph, particularly if your goal is for no one to be left out.  Chelsea, Magdalene, and Rob manage to make it look easy.  All three of them are hot for each other -- perhaps the two older characters are just so relieved to have everything out in the open, and Chelsea is just hot for older regardless of gender.  Who knows?  Why ask?  Damn, this is a hot scene.  I’m glad it’s the final scene in the story because if it hadn’t been it would have been unfair to whatever followed.

True to the ethos of the rest of the video this one plays like an MFF threesome until the very end, but it is none the less satisfying.  There’s a lot more foreplay than intercourse in this final scene and that’s all right too -- everything felt natural and unscripted.  No one was left out or pushed aside, and everyone seemed happy at the end.

To those who might suggest that the Yaeger-Valentina scene was tacked on, I would offer my respectful disagreement.  Yes, the story was about three people, primarily, but without Rob’s romp with Sunday, his scene with Chelsea would have been more difficult to justify.  Once he’d cheated with one woman, how hard would it be to do again?  That’s how it works IRL, isn’t it?

Magdalene does her usual superb job of staying in character throughout.  She’s the real deal as an actress, and when the clothes come off there are few who can match her partner focus or the obvious pleasure she takes in the act of sex.  She is a force of nature and anyone lucky enough to be her scene partner should thank their lucky stars. Her name on a box cover is generally a guaranteed buy for me -- producers take note.  I never get tired of watching her have sex on camera.  Never.

Rob Yaeger was a wonderful surprise.  I had no previous experience with his work and didn’t know what to expect.  He delivered a believable, compelling performance and his passion/enthusiasm during the sex scenes was palpable.  Nice tight body and a nice cock -- big but not gross-stunt-cock-big -- to go along with his other attributes (like a nice voice, for example).

Sunday Valentina, in her brief appearance, was also very impressive.  I definitely want to see more of her.  Her combination of a smoking hot body and the grace of a ballet dancer left me wanting more.  She’ll be a superstar in no time if I’m any judge.  We didn’t really get to see her acting chops this time out, so hopefully, she’s in another TransSensual production where she’s more involved in the plot.

Chelsea Poe -- wow.  Just wow.  What a little minx she is!  Cute as a button, sexy as hell, and she does a nice job playing the part of the manipulative little vixen who always gets what she wants.  Damn.  I want more of her, definitely.  Her facial expressions communicate volumes.  Her go-to seduction move seems to be twirling her hair on a finger.  That move went straight to my happy spot, to say the least.

I’m giving this video a strong buy/rent recommendation.  It’s available for online streaming from a variety of outlets, and you can own it for a lifetime (whatever that means) for less than $10.  A bargain in anybody’s money.

This is an entertaining piece whether you watch it just for its wank value (which it has in abundance) or for the story (yup, that too), or for both (that would be me).  Audio, lighting, videography, and editing are all first rate.  I’d love to know the name of the piano piece Nica chose for the open and closing credits.

I’m looking forward to seeing more from TransSensual Films, and you should too.

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