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Lesbian Babysitters 10

Title:  Lesbian Babysitters 10
Studio:  Sweetheart Video (Mile High) Director:  Dana Vespoli
Released: December 4, 2013
Performers:  Presley Hart, Bailey Blue, Veronica Avluv, India Summer

We’re up to volume 10 in this Sweetheart Video series.  The first six were Nica Noelle creations, volume 7 went to James Avalon, and since then Dana Vespoli has taken the helm.  One of the most common themes in the lesbian genre is age difference.  In this case, we have a pair of cougars and a pair of, shall we say, kittens.  I want to be really honest here and say that my interest in this video initially centered on the Veronica/India pairing.  I don’t mean to slight Presley Hart or Bailey Blue by any means.  It’s just that I have this “thing,” for India and Veronica.  I once wrote (in my review for Lesbian Sex 4) that if I was ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, my desire would be to have these two ladies fuck me to death.  Veronica’s late husband, Hans, got a chuckle out of that.  It’s still true.  I mean, if you gotta go, what a way out, eh?  That said, after watching Presley Hart and Bailey Blue, I might have to put them on back up if India and Veronica are too busy to kill me.  Now, where was I?

The context for this edition of Lesbian Babysitters can be summed thusly:  India Summer and Veronica Avluv are a Hollywood power couple.  Summer is a lawyer and Avluv a movie star.  They have a child together.  Presley Hart wants to be their nanny.  Bailey Blue is Presley’s roommate/lover.  Not hard to see the possibilities here, right?  But there’s more here than just this simple idea.  Vespoli has crafted a nicely plotted soap opera with plenty of twists and turns, nice dialog (well delivered), characters with a little depth, deftly shot and directed.  This is a high quality production from start to finish.

Eye candy.  It’s everywhere you look in this video.  Right off the bat we get a terrific opening scene featuring roommates Presley Hart and Bailey Blue.  Bailey has just come in after partying with frat boys and she flops on the bed, seemingly exhausted from her night of drunken debauchery.  Presley is getting ready for an interview – she’s applied to be a nanny to Avluv/Summer’s baby.  But, she has time for a quicky with Bailey, and the two women are very quickly naked and hard at it.  It’s a fast, intense, passionate bout and then Ms. Hart has to go.  I’d like to see these two in a more extended scene some time.  Great chemistry.  Treat this as the appetizer to a multi-course meal.  It’s delicious, and the good news is it’s just the first course.

Next, we get the pairing that sold me the movie to begin with and it was WELL worth the money.  India Summer and Veronica Avluv completely blew me away in Lesbian Sex 4 and they do not disappoint here.  It’s hard to imagine anyone NOT having good chemistry with either of these ladies, but I suppose we have to allow for the possibility, along the lines of if-you-put-enough-monkeys-in-front-of-enough-typewriters-they’ll-eventually-write-Shakespeare, but it seems unlikely.  The chemistry they have with each other is explosive.  What they present to us here is HUNGER.  They want to devour each other, and they do.  Plenty of authentic passion, fireworks, and orgasms as these two super stars ride the pleasure wave.  Make sure you keep yourself hydrated during this scene.  A towel might also be useful.

Now, if this was a movie about a completely monogamous couple it would end here.  But it’s porn and we need four scenes, so of course they’re not going to be faithful.  Veronica is shown straying first, having a romp with Presley’s roommie, Bailey, who just happens to be a big fan (who can blame her?).  And, it is a romp.  This is two women having about as much fun with each other as it is possible for two women to have; or two humans of any gender for that matter.  Nice tribbing sequences here, which is always a plus for me.  This is not in any way romantic or soft.  This is hard core lesbian sex, albeit of the toyless variety, and it is all about lust.  Fine with me.  Bailey/Avluv are well matched.  They’re both totally wild as performers and what a joy it is to see them going wild together.  It’s a terrific scene.

And, now, we come to the final pairing, India Summer with Presley Hart.  This lust bout offers a nice contrast to the sturm und drang of the previous scene.  Even the lighting suggests a more languorous vibe.  The setting is a bed rather than a sofa which gives it a little less al fresco feeling.  The whole thing is very passionate but with a softer edge.  It’s like a really great dessert wine after a full meal – it tops things off nicely and leaves you feeling very satisfied.  What we have here is two beautiful women making love for the first time, and as far as I know it IS the first time for these two ladies to be together, sexually.  The Internet Adult Film Database lists this video as the only sex scene pairing for them. 

I am giving this video my most enthusiastic BUY recommendation.  You will want to watch this one more than once.  I can’t find a single thing to criticize.  Every scene works, the videography, editing, lighting, and sound are all first rate.  The ladies, of course, are spectacular.  Dana Vespoli goes from strength to strength as a director of the finest adult fare and this video is just one more example.  Bravo to all concerned.

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