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Mother Superior 3

Title:  Mother Superior 3 Studio:  Girl Candy (AEBN)
Writer/Director:  Nica Noelle
Released:  May  2014
Performers:  Magdalene St Michaels, Nikita Denise, Laura Brookes, Veronica Snow, Odette Delacroix, Ian Whitcomb (non-sex as “Father Thomas”)

Writer Director Nica Noelle tempts fate and risks not only the eternal fires of Hell, but perhaps a few lightning bolts here on earth with the third volume of Mother Superior, another deliciously sacrilegious lesbian feature for Girl Candy Films.  Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and wankers, Nica has another hit on her hands.

Magdalene St Michaels returns (triumphantly) to the Mother Superior series as the head of a group of very randy nuns in and I’m glad.  It’s a role she was born to play.  Watch this movie and tell me I’m wrong.  Rebecca Bardoux stepped in to play the lead in Mother Superior 2, and did a bang up job coming in at the last minute when Magdalene was unable to perform and had to bow out.  But I was really happy to see Magdalene back in her habit for Mother Superior 3.  In my view her best roles have always been predators. 

Nica Noelle made two other genius cast selections, bringing in Nikita Denise to play the part of a very troubled member of Magdalene’s order.  Magdalene and Nikita go predator on predator colliding head on in a climactic scene that closes the movie with a great big exclamation point.  It’s “Clash of the Titans” lesbian style.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Young Laura Brookes, someone Nica has cast before (Come Inside Me – Hard Candy Films 2013), is note perfect as a naïve young sister in Magdalene’s convent.  She’s in two scenes and never breaks character even in the throes of passion.  She does an awesome job of playing a young woman who is shy, confused, conflicted, and incredibly guilt ridden as she becomes the sex toy of both Nikita Denise and Magdalene St Michaels.  Lucky us – we get to watch.

Veronica Snow and Odette Delacroix add a deliciously decadent scene to complete the four scene symmetry of the modern porn movie, but they don’t really come into the story at all in this volume.  Veronica was in Mother Superior 2.

Ian Whitcomb, as Father Thomas opens the movie by telling Mother Magdalene that she’s about to take on yet another troubled nun, and Magdalene is not happy about it.  This is a set up well worth the time it takes to watch it because it sets up everything that happens afterwards, not to mention the fact that it is a pleasure to watch Magdalene, the trained actress ply her trade.  Whitcomb’s Father Thomas is completely believable in this well written scene.

Still, you won’t see this film at Cannes or Toronto.  It’s porn and that means we get to see naked folks cavorting, consorting, and coupling.  And it starts when Laura Brookes shows the new nun, Sister Melina played by Nikita Denise, to her room.  Laura is the soul of hospitality and friendship.  She’s also clueless, helpless, and hopelessly naïve.  Watching these two together made me think of a lamb being tossed into a lion cage at the zoo – only one outcome is possible, i.e., the lamb becomes lunch.

Laura comes back to check on Melina later and finds the new nun in need of some comfort.  She’s also naked under the blankets, which will shortly become obvious.  Sister Melina asks Laura to sit with her a while.  The seduction begins immediately.  Laura makes a few halfhearted attempts to stop things, but she is conflicted.  She knows she shouldn’t like the things Sister Melina is doing to her, but she does.  Brookes is frightened, confused, and aroused.  As the Borg say, “resistance is futile,” and so the young nun is corrupted by the wicked older nun.  She’ll feel very guilty afterwards, but, for now, in spite of her shame, she enjoys herself.

Here’s a case where patience, in a director, is a virtue.  She allows Nikita Denise to work at her own pace in the seduction, not rushing things, letting the scene develop the way it wants to.  The eroticism is as thick as treacle and the slow build up has a big payoff at the finish.  Nikita consumes Laura with relish, overpowering the smaller, less experienced woman and giving her the first sexual pleasure she has ever known.  Both women stay in character throughout the scene.

Veronica Snow and Odette Delacroix share the next scene as a pair of nuns who figure out that all of that stuff about sins of the flesh is a bunch of hooey and decide to continue their sinful explorations.  This scene doesn’t advance the plot except to provide time and space for Laura to conclude that her tryst with Sister Melina was horribly sinful and wrong.  Meanwhile back in Veronica’s room, it’s off with the habits and on with the sex.  This scene is about sex as a fun form of recreation with no (or very few) psychosexual overtones.  It almost seems out of place with the rest of the movie for that very reason.  Subtract the habits and the religious icons from the room and this scene could have been dropped into almost any Nica Noelle lesbian production.  It is, however, fun to watch and eminently wankable.  Plenty of feminine pulchritude on display, good chemistry, and hot sex add up to a very satisfying scene for the viewers. 

Meanwhile, poor Laura has some serious cognitive dissonance.  She knows she’s done wrong (VERY wrong), doesn’t completely understand what’s happening to her, and decides to take her problem to the Lord in prayer.  This is where Mother Magdalene finds her.  It’s supper time at the convent and Laura is not at her place.  Magdalene wants to know what’s wrong and finally gets young Laura to confess.  Laura thinks she’s getting her problem solved, but what’s really happening is that she’s about to become a pawn in the struggle between Magdalene and Sister Melina.

In order to absolve Laura, Magdalene says, she must first purge these feelings from her by more or less duplicating what happened with Sister Melina.  This is a great example of someone using power difference to her advantage.  Laura trusts Mother Magdalene and doesn’t question her even as Magdalene is stripping her, kissing her, and fondling her.  Again, neither woman breaks character here, and Magdalene’s lines in this scene are brilliantly conceived and delivered.  It’s like she’s performing a sexual exorcism by making love to young Miss Brookes.  Again the combination of the obvious religious symbolism, the psychosexual manipulation, and Mother Magdalene’s overwhelming lust for young flesh produces a powerful brew for viewers.  The scene ends with Magdalene ordering Laura to dress and keep her mouth shut.

Having dealt with Laura then, it remains for Magdalene to confront Sister Melina.  Has Mother Magdalene met her match?  Yes, it appears so.  Melina walks into Mother Magdalene’s office unannounced, with no appointment, and takes over.  Magdalene puts up a good front, but Sister Melina knows her prey.  Nikita Denise absolutely oozes evil.  Every bit of body language, tone of voice, and the words she speaks demonstrates clearly which team she’s playing for.  She tops Magdalene here and we have not seen that happen very often.  Sister Melina takes Mother Magdalene like Grant took Richmond and the battle is spectacular, if a bit one sided.  The outcome is never in doubt, the sex is über passionate and intense, and this scene puts a fitting exclamation mark on the story.

In conclusion this is a terrific feature.  Magdalene is in top form, as always, and Nikita Denise is deliciously, demonically, wild with a streak of cruelty thrown in for good measure.  She is a force of nature and not to be trifled with.  Their scene is one I will gladly watch again and again.

So, bravo to director, cast, and crew.  Well done all around.  I have no hesitation at all in recommending this video for purchase/rental.  You’ll need to go to confession afterwards, if you’re Catholic.  If not, well, just hope you get a seat somewhere not to close to the fire when you shuffle off this mortal coil.

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