Monday, March 30, 2015

Worship Her

Title:  Worship Her
Studio:  When Girls Play (
Released: March 2015
Director:  none credited
Performers:  Cherie DeVille, Aaliyah Love

For a long time the only safe way (i.e. anonymous) that I could view porn was through DVD rental or purchase at a local store.  Often times that meant months (sometimes more than a year) before I could get my hands on a new release.  These days most of my porn viewing comes from online sources (my current favorite is in case anyone’s wondering).  Recently, I had occasion to check out the website and I found a truly delightful clip there featuring two of my favorite performers Aaliyah Love and Cherie DeVille.

Cherie DeVille and Aaliyah Love have performed together a number of times going back to 2012 so these two know each other, and, since they’ve been paired so often, it’s pretty easy to assume that they have some chemistry (duh).  While assumptions can often get me into trouble that’s not the case here.  There’s chemistry aplenty in this little gem.

We start out with Cherie in the shower (“Cherie in the shower” sounds like a lyric from some 1960’s MOR song sung by Al Martino).  The camera loves Cherie, and why not?  There’s plenty of eye candy here.  She’s apparently thinking about Aaliyah and begins masturbating, but doesn’t finish.

Cut to Cherie in a towel coming into the bedroom (I wish I had a bedroom like this – it has a fireplace!) where the comely Ms. Love is reclining on the bed reading a magazine.  I don’t know about you, but Aaliyah Love’s giggle goes straight to my groin.  It has to be one of the most wankable giggles in all of porn, right up there with Veronica Avluv’s orgasmic trill. 

Cherie and Aaliyah banter a bit, Aaliyah removes Cherie’s towel, and then we get down to the action.  Cherie strips Aaliyah and then makes hand cuffs out of Aaliyah’s thong and ties Aaliyah’s wrists with them.  Aaliyah plays along with this prisoner game as Cherie begins nibbling on her coochie at which point things get more intense while at the same time remaining playful

The entire scene is playful AND intense.  There’s passion, real chemistry, and a sense that both women are really enjoying being together.  Pretty standard lipstick lesbian positions, for those who keep track of such things.  Lots of pussy licking, rubbing, and fingering.  There’s a particularly hot sequence where Aaliyah is riding Cherie’s face and Cherie is rubbing her own pussy. 

The videography is excellent as is the lighting and sound.  There is one point in the video where someone off camera gives a direction (presumably the director) which should have been cut from the final version of the clip.  Other than that, this is an excellent clip featuring two beautiful women who obviously enjoy each other’s company.

You can find it at and I recommend that you do so immediately.

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