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Mother Lovers Society 10

Title:  Mother Lovers Society 10 Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Director/Writer:  Dana Vespoli
Released:  2/5/14
Performers:  Riley Reid, Keira Kelly, Magdalene St Michaels, Eva Karera, Claire Robbins, India Summer, Kimber Day, Dana Vespoli

The older/younger lesbian genre has many entries – a testament to the lust such fantasies inspire among porn viewers.  Mother Lovers Society 10 is the most recent example.  In this episode, writer/director Dana Vespoli, who has repeatedly proven herself a worthy successor to Nica Noelle at Sweetheart Video, continues the MLS tradition of exploring lusty and inappropriate liaisons featuring younger women seducing their elders.

In this volume we get not one but two stories.  They’re sort of related, but not really.  You’ll have to watch and see for yourself what I mean.

In story #1, Riley Reid has a problem – Dana Vespoli is about to become her step mother.  Riley doesn’t want Dana to marry her father and has a plan to prevent the wedding from happening.  It involves blackmail of the sexual kind.   She hatches a plan with Kimber Day to set up Dana.  Kimber’s job is to distract Dana’s alleged lesbian squeeze Eva Karera long enough for Riley to seduce Dana and video tape the assignation to use as blackmail.  With me so far?  But wait, there’s more.

Story #2 begins with Riley telling Kimber something she heard about a mutual acquaintance.  It seems that Keira Kelly was having trouble with one of her teachers, Magdalene St Michaels.  So Keira went over to visit her professor with a plan to secure the “A” she coveted.  Magdalene turns out to be putty in Keira’s hands, falling for the thinnest ruse in porn history, but that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that Magdalene and Keira have sex.  OK, that was an example of gross understatement.  It would be like calling the sinking of the Titanic a minor maritime incident.  Holy cow.  Long time readers of this blog will know that I am a huge fan of Magdalene St Michaels and always have been since I first saw her a number of years ago.  Watching her have sex, especially with women, is a near religious experience.  Keira Kelly is a delectable little morsel of feminine pulchritude and Magdalene just eats her up.  Sometimes it’s the small details that make a difference.  For me it was noticing that after the first kiss, Magdalene’s lipstick was smeared all over Keira’s mouth.  Neither did anything to wipe it away, although it eventually gets rubbed off when Keira is gnoshing on Magdalene’s lady parts.  Tribbing fetishists will enjoy both the panty-to-panty and pussy-to-pussy sequences.  Magdalene’s fans are also aware that she has a real “thing” for breast play, especially of the nipple-on-clit variety, so there’s plenty of that as well.  The kicker comes at the end when Magdalene and Keira are enjoying some post coital canoodling and in walks young Claire Robbins who is so traumatized by seeing these two naked and superimposed that she seeks therapy from India Summer. 

Frankly, I’d love some therapy from India Summer.  Who wouldn’t?  Claire is a lucky girl, that’s for sure.  So there she is on India’s couch pouring her heart out.  She describes St Michaels as “my mentor; my hero,” and she can’t get the image of her hero having sex with a student out of her mind.  “Aha!” you say, “she has the hots for her mentor!”  And that is exactly the conclusion therapist Dr. Summer jumps to, and, like you, she’s wrong.  Turns out Claire’s lust is focused on India, whom she proceeds to seduce with amazing speed.  And there’s the difference between India Summer being Claire’s therapist and being mine.  If I had confessed my lust for India on that couch she probably would have just kicked me in the wedding tackle, handed me a bill, and told me to get the fuck out.  But perhaps I’m projecting.  At any rate, she does none of those things to Claire and that turns out well for us because the ensuing tryst is well worth watching.  Lots of hungry kissing and pussy eating here, plus, a TON of finger banging in a variety of positions.  There’s great chemistry here, a nice contrast in physical type, and the sex is spontaneous and creative.

So, after this two scene diversion from the main plot of MLS10, we cut back to Riley Reid’s bedroom where she is enlisting Kimber Day in her effort to scotch the wedding between Riley’s father and Dana Vespoli.  Kimber, who thinks Eva Karera is a hottie, agrees to try distracting Dana’s friend while Riley does her thing with Dana.  If you bet on this plan actually succeeding you probably also put money on the Denver Broncos in this year’s Super Bowl.  The good news is that this set up eventually results in the two final scenes in this outstanding effort and by “good news” I really mean “great news.”

One of the things I love about Dana Vespoli’s work is that she is not afraid to inject a little humor into her creations.  The Kimber/Eva seduction is arguably one of the most painfully funny you will ever see outside of a parody.  Eva’s reaction to Kimber’s “come here often” line is absolutely ROFLMAO inducing.  Kimber plays the lame assed seduction sequence with perfect awkwardness.  She knows she’s floundering but has no choice to go forward.  It’s cringe-worthy and hilarious at the same time.  We’re not supposed to buy it.  We’re in on the gag.  I’m not sure if this was supposed to be a send up of every lame-assed porn seduction scenario we’ve ever seen, but even if it wasn’t it serves the purpose well.  Within seconds after getting inside Eva’s breasts are on display and it doesn’t take long after that for Kimber and Eva to get naked. 

Eva Karera has an AMAZING body.  I could write odes to her nipples (don’t worry, I don’t feel any poetry coming on) alone.  And that’s just the start.  She is the very image of mature womanhood which serves as a wonderful contrast to Kimber’s lithe and coltish physique with her pert breasts and compact bottom.  Watching this I feel like a glutton at the world’s largest all-you-can-eat-buffet.  I also wonder why I don’t own a copy of every single one of Eva’s performances.  And then I wonder the same thing about Kimber Day.  Yikes.  Lots more porn to buy.  At any rate, this scene offers something for almost everyone.  The sex is REALLY hot, very spontaneous, creative, athletic, and well shot.  If you have a mental list of all of the toyless lesbian sex acts involving no more than two people, you’ll probably see them all here.  Wow.  The action was almost dizzying at times.  Did someone have a wager on how many positions two women could get into in 20 minutes?  This scene serves as an interesting contrast to the previous two, particularly the opening scene, which had a much slower pace and romantic feel.  Kimber and Eva are sport fucking and it looks fun.  No psychological subtext here.  These two just get it the fuck ON.  I loved it.

So, back to the reason Riley aimed Kimber at Eva in the first place. 

I suppose it’s the Director’s prerogative to put herself in the video’s final scene.  Well, bravo Dana Vespoli.  Nicely played.  Good choice.  Riley Reid is also a good choice as Dana’s antagonist.  Riley plays the scheming bitch to perfection.  Her plan, of course, is to capture Dana seducing her on video – a video she will then play for daddy, thus killing the wedding plans.  But she’s no match for Vespoli who doesn’t hesitate to sample the goodies before springing the surprise that Riley has forgotten to turn on the camera.    End of blackmail threat.  OK, so that’s the plot spoiled for you.  Sorry.  But let’s forget about the plot and talk about the sex.  Dana tells Riley “I’ll fuck you just because you’re annoying,” and then delivers.

To borrow a phrase from George Takei, “Ohhhhhh, myyyyyy.”  This scene is hot, nasty, messy, wet, dirty lesbian sex.  It’s the kind of sex at which Vespoli the performer excels and which Riley Reid is also known for, her cutie-pie good looks forming a perfect disguise for hot crotched whore underneath (and I mean that in the most affirming way).  I guarantee that after watching these two go at it you WILL need serious hydration.  You might want a flask of Gatorade handy.  I downed two bottles of water afterwards and then took a shower.

Vespoli sees through Reid right off the bat and decides, apparently, that if she wants to find out about lesbian sex, well, she’ll get what she asked for and then some.  Riley takes to this like a duck to water and the results produce enough heat to if not melt, at least singe your monitor. 

I don’t want to give the impression that this is a one sided affair.  No way.  Reid gives as good as she gets and fucks Dana right back.  If the Kimber/Eva pairing was sport fucking, I’d have to call this gladiator fucking.  This is fucking as a form of warfare, a sort of “top this bitch!” competition which these two performers take on with gusto.  I’m not even going to try to describe all the shit they get up to – trust me, this scene alone is worth the price of the video.  I’m not going to go all cliché and describe it as “epic” or any of that shit.  It’s just great.  Period.

Bottom line here is that Mother Lovers Society 10 deserves to be a HUGE hit in the lesbian porn genre.  No toys, but they’re completely unnecessary here.  Everything about this video is first rate including lighting, camera work, editing, sets, makeup – everything.  Dana Vespoli continues to turn out top notch video after top notch video regardless of genre.  For my money she is one of the top two or three directors working in porn today and her work deserves much wider recognition than it gets.  Bravo Dana Vespoli, bravo.

Now, what are you waiting for?  Go buy your copy.  Go!  GO NOW!

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  1. mY fAV Magdalene St Michaels Scene in this Movie I love Magdalene.


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