Monday, March 30, 2015

Miran and Christian (web scene review)

Title:  Japanese TS Beauty Miran Tops Her Giant Lover
Studio:  Pure-TS
Released:  2/22/15
Director:  None Credited
Performers:  Miran, Christian

Japanese Shemale Miran is a relative newcomer to the U.S. market, but she’s been very popular on the ShemaleJapan website and for Grooby.  She recently won Best Foreign Performer at the most recent Transgender Erotica Awards.  One look at her and it’s easy to see why.  She has a beautiful body with a face to match and blue eyes that you could easily just fall into forever. 

The first video I’ve seen of Miran with an American performer was a scene she did with Christian (by far my favorite bi-sexual male porn performer) for Pure-TS (available at for only $12.99).  I hope they shot more than one scene together, because I’d love to see Christian top Miran.  For me, as a bisexual who has a definite “thing” for transsexuals, the eye candy aspect of this scene was absolutely wonderful.  No matter where I looked I saw something very sexy.  Miran is stunning, and Christian is just a flat out S-T-U-D.  If I could get spit-roasted by this pair I think I could die a happy man right on the spot.

Here’s an idle thought – I wonder if Miran has ever taken a cock as big as Christian’s?  In the other videos of hers that I’ve seen her partners have been nowhere near as well hung as Christian.

There’s no plot here, and frankly, I didn’t miss it.  We start out with Christian naked, that beautiful cock of his already hard, and Miran wearing a fetching bra/thong set.  We very quickly see that Miran is just as hard as Christian, so there must be some chemistry here.  There’s some kissing and fondling as they stand next to the bed, but the action heats up once Miran loses the lingerie and Christian begins to serve her.  He’s the bottom here – that’s established pretty early on. 

Christian spends a good amount of time sucking Mran’s member before she briefly returns the favor just prior to taking him doggie style.  Miran doesn’t pound Christian but her fucking action is vigorous.  Christian is enjoying it, that’s for sure, and he doesn’t hesitate to go A2M when they change positions. 

There were a number of positions employed, including doggy, cowboy, reverse cowboy, and missionary.  Miran was stiff as a board throughout as was Christian which added to the authenticity of the scene.  Neither cock flagged for even an instant during the 24 minutes of the scene.  Miran wasn’t too vocal, but Christian made up for it, letting her know that he was enjoying it very much. 

So what about the money shots, you ask?  I’m getting to that.  Don’t rush me.  The money shots are WELL worth waiting for.  As someone who’s experienced an orgasm or two with a cock in my bottom I can tell you that it is one of the most intense orgasms ever.  Christian, having asked permission to blow his load, unleashes a torrent of cum on his belly while Miran is fucking his ass.  To be honest, I was right there with him.

But then, it’s Miran’s turn.  Christian takes her whole load in his mouth and doesn’t miss a drop.  He makes sure we see it before sucking the last drops out of Miran’s still hard cock and then swallowing the whole load.  That’s NOT something you regularly see in TS porn.  Most of the time, if you get a facial, the target has his/her mouth firmly closed.  And, if some happens to stray into a mouth it is quickly spit out.  So, BRAVO Christian for taking the load and not spitting.  No cum dodging here.

One of the things that is both good and not as good about this scene is the contrast in body types/sizes.  Compared to Miran, Christian is a giant.  While Miran is nearly as tall as Christian, he’s a muscle guy and Miran is slender as a whip (but still with fairly well defined muscles) with toned abs and a beautiful cock.  The contrast in physicality makes a nice tableau, but when Christian tries to ride Miran cowboy style that contrast works against the scene somewhat.  Thankfully, that part of the video is relatively short, and the other positions are much better at showing both performers to great advantage.

But, I have to say that this is one of the hottest TS scenes featuring a man and a shemale that I have
ever seen.  There’s obvious chemistry, good videography and lighting, good sound, and good editing.  This is a really hot clip and for those who enjoy this sort of thing it is well worth the $12.99 you’ll spend to download it from Christian’s clips-for-sale store.  There are lots of other really good videos at Pure-TS, and I plan to download a number of them in the near future.  You should check this out for yourself.

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