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Who Needs Boys: Spring Break

Title:  Who Needs Boys (Spring Break) Studio:  Forbidden Fruits Films
Director:  Jay and Jodi West
Released:  5/28/14
Performers:  Desi Dalton, Jodi West, Megan Matthews, Payton Simmons, Audrina Grace

“If it ain’t fun, don’t do it.”  I don’t recall who gave me that advice but I’ve tried to follow it as much as possible.  I think the folks at Forbidden Fruits Films are also following it.  Sex can be passionate and intense but sometimes it’s playful and fun.  That’s the case with FFF’s most recent girl-girl video, Who Needs Boys Spring Break.  It’s spring break, so why not have some fun?  There’s a nice simple plot that doesn’t call for a great deal of acting by anyone – these are girls/women having fun in Florida.  That’s it.  Oh, and they have sex.  Lots of hot, lesbian, sex that is both playful and fun while still passionate.  These ladies enjoy one another and it shows.

Scene One:  Jodi West and Audrina Grace

Audrina Grace plays Jodi’s (secret) love interest.  What a cutie!  She has a lovely, natural, rack (32DDD, according to her bio on Freeones).  Physically, she reminds me of Leah Livingston (who I really miss).  She should be cast in the next episode of Big Wet Tits post haste.  Leave it to Jodi to invoke executive privilege and claim this scene for herself.  I know I would have.  So, Jodi and Audrina have a “thing” and it needs to remain a secret.  Trouble is, Jodi has Spring Break houseguests coming:  Payton Simmons and Megan Matthews, and Jodi isn’t ready to come out to them yet.  So, Audrina and Jodi are making the bed, discover the sheets have a stain, and decide since they’re already dirty, they should just go ahead and add to the stains by having it off right then and there.  Which they do.  Oh my yes.  They do indeed.

Jodi goes after Audrina with a hunger that is palpable right through the screen.  She gobbles and strokes Audrina through a series of climaxes before the lovely young brunette turns the tables.  There’s a really cool sequence in which Audrina has two fingers in Jodi’s honey box and Jodi is plunging up and down on them cowgirl style.  It’s really intense.  I didn’t want this scene to end.  I would like to see these two ladies go at it again in another FFF feature.  I’ll be looking for more of Ms. Grace’s work  -- she’s hot, and licks pussy like she means it.

Scene 2  Desi Dalton and Payton Simmons

So, Payton and Megan arrive and Jodi explains that Audrina is the housekeeper.  OK, everybody buys that (I think Megan is suspicious).  I think Jodi West could be successful as a comedic actress – she is often really funny (intentionally) in a sort of semi-ditzy way.  As Payton and Megan are getting settled, Desi Dalton drops by (uninvited/unexpected) and Jodi introduces her.  She’s clearly on the prowl and makes Megan uncomfortable.  Audrina offers to take Payton and Megan to the beach the next day and they all turn in.  Next day Audrina makes good on her promise and they do spring break things like go to the beach and drink (including some really funny/sexy drinking games).

Eventually the trio returns to Jodi’s where they spend time in the pool.  Desi Dalton shows up with some wine and Payton gets her alone to talk about something she saw in the kitchen the night before (i.e. Jodi and Audrina making out).  Payton is interested in her friend Megan, sexually, and thinks Megan is interested in her but Payton doesn’t know how to approach the subject.  So, of course she confides in a total stranger (Desi) and asks her for advice.  She sits on the bed with her (presumably) wet bikini on and Desi suggests she take it off so she doesn’t get Jodi’s bed wet.  Payton agrees immediately. This is porn.  It doesn’t have to make sense.  What this scene lacks in logic it makes up for in heat.  Desi suggests that they try a few things to show Payton how the whole lesbian sex thing works.  Payton is cool with that, and I buy it because it doesn’t seem likely that anyone would turn down a chance to have sex with Desi Dalton, right?  The question answers itself.

Payton is a fast learner; that much is certain.  After receiving pleasure from the beautiful Desi Dalton she is more than ready to return the favor, licking the older woman’s pussy with gusto and some skill if the squeals coming from Ms. Dalton are any evidence.  There’s a nice tribbing sequence as well that produces the highest degree of heat in the scene.  Two gorgeous blonde women having sex is a sure fire winner at any time.  This isn’t a balls-to-the-wall, set-your-screen-on-fire scene but it’s very wankable.

Scene 3:  Megan Matthews/Audrina Grace

Cut to the hot tub where Megan is asking Audrina about her relationship(s).  Audrina says she has a girlfriend but it’s an open relationship.  Megan asks “how does that work?” and Audrina replies “I’ll show you” before leaning in and kissing her.  Moments later the pair is naked and on a bed making out.  No frills here.  The two women take turns eating each other’s lady parts and finish with a nice long “69” and some kissing to finish the scene.  Once again it’s not over the top hot but extremely wankable.  Considering that Megan supposedly has never been with a woman before she seems to take to it rather quickly.  The real purpose of scenes two and three, however, is to set the stage for the final scene.

Scene 4:  Megan Matthews/Payton Simmons

Megan and Payton end up in a bedroom together where they finally confess their feelings for one another.  To seal their new relationship they have sex with each other for the first time.  Since both women are now “experienced,” this takes place without the awkwardness often present in first time sex.  Of course I may be projecting here.  At any rate, before long they are in full cavort – naked and superimposed.  This scene has the passion and intensity of the opening (Jodi/Audrina) scene.  Megan and Payton play the scene with tenderness as well as intensity and we get the feeling that they really are into each other.  They aren’t fucking, they’re making love.  There’s a good variety of sexual positions and techniques including more tribbing (always a plus for me).  The scene ends with the girls hearing some giggling from somewhere else in the house and they decide to investigate.

There’s a nice concluding sequence featuring all five of the women in this video.  Audrina and Desi are on a sofa in the living room.  Audrina is giving broad hints that she wouldn’t mind doing the mattress mambo with Desi and Desi is definitely interested (Who Needs Boys Spring Break 2 perhaps?) when Megan and Payton show up and join them wearing their “we just fucked” glow, which is not lost on the other two.  This scene is gravid with the potential for a four girl orgy.

Jodi shows up and can’t figure out how come everyone isn’t out partying.  She suggests going out to dinner and then ice cream, which produces a chorus of giggles from the other four, and the movie ends on a sort of family comedy note, complete with a “wah-wah-wah” sound effect.  Fade to black, dispose of used tissues, and don’t forget to put the cap back on the lube bottle.

Final Thoughts

This movie is about fun – sexual fun.  If you’re looking for intense drama, high emotion, and sweaty sex, look elsewhere.  The scenes are simple and very direct with a minimum of preliminaries.  It’s a great wank video that won’t tax your intellect trying to figure out everyone’s emotional motivations.  The story works at the level of this-is-porn-it-doesn’t-have-to-make-sense.  We buy it because it gets us what we want, makes us smile, and sets a straight narrative course.  Video framing, lighting, and audio are all without glitches.  Nothing too artsy – again, this is basic stuff with no frills and stays focused on the things that matter.  No gyno shots which is sort of refreshing.  There’s a set up here for a sequel and I would hope that we would get to see more of Audrina and her fabulous tits.  Keep an eye on her folks – she could be a big star.

I have no trouble giving this a solid “go see this” recommendation shaded toward rent rather than buy.

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