Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scene Review: Magdalene St Michaels and Giovanni Francesco from Mother Exchange 2

NOTE:  I don't usually release reviews of just one scene in a movie, but I'm making an exception here because of the anticipation which this scene has created among Magdalene's fans.

Title:  Mother Exchange 2
Studio:  Sweet Sinner (Mile High Media)
Director:  James Avalon
Scene:  Magdalene St Michaels and Giovanni Francesco

No time for a full video review on this stellar title (at the moment anyway), but I had to write up this scene just because it’s one of the most intensely romantic/erotic boy-girl sex scenes I’ve seen in some time.

Remember last year when Magdalene St Michaels (with her legion of loyal fans) won the #MileHighMadness contest?  Yes, I thought you would.  Well, her reward was to shoot a scene with Giovanni Francesco (who, if his hair were longer, would look great on the cover of a bodice ripper novel).  It took a while, but the scene is now available as part of Mother Exchange 2 written and directed by James Avalon.

I have not watched the rest of this video – having waited for this scene with much impatience and a googleplex of anticipation (like all of Magdalene’s fans, and to tell the truth, Magdalene herself) – I have only watched this scene.  I can tell you this for a fact:  this scene is worth the purchase of the movie all on its own.  If the other scenes are this good, you will be convinced that you didn’t pay enough for the privilege of watching.

Magdalene and Giovanni come as close to “making love” as it is possible to achieve in a pornographic video.  He treats her body with a reverence seldom seen in porn.  Magdalene is not a conquest to be achieved or even a goddess to be worshiped (although she would certainly be worthy of such, according to
some of her most ardent fans), but as a woman to be made love to.  For her part, Magdalene responds with a performance that is at once passionate, nuanced, and personal.  Everything Giovanni does brings her pleasure and she returns it in full measure.

Even when the sex is at its most forceful you never get the sense that either is trying to dominate the other or
take control.  Their focus on each other is consistent and absolute throughout the scene.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Magdalene respond to another man the way she responds to Giovanni.  For his part, and this is the first time I’ve seen him on video, Giovanni seems to feed on her responses creating a sort of passion-feedback-loop that adds intensity to the scene.

Avalon’s camera work is, as usual, superb.  The muted lighting and lush appointments of the set combine to
reinforce the romantic nature of the encounter.  His framing and editing are superb, which is to say you don’t notice them at all.  Everything he does with this material serves to bring forward the romantic/erotic aspects of the scene, revealing the incredible chemistry between his two subjects.

As difficult as this must be on a porn set, both Magdalene and Giovanni are quite effective in creating the illusion that they are the only two people in the room.  Indeed, for them, during this lovemaking session, there isn’t anyone else in the universe – or at least that’s the impression you get from watching.

The anticipation Magdalene’s fans have experienced
waiting for this scene to be released is more than justified as well as being fully rewarded.  Bravo James Avalon.  Bravo Magdalene St. Michaels.  Bravo Giovanni Francesco.  Bravo Sweet Sinner/Mile High.  Well done all around.

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