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Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls 4

Title:  Lesbian Adventures Older Women Younger Girls Vol 4
Studio:  Sweetheart Video (Mile High Media) 
Released:  February 19, 2014
Director:  Dana Vespoli
Performers:  Dana Vespoli, India Summer, Casey Calvert, Julia Ann, Tanya Tate, Ela Darling, Sovereign Syre, Raven Rockette

Wow.  That could be a one word review for the latest installment of Lesbian Adventures:  Older Women Younger Girls from Sweetheart Video and Writer/Director Dana Vespoli.  Wow pretty much sums it up.  Since this is my blog and no one is forcing you to read this, I’m going to gush.  Dana Vespoli is an auteur of the first rank.  In fact, at this point she one of my two favorite directors.  I wonder if she ever takes a day off.  She always seems to have a half a dozen titles out every time I look.  Few have her versatility or her range either as performer or writer/director.  She is just as at home with hard core as she is with lipstick lesbian.  If she gets much better I’m going to have to develop a whole new vocabulary just to talk about her work.  OK, that’s enough gushing for now, except to say that I would like to meet Dana some day, shake her hand, and say “thank you” for the many hours I’ve spent watching her work on the screen.  And, wanking, of course, but I’d probably leave that out if I did meet her.

Now where was I?  Wow.  Yes, that’s it.  When you have a cast like this it is really hard to miss and when you take a cast like this, add the wonderful videography of James Avalon and Alex Ladd, and the story telling/direction of Dana Vespoli and you have something with “HIT” written all over it. 

First up we have India Summer and Casey Calvert.  Summer is an author and Dana Vespoli is, apparently, her publicist/factotum.  Casey Calvert is someone who delivers sandwiches to India’s house and who very obviously worships India.  Who can blame her?  There’s a lot about India to worship.  I don’t like to watch India Summer every day -- just the ones that end in “y.”  And Casey Calvert is a delicious little morsel for India to feast on.  And feast she does.   This scene had me at the éclair – you’ll have to watch to see what I mean.  The lovemaking here is sensual and graceful with beauty at the forefront.  But there’s no lack of intensity here either.  For all these ladies know the cameras and crew might not even be there.  That’s a real gift.  Go buy this video and see what I mean.  I’m not giving the blow by blow here – you’ll have to take my word for it that this is a hot scene and we’re just getting started.

Next up is Sovereign Syre with Riley Reid.  Sovereign is Riley’s pimp, and Riley is about to go on her first assignment as a call girl.  An added layer here is that both are coming out of rehab, apparently.  Anyway, The set up is well played and the chemistry between the two is firmly established before the first kiss.  Sovereign smolders and Riley captivates.  A special moment for me was when Sovereign is munching Riley’s carpet (and is IS a carpet – no bare linoleum here) and humping the bed.  Watching Syre’s panty clad bottom grind while Riley enjoys the oral attention she is receiving should get your juices flowing for sure.  Another plus for this scene is the contrast in body types.  Next to the pixie like Reid, Syre is an Amazon, albeit the beautiful type who you wouldn’t mind being captured by after being washed ashore on some mystical island ruled by women – oh, wait, sorry for interrupting the review with my fantasies.  But the body contrast serves the scene well and the videography captures it for us in loving detail.  Great chemistry, great intensity, plenty of authenticity, and it all adds up to a great scene.  Whew.  We’re half way through.  Hope I have enough oxygen to get through the rest of this video.

And now we come to the penultimate scene and this time its old school glamour vs 21st Century punk:  Julia Ann, the epitome of glamour in the best sense of the word and Raven Rockette -- all punk and attitude with a dollop of ennui thrown in for good measure.  So do you think sparks might fly here?  Of course you think so, because you’re not stupid.  You are reading this blog, after all, and only intelligent people read this blog.  Yeah, well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  At the end of each of the first two scenes I kept saying to myself, OK, how will they top this?  Turns out that was the wrong question.  The right question would have been how will they sustain this? 

So, Julia and Raven.  Julia is an Ivy League recruiter and Raven is a young woman with amazing test scores and a band she thinks is about to make it.  Whatever you do, do NOT fast forward through this set up.  It’s an entertaining bit and very well played by both Julia and Raven.  In the end, it’s Raven who makes the first move and Juila who succumbs to the younger girl’s charms.  Julia plays Raven like Jerry Garcia played the guitar, but Raven plays right back and gives as good as she gets.  Julia Ann devours Raven’s muff like someone coming off a five day fast, and Raven loves it.  There’s a terrific tribbing sequence that typifies the entire encounter:  Joyous.  If you want to watch two women just sharing the joy of lesbian love making this is the scene for you.  And it was a joy to watch, of course. 

So, now we’re down to the last scene.  Tanya Tate, who first appears here in a stunning blue dress that matches her luggage(!) is a writer going through a patch of writer’s block and her agent (I think it was her agent – might have been publicist, but who cares?) has loaned her his country house, which she has all to herself, until her agent’s daughter, played by Ela Darling, shows up for a week’s visit and disturbs Tanya’s mental state by having loud sex and parading around in the nude.  Tate delivers a great narration here and while Darling has no lines she plays her part extremely well.  Tanya says to herself, I just have to get through the week.  Darling has something else in mind and maybe, just maybe, she’ll be the inspiration Tanya needs.  Darling emerges from the pool one day and comes over to where Tate is laying on a chaise reading a magazine.  With no preamble, the young Ela leans over and plants one right on Tate’s kisser.  Next thing you know they’re in bed, naked, horizontal, and superimposed.  Oh this is going to be YUMMY!  I love Tanya Tate (not in a creepy internet stalker sort of way, just in case you were wondering).  She’s drop dead gorgeous and if she has any physical flaws I haven’t noticed.  And then there’s that whole Liverpool brogue or burr, or whatever you call it.  She’s a scouser.  I’ve been tempted to purchase a few minutes on the phone with her; I think I’ll add it to my bucket list.  And in the other corner, we have Ela Darling who oozes sensuality with every move she makes.  Her beauty is unconventional, much like Sovereign Syre, and when she is having sex she’s all in.  She is well matched with Tanya Tate and the sex we get to watch is a fitting conclusion to this four vignette homage to lipstick lesbian loving.

Everything about this movie is top shelf.  The writing, the lighting, the pictures, the sound, the editing, the performances – it’s all good.  This is another winner for Dana Vespoli; of that I am certain.  Bravo Dana, and thank you.  Now close this webpage and go get your credit card – you need to buy this video STAT!

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