Thursday, February 12, 2015

Women Seeking Women 112

Title:  Women Seeking Women 112
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director:  (none credited)
Released:  December 2014
Performers:  Aaliyah Love, Elexis Monroe, Deauxma, Savannah Steele, Magdalene St. Michaels, Sovereign Syre, Alexis Couture, Kelly Leigh

Six time AVN award winner for best all girl series, Women Seeking Women definitely has had staying power.  The series has gone through some changes between episodes 1 and 112 but one thing hasn’t changed and that is the hot girl-girl sex.  I’m going to suggest that you go out and buy or rent this particular video immediately, if not sooner.

Women Seeking Women 112 had me at the box cover.  When I saw the pairings, I knew I had to see this video and I was not disappointed, although I was surprised.  More on that later.  Aaliyah Love with Elexis Monroe?  Magdalene St. Michaels with Sovereign Syre?  How could this video possibly avoid being a massive hit?  (Rhetorical Question)  Add Deauxma in one scene and veteran Kelly Leigh in another -- can you say “bonus?”

Each of the scenes in this standard four scene package is unique.  Each pairing brings a different vibe and all of them are very entertaining, by which I mean highly wankable.  I won’t say that this video has a “best scene” although personally, there was one that I liked the best -- I’m keeping my mouth shut here on which one.  They are all winners and each for a different reason.

As far as I can remember, which some days is lunchtime, I have never seen either Savannah Steele or Alexis Couture perform before.  It’s possible that I saw them once before, but I just don’t recall.  Well, after this video I think I will be looking for more of their work.  Yes, they were that good.

One of the things I have admired about Girlfriends Films is that they have never been slaves to the barbie-doll-pornstar-body fetish.  If you watch enough of their material you will see women of almost every shape and size and a broad range of ages as well.  I appreciate that and I hope they read this so they know it.  Volume 112 of this long running hit series is a perfect example.  Every one of these women is beautiful and each in a different way.  Wow.

I also loved the contrasts between scenes.  The opener features Aaliyah Love and Elexis Monroe in a light bondage scene -- something I don’t recall seeing much of in Women Seeking Women.  At first I was like WTF? but then things really got hot.  Elexis is the top here and she puts Aaliyah through her paces including some really kinky work with a feather (hint:  Aaliyah is REALLY ticklish).  There’s plenty of pussy licking of course, and Elexis gives Aaliyah’s pussy a good going over with a strapon dildo for good measure.  I’ve been a huge fan of Elexis Monroe since I first saw her on video (don’t ask me what the title was), so her name on a cast list always gets my attention.  Aaliyah Love is a total ball of energy with a corner on the cute market, and what I like best about her is that no matter what the scene she always looks like she is having a great time.  You could imagine her thinking “wow -- I get paid for this!  Bonus!” -- only she’d probably have a much more literate thought than the one I just imagined.  Anyway, these two together are really great in this scene.

Scene two features another one of my favorite ladies, Deauxma.  I actually DO remember the first video I ever saw her in.  It was on the “Exploited Moms” website.  After that I started looking for her and found her all over the place.  In this video she’s paired with Savannah Steele, a buxom blonde who gets it on with Deauxma in front of some of the ugliest wallpaper I’ve ever seen.  Fortunately, once the clothes came off I forgot all about the wall paper.  Deauxma is in charge and she shows Savannah the ins and outs of sapphic sex including a really nice, slow, grinding tribbing sequence that raised my blood pressure very nicely.  Lots of passion here but a different vibe altogether from the first scene.  

Scene three has to be one of the most sensuous girl-girl sex scenes ever put on video.  Magdalene St. Michaels and Sovereign Syre have been in (I think) five other movies where they haven’t had a scene together, so I guess the sixth time is the charm.  All I can say is, why did it take so long for this pairing to make it onto my video screen?  Holy cow Batman.  If you like your girl-girl sex slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am with lots of gyno closeups and fake moaning then just FF through this scene because you won’t find anything like that here.  To say that they took their time with each other would be an understatement.  Sovereign came prepared and didn’t wear anything under that summer dress she started out the scene with and it still took about half the scene for her to get completely naked.  I DIDN’T CARE!  She and Magdalene tease each other with light caresses and deep kisses.  Lots of dry humping (although I doubt if either of them was “dry” if you get my drift).  And, when the clothes came off, the sex was totally amazeballs.  Sovereign Syre masturbated Magdalene from behind and it was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen on video.  And they were just getting started!  I am not going to describe the rest of the scene except to say that this scene alone was worth the price of the video.  For me anyway.  If you like to see two women take their time with each other instead of strip-spread-lick-reverse-repeat then this scene is for you.

Finally, we come to the last scene.  Kelly Leigh is a very versatile performer.  She can do nasty and she can do playful and she can do lots of other things.  But she seems like a perpetually horny mature woman who does exactly whatever the fuck she wants and doesn’t give a fart in a windstorm what you think of it.  So there.  I’ve always enjoyed her work.  Alexis Couture, as I said, was someone I hadn’t seen before (to my knowledge).  I think the word “zaftig” was coined for her.  She’s beautiful and sexy and she and Kelly have a hell of a good time together kissing and licking and sucking and fingering and -- well you get the idea.  Whew!  I was exhausted by the time I finished watching this video.  My tissue box was empty and my lube bottle was too.  I needed a shower, a drink, and a meal in that order.  Maybe a nap too, come to think of it.

I don’t care whether you stream this video on your computer or run down to the local video outlet to buy or rent a copy.  Whatever you do, make sure that you see it.  That is if you like great girl-girl sex.  And if you don’t, why in the world are you still reading this?  The writing isn’t that good.

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