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Freaky MILF's

Title:  Freaky MILF’s
Studio:  Elegant Angel
Director:  MimeFreak
Released:  4/1/14
Performers:  Lexington Steele, Wesley Pipes, Rico Strong, Prince Yahshua, Nicki Hunter, Jewels Jade, Janet Mason, Veronica Avluv

I almost didn’t review this video.  There are half a dozen reviews out there on this one already and this genre isn’t my usual beat.  But since I watched it and liked it and am trying to avoid doing some work today, what the hell…here goes.

Freaky MILF’s is a four scene fuck-fest combining two porn genres:  MILF and IR.  But these aren’t just any MILF’s.  The four women here are all known for showing us how much they love their work.  None of these women are doing their first interracial scenes either.  In fact,  Janet Mason makes no secret of her preference for hung black men (was that redundant or would that be considered racial stereotyping?) as anyone who’s ever visited could tell you.  While the other three ladies have done their share of IR scenes, almost all of Janet’s boy-girl work has been with black men.  On the other hand, Janet has only a couple of back door scenes on her porn resume, while the other three ladies are well known for their anal exploits. 

The title, Freaky MILF’s, could have a number of meanings, all of which are illustrated by the video itself.  MimeFreak does a great job of directing this flick starting with casting.  Each of these ladies brings something a little different to her scene so that in spite of the fact that all four scenes follow a similar pattern there’s still plenty of variety.

But let’s get down to cases…

Scene One:  Nicki Hunter/Rico Strong

Nicki appears on screen in a two piece lingerie set and dances with a large snake.  After a bit of serpentine gyrating we cut to Nicki with Rico Strong who lets her know that he doesn’t think much of her outfit “it’s boring.”  Chastened, Nicki changes into something a lot sexier and that gets Rico’s attention.  One thing we know about Nicki is that she loves to talk during sex and few (maybe Christy Canyon) are better at it than Nicki.  Sometimes a running commentary can be off putting for me but not with Nicki.  Never.  I don’t get tired of hearing her at all.  And, like the other ladies in this video, once the action starts she is ALL IN.  If you’re performing in a scene with Nicki Hunter you’d better bring your “A” game or stay home.  She takes everything Rico has to give her and begs for more.  She attacks his cock with her mouth and throat before begging him to put it in her pussy, which he does.  That’s when this scene really steps on the gas.  If you don’t think the ladies doing porn are athletes you’re crazy.  These women all make me ashamed that I don’t spend more time in the gym.  At any rate, Nicki proceeds to take Rico’s dick in her pussy and ass in a variety of positions with lots of oral interstitials, including A2M, thrown in for good measure, before taking a huge mouthful of Rico’s sauce at the end.  Whew.  Pass the tissues and a washcloth please.  I need to clean up.

Scene Two:  Jewels Jade/Prince Yahshua

I must confess that I haven’t not seen all that many of Jewels’ titles, a defect in my porn viewing that I intend to correct from here on.  The fact that most of the porn I watch is girl-girl is no excuse because she has had plenty of girl-girl releases.  At any rate her scene with Prince is a solid 5 out of 5 on the old erect-o-meter.  Again we get a sexy dance sequence before she gets together with Prince.  The pair show off their comedy chops a bit as Jewels struts into the scene wearing an incredibly sexy dress.  Prince, who is doing arm curls, is oblivious to her presence until she puts her high heeled (and oh so sexy) foot down on his dumb bell (no, that was NOT a double entendre), which takes him completely by surprise.  Then he tells her “baby, when you come back out here, bring me some water,” and she stalks off, obviously offended. 

When she walks back into the frame, she is carrying a glass of water which she tosses on Prince before scolding him for not noticing him earlier.  This time she’s in a very sexy bra/panties/garter belt/stockings set.  She has Prince's full attention now.  Mine too, not that it had wavered earlier, just to be clear.  I’d hate to run into Jewels at some point and have her accuse me of not paying attention to her.  

Jade tells Prince to “come get this pussy” and walks out of the frame.  Prince takes her up on the offer.  Well, that’s a bit of understatement.  Jewels Jade looks like the perfect fuck doll.  She is gorgeous for a woman of any age and when you consider that she’s in her mid-40’s the wow factor goes off the scale.  And she wants Prince.  She makes no secret of that.  And why not?  This guy not only has a huge cock, but I swear his tongue is almost as long.  It’s freaky to watch him go down on a woman’s pussy or ass (or both) because that tongue is so damn long and thick.  I know guys who don’t have dicks that big.  Jewels certainly appreciates his oral ministrations.

In a rarity for boy-girl porn, Prince mounts Jewels without her sucking his cock.  He goes directly from muff munching to fucking with no reciprocating oral from Jewels.  Frankly I found that refreshing.  She sucks his cock plenty later on so it’s not like that element is missing.  But it is obvious at this point that Prince is focused on her pleasure and I like that in a scene.

Prince fucks Jewels in a few different positions and sucks on her pussy some more before she takes his cock in her mouth and goes to town on it, wrapping her big (and oh so kissable looking) lips around his meat while he gives her verbal encouragement as a preliminary to squatting on his cock, cowgirl style, and getting her pussy royally reamed by Prince’s big meat, including a sequence where he is standing and bouncing her up and down – a feat of strength and balance.

More cunnilingus/analingus is a prelude to the anal part of the scene.  Wow.  Prince can really pound it and Jewels takes every inch with enthusiasm.  She doesn’t hesitate to go A2M either gobbling Prince’s pole directly from her ass repeatedly, then having him plunge back into her rectum for more reaming.  His cock spends a LOT more time in Jewels’ ass than it does in either her pussy or mouth.  And the money shot is terrific – Prince drops a huge load right into Jewels’ waiting, wide open, mouth.  Nice creamy finish.

Scene Three:  Janet Mason/Lexington Steele

This is Janet’s 7th scene with Lex, assuming IAFD is correct (which they usually are).  They have chemistry aplenty.  Lex is smitten with Janet’s lush figure – it is obvious that Janet works hard to maintain her body because no woman her age could look this good without proper maintenance.  Not that long ago she was still in competitive figure modeling – something that requires and exercise and diet regimen that 99 per cent of us (men or women) could never endure.  At any rate I never get tired of watching Janet work going all the way back to the first web scenes that I saw of her many years ago (before she got her boob job and when she was a brunette).  We know she loves black men and the way she looks at Lex lets us know how hungry she is for his cock.

Again, the scene starts with sexy dancing, this time with a desert landscape as background, before Janet walks into Lex’s bedroom.  He’s lying under a sheet apparently trying to watch a game on television.  Janet wants some quality time, and Lex puts her off until half time.  She comes back in a very sexy little number and snaps Lex’s underwear waistband, waking him up and getting his attention. 

OK, this time Janet has no trouble capturing Lex’s full attention and we’re off.  I love Janet’s laugh.  She is playful with Lex, clearly having forgiven him for the earlier snub.  She wants to help him unwind but I think she’s making him stiffer by the second.  I know I was.   Any man would kill to have a woman look at him the way Janet looks at Lex.  Her eye contact with him during the blow job is oh-so-sexy and her obvious hunger for his tool is priceless.  Eventually Lex wants more and after fingering Janet’s pussy to a juicy stew, he has her squat on his cock, cowgirl style, which she does with relish.

I loved it when they switched to spoon – Janet has no difficulty at all taking Lex balls deep and he is really enjoying himself.  So is she.  Which is, after all, the point.  From here on the scene shifts into high gear with vigorous fucking in a variety of positions, including a couple of sequences where Janet is in a four point stance – a variation on the usual doggie style sex.  Lots more cowgirl too before Lex delivers a huge load to Janet’s waiting face and mouth.

Whew again.  This movie is seriously depleting my precious bodily fluids and I still have one scene to go.

Scene Four:  Veronica Avluv/Rico Strong/Wesley Pipes

Veronica Avluv is a freak.  I mean that in the most positive, affirming, and complimentary way.  I’ve reviewed a lot of her movies and if you’ve read the reviews you know that 1) I am a fan, and 2) if I’m ever diagnosed with a terminal disease I want to be fucked to death by Veronica and India Summer.  She has an intensity during her scenes that should frighten most men half to death.  Who can match that?  I’ve seen her overmatch some guys in scenes (I won’t name them).  She never fakes it, never phones it in, never holds anything back.  She’s a freaky milf. 

I’m glad this scene was last in the video.  I’m also glad I didn’t watch this scene right after Janet Mason’s scene – I took a day or two off to replenish.

Veronica strolls up the beach in a fetching black one piece and poses for us – sexily of course.  Do not fast forward through this.  Trust me.

Cut to a room where Rico and Wesley are waiting for Veronica and playing video games.  Wesley asks Veronica where the other controller is and sends her off to search for it.  She returns but instead of bringing a controller, she brings her über sexy self and starts playing with Wesley’s joy stick.  This leads to kissing, which is the gateway drug for sex.  Veronica grinds her pussy on Wesley’s thigh which is very sexy to watch.  Wesley is in charge, which is how Veronica likes it.  She attacks his trouser snake with hunger and nastiness, repeatedly gagging herself with her fist to produce more saliva with which to rub all over Wesley’s cock.  Just when things are getting hot, Rico comes back in and some awkwardness ensues before Wesley invites his buddy to join them.

Wesley Pipes loves to order women around when he’s having sex and Veronica eats that shit up, to coin a phrase.  She takes turns stroking and sucking the two men, verbally encouraged by Wesley.  She manages to take nearly all of Rico’s sausage down her throat before getting mouth fucked by Pipes, then Rico, then Pipes, in an amazing display of oral prestidigitation.  Then she tries taking both cocks in her mouth.  She gets points for trying, but no human mouth could take that much meat at one time.

Then it’s Rico on his back and Wesley setting up to go doggie style on Veronica’s pussy.  She has this trick she does where she sort of pops her pussy and asshole in and out that reminds me of a mare in heat.  It’s just freaky sexy.  Wesley is impressed.  He spears her pussy and she’s a spit roast with Rico’s cock occupying her mouth and Wesley her pussy.  Keep in mind that we’re only 13 minutes into the scene.  Sheesh.  I don’t know how much of this I can take.

Veronica goes crazy riding Rico’s cock reverse cowgirl with Pipes encouraging her and slapping her thighs.  “She need a good pounding,” he says, repeatedly, to which she replies, “Yes sir.”  And so they proceed to give her one.   I lost count of the number of times Avluv squirted in this scene.  She has this sort of trill that she does when she’s cumming (anyone who’s watched Kink’s “fucking machines” has heard it in the intro to those scenes – I’m sure it’s her) that is so damn sexy it’s hard to even describe adequately.  Well, she does this constantly here as Wesley and Rico keep her constantly orgasmic for the remainder of the scene.  It’s easy to see where the term “cum drunk” originated.  Wow.  She had to have been on an orgasmic high for days after this scene.

The boys tag team her pussy to a red, raw, mess before switching to her ass (Pipes goes first)  in preparation for the fore/aft reaming she’s about to get.  It’s DP city and Veronica goes crazy with about two feet of black pipe plowing her furrows. 

At one point she is cowgirl on Rico and Wesley gives her a rectal ramming that has to be seen to be believed.    All good scenes must end, of course, and Veronica eventually takes two large mouthfuls of spooge as a reward for a job well done.  Speaking of done, so was I – done in that is. 

Final Thoughts

This is not the usual fare I review, nor is it my style to go into as much detail about the sex.  I’m usually about the story and the relationships.  OK, so sue me.  This video rocked my f’ing world.  Every scene was excellent.  Veronica Avluv’s was totally out of this world freaky.  All four of these ladies gave 110 per cent and the men were up for it.

Good job on direction from MimeFreak, excellent camera work, lighting, editing, and sound.  If you haven’t seen this video yet, be sure to add it to your queue.  You will not be sorry.

This review comes with my famous money back guarantee.  If you don’t like the movie you can try to get your money back.  Caveat emptor.

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