Sunday, July 6, 2014


Title:  Allie
Studio:  Hard X (Mile High)
Director:  Mason
Release:  July 2014
Performers:  Allie Haze, James Deen, Adriana Chechik, Manuel Ferrara, Lexington Steele, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar

When Allie Haze decides to do something, she doesn’t fool around or play it safe.  She does things on her own terms and in her own time.  She’s accomplished enough in the business to have earned the right to make those decisions.  Mason’s direction and camera work plus a stellar cast of people with whom Allie has proven chemistry immediately puts this video in contention for “Best Anal” in next year’s awards competition.  Allie looks great in this video, takes on the challenges of some of porn’s best (and biggest) studs, and never flinches.

Along the way, she repeatedly swallows James Deen’s cock both before and after it takes her anal cherry, gets fucked to a frothing, babbling, mess by Manuel, takes Lexington Steele’s enormous black pipe balls deep, and gets tag teamed by Mick Blue and Ramon Nomar in a diner.  Oh, and she says “holy shit” and “oh my god” a lot.  A LOT.  She also appears to have about a million orgasms (I wasn’t counting, but there were periods when she seemed to be experiencing a continuous stream of climaxes).  She’s also not shy about helping her lovers give her pleasure, a she repeatedly takes matters into her own hands, or fingers, rubbing one (or more) out while being rectally reamed.

Allie does A2M within seconds of having a cock in her ass for the first time on camera and she does it without hesitation or reservation.  She goes all the way down on James Deen’s cock with hunger and intensity.  She takes his anal dominance and begs for more before getting a face full of Deen’s spooge.

Scene two is a three-way featuring Adriana Chechik and Manuel Ferrara along with Allie.  But Allie is the focus of Manuel’s attention.  Lovely as Adriana is, I would have loved to have seen Allie alone with Manuel – perhaps a reprise of their explosive scene in RAW 6 only this time with Manuel going back door on Allie.  Be that as it may, both women get their pussies and rectums thoroughly licked, fucked, and gaped by Manuel’s big, uncut, cock.  There’s plenty of gag inducing deep throating, spit swapping, butt licking, A2M cock sucking, gaping, in a ton of positions.  Oh, and Manuel blows a huge load on Allie’s face and hair at the end while she’s wanking herself into oblivion.

In the third scene, we get Allie with Lexington Steele, with whom she’s appeared in six other scenes, but never anal.  She admits that his huge cock challenges her pussy but she always comes back for more.  In this scene, she takes Lex’s cock balls deep within moments of first anal penetration and we’re off to the races.  She can’t believe how fast he makes her cum with his cock in her ass, if we can believe her testimony at the time.  Allie takes everything Lex has to give her and then takes his creamy load on her face.  This is an amazing scene and I really can’t say much more than that.  The sight of Lex’s cock completely disappearing in Allie’s ass is something that must be seen to be believed.  I half expected to see a cockhead shaped bulge appear in Allie’s abdomen.

Mason goes for a sort of Antonio Banderas-Desperado vibe in the closing scene, a threesome with Ramon Nomar and Mick Blue.  Now I know that some people are going to complain about the fact that she had two cocks to play with and should have done a DP.  Well, she didn’t.  On the other hand, she had two major league studs fucking her brains out for a solid 25 minutes or so, almost all of it anal.  Again, she takes everything that is dished out and seems to want more.  I expect we’ll see a DP in Allie’s future.  I’m guessing a gangbang too if that is what she decides is best for her.  She gets a pair of huge facials at the end, and THEN takes more anal pounding for her own closing climax.  Whew.  I-N-T-E-N-S-E.

As a bonus we get some interesting interview segments as Allie answers questions about her decision to do anal and other sexual topics.  It’s worth watching.

Here’s a recommendation – do NOT plan to watch this video in one sitting.  Give yourself some time with this one and enjoy each scene on its own. 

No technical flaws with framing, editing, lighting, or sound that I saw. 

I’m giving this video a very strong buy/rent recommendation.  If you are one of the legion of Allie Haze fans who has been waiting for her anal debut this video is 1) worth the wait and 2) worth your hard earned cash.  There isn’t even a hint of bait-and-switch here.  If anything, the pre-release buzz sold this one a little short, although the trailer made it pretty clear that Allie wasn’t holding anything back.

Personally I think this is Allie Haze’s best work ever.  There doesn’t seem to be an emoticon for standing ovation, alas, or I would include it here.  Now, stop reading this and go buy your copy or rent the streaming version.  Go.  Go now!

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