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Lesbian Babysitters 12

Title:  Lesbian Babysitters 12 Studio:  Sweetheart (Mile High)
Writer/Director:  Melissa Monet
Released:  November 2014
Performers:  Magdalene St. Michaels, Carter Cruise, Melissa Monet, Ava Delush, Dana Dearmond, Jodi Taylor, Julia Ann, Scarlet Red

Melissa Monet has crafted an erotic and entertaining lipstick lesbian video that comes in at just a shade over two hours and every minute of it is highly watchable.  Eye candy, passion, tight plotting, and a deft directorial touch make this an easy video to recommend for rental or purchase.   Which reminds me – VOD has brought down the price of porn dramatically.  Since you can rent pretty much anything for three or four days for as little as a buck-99, and own it in the cloud for less than $10, why bother stealing it?  But I digress.

Carter Cruise is a babysitter who needs to spend more time studying and less time working for Magdalene St. Michaels.  That’s one scenario, which has a nice loop at the end of the video.  The other involves Scarlet Red, also a babysitter.  She has a great rep and a very loyal client base.  Her customers are constantly referring her to others until the poor girl ends up bombarded with requests.  Trying to balance her babysitting duties and school has created a situation where she’s overbooked herself because she just can’t say no, or at least she can’t say it convincingly.  So, she gets friends to help her out, and that sets up a number of encounters, giving us the plot arc for three of the four juicy scenes.

Scene 1:  Carter Cruise/Magdalene St. Michaels

This paring set the bar awfully high for the rest of the video.  St. Michaels is a bitchy photographer with a dirty mouth.  St. Michaels is a photographer with a small child and a hectic schedule.  Cruise is her babysitter, but she has a problem.  She’s way overscheduled with school and her various babysitting gigs and she wants to quit being Magdalene’s sitter.  Magdalene pleads with her not to leave, telling her what a mess her life was before Cruise entered it.  This of course, leads to sex, and it’s epic.  Magdalene is all grace and nuance at first which is in high contrast to Carter Cruise who is bouncing around like some sort of sexual version of Tigger from Whinny the Pooh.  But even when she’s on the bottom, Magdalene is ultimately in charge of this tryst and takes it where she wants it to go.  What a great match this turned out to be.  Lots of titty play, that being Magdalene’s chief fetish, and plenty of passion and orgasms.  There’s a point where the two women seem to duplicate a scene that Magdalene played with Sinn Sage in Mother Lovers Society 2 where Cruise is riding Magdalene’s face while Magdalene rubs one out on her own.  A lengthy tribbing sequence is also a plus for this scene.  The natural light lends an ethereal quality to the sex that harsh lighting would have negated.  It is as visually appealing as it is erotic.  Both women have a number of orgasms and finish with gentle kisses.  They are both covered in sweat from their exertions and you got the feeling that if the director hadn’t called “cut” they’d have been at it all day.

  There’s a nice twist at the end of the scene, as the two women lay in post coital languor; still breathing hard.  Cruise tells St. Michaels that she still can’t stay on as babysitter.  Fade to black…

Scene 2:  Melissa Monet/Ava Delush

Being both writer and director, Melissa Monet, I’m sure, got to pick who she wanted to work with in her scene.  She chose British hottie Ava Delush, a delicious brunette with that accent that turns on all of us colonists.   Well, good for her, I say.

Melissa thinks she’s getting Scarlet Red, the babysitter that her good friend Dana Dearmond recommended to her, but she’s never actually met the sitter, so when Ava shows up, she suspects nothing until Ava speaks.  Noting that she didn’t sound like a Brit on the phone, she totally buys Ava’s explanation of that just being her “phone voice.”  At any rate, Monet is headed out for a night on the town and says she may be out all night, the unspoken end of the thought being “if I get lucky.”  She’s got a hot outfit on, that’s for sure.

It needs to be mentioned that the substitute babysitters are not as conscientious as the real thing, which leads to trouble.  In this case, Delush invades Melissa’s  lingerie closet and is trying stuff on, when, yeah, you guessed it, Monet returns unexpectedly and catches her in the act.  This, of course, leads to sex.  Hot, steamy, nasty, dirty, lesbian sex.  Monet is definitely the top, but Ava gives as good as she gets.  Lots of different positions, a nice tribbing sequence, and plenty of pussy eating/fingering/rubbing and kissing. 

Can I just say here that I think Melissa Monet is a total hottie?  I love the fact that she’s never had any “work done” that I can detect.  I’m old enough to remember when she came into the business, and for my money, she’s just as hot and sexy today as she was back then.  She’s different of course, but in this scene, all we see is her being really, really, sexy.  Ava sure seems to think so.  She goes for Monet in a big way, and Monet just eats her up (literally and figuratively).  I love the way Monet talks to Ava in this scene, taunting her, teasing her, telling her what to do.  It’s really sexy.  Great scene, and a contrast to the first scene which is much less about top/bottom than scene 2.

Scene 3:  Dana Dearmond/Jodi Taylor

Dana is one of Carter’s best customers and has hired her, or so she thinks, to watch her child.  As soon as Dana is gone, however, Scarlet ducks out and is replaced by Jodi.  Of course, Dana comes home before Scarlet can get back, and bam! We have an instant confrontation.  Dearmond isn’t pleased to come home and find a total stranger in her house.  She begins to read Taylor the riot act, promises to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget, and then proceeds to tackle Taylor and get her in a lip lock.  Sex ensues.  Not sure which lesson was being taught here, or by/to whom.  But it was fun to watch.

Casting is crucial to the success of any adult video and Melissa Monet has really outdone herself this time.  The term “all-star” is cliché but if the cliché fits…

At any rate, if you’ve never watched Dana top another girl you’re in for an education.  She understands how to dominate.  Jodi Taylor is putty in her hands, and Dana puts her through her paces in a performance well worth your hard earned cash.

At one point she has Taylor in press position on a leather sofa with her legs pinned back.  Dearmond is fucking Taylor’s pussy with a thumb, strumming her clit, and occasionally slapping or pinching Taylor’s tits.  All the while she’s keeping up a running line of sex talk, much of which only Taylor can hear distinctly, but is still sexy as hell.  It doesn’t take long before Dana has the stranger babbling.  Yes, she’s that good.

Dana is in charge for every single second of this scene.  She directs the action.  She positions Taylor however she wants, makes her do whatever she wants, and does whatever she wants to Taylor.  It’s nasty, although we’ve seen Dana Dearmond nastier (her scenes for are the stuff of legends, for example), but this is plenty nasty for a scene where there is no fisting, no large dildos, restraints, or fucking machines.  Since this is a Dana Dearmond scene there is some foot play J.  It’s an amazing scene and highly erotic.  In the end, I think she wore Taylor out, although I think Dana could probably have gone on for another hour.  Where does she get all this energy?

Scene Four:  Julia Ann/Scarlet Red

OK, so now we get Scarlet and her new client, Julia Ann.  As Dana and Jodi are canoodling after hot nasty lesbian sex Dana manages to extract some key information.  Jodi gives up the fact that Scarlet is sitting for a new client.  The light comes on for Dana and she calls Julia, who is getting acquainted with Scarlet.  We don’t hear Dana’s side of the conversation but Julia says “I know just what to do” or something like that and what she does is have Scarlet help her out of her dress, leaving the lovely Julia in a beautiful blue bra and panties set that sets of her flawless complexion to perfection.  She sits down on the sofa next to Scarlet and seriously invades the younger woman’s personal space, making the little blond uncomfortable.  Red does a great job here of acting like she really IS uncomfortable with Julia’s aggressive advances.

Julia Ann is relentless, however, and when Scarlet says she isn’t that kind of girl, Julia just laughs it off and lets her know that if she wants to work in Julia’s house she’ll do whatever Julia wants.  End of discussion.

I must say that Scarlet gives up rather easily and is soon playing tonsil hockey with her new employer, and the clothes come off rather quickly thereafter.  What ensues is pretty much everything two women can do on a sofa without toys or watersports.  And because it’s Julia Ann there is a touch of elegance to the proceedings.  Her maturity and self assurance is a nice contrast to Scarlet’s youthful enthusiasm.  Julia is in charge but she doesn’t make a big deal out of it.  She’s just a woman who knows what she wants and expects to get it.  Scarlet is fine with that.  Why wouldn’t she be?  She’s having sex with one of the most beautiful women in the history of porn (and there have been a lot of beautiful women in porn).  I’ve often wondered if there is a Dorian Grey- like portrait at Julia Ann’s house.  She never seems to age (for which I am very thankful).  Obviously she’s not sitting around all day eating bon-bons and drinking two olive martinis.

Oh, there’s some light spanking here too – Julia has to punish this naughty girl a little bit, doesn’t she?  Of course she does.  But it’s all playful (this isn’t a Kink shoot after all) and erotic.  Lots of pussy licking and fingering, plenty of passion, and kissing galore.  At the end, as the play is winding down, Scarlet’s phone goes off and, guess what?  It’s Magdalene telling Scarlet “I hear you’re the best babysitter in town.”  Can you say “Sequel?”

Final Thoughts

Nothing to criticize here, which doesn’t mean it was a perfect video (never seen one and don’t figure I ever will), it just means that there wasn’t anything wrong that I noticed.

On the other hand there is MUCH to praise about Lesbian Babysitters 12, starting with the lighting, which I thought was ‘ing brilliant.  Too many directors just wash the set in light hoping to capture every detail.  There aren’t very many women (or men for that matter) who look their best in that kind of lighting.  Monet employs natural light wherever possible (at least it seemed that way to me) and it gave the scenes a level of intimacy that felt real.  Could we see every nook, cranny, mole, and hair follicle?  No, we couldn’t.  Did that matter?  Absolutely not.

Editing was excellent, framing and general videography was also top notch.  No problems with audio either. 

Don’t steal this video.  It’s worth your money.  Congratulations to Melissa Monet, her talented cast, and crew, on the creation of an outstanding adult video that is worthy of whatever praise is heaped on it.  Bravo!  I bought my copy through Magdalene’s VOD site, but it’s available for online rental and cloud ownership all over the place.  Do yourself a favor and go buy a copy right away.  Then, get your lube warmed up, your toys ready to go, a nice glass of wine (or something) nearby, and have at it.  If you don’t agree with my conclusion then you can activate my famous money back guarantee – I’ll happily refund what I charged you to read this review.

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