Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lesbian Stepmother

Title:  Lesbian Stepmother
Studio:  Girl Candy Films (AEBN)
Writer/Director:  Nica Noelle
Genre:  Lesbian
Release Date: 10/8/13
Performers:  Rebecca Bardoux, Lara Brookes, Mia Gold, Ela Darling

I’ve watched Nica Noelle’s movies for years and I still don’t understand how she manages to squeeze so much well-crafted plot into four scene adult features.  Why should I care?  Good question.  I guess I’m just a curious guy and I like to know how things work.  The simple answer, of course, is that Nica Noelle is just damn good at what she does.  I’m OK with that.

Lesbian Stepmother has a lot to recommend it.  As usual, Nica has chosen her cast well.  Rebecca Bardoux is a pleasure to watch under any circumstances but in this feature Nica has given her a part that she can really sink her teeth into and she makes the most of it.  Plus, we get to see her in three of the four sex scenes, which is a big bonus.

Lara Brookes is a sweet morsel who has appeared in other Nica Noelle works, most memorably, in my opinion, in Cum Inside Me, in a delightful scene with James Deen.  Here, she is featured in two scenes including one with Bardoux and one with the delightfully sexy Mia Gold, who we also see with Rebecca Bardoux. 

As a bonus we get Ela Darling who I had believed to be out of the adult video business altogether, but I was happily surprised to be in error on that point.  She has a wonderful scene with Bardoux. 

Nica Noelle’s eye for detail includes sound as well and I found the sound track for this video of some interest.  It isn’t often that I note the music used in porn videos (no pun intended) but when I watched this video for the second time, my brain actually got enough blood for rational thought and I noticed some things about this one that I had missed during my lube and tissue filled first viewing.

Yes, I wank to porn.  Don’t you?  Otherwise, why are you reading this?  Do you read Playboy for the articles?  Sure.  Right.  Now, where was I?

Bardoux is both lesbian and stepmother in this one, hence the title.  Her stepdaughter is played by Lara Brookes, and her former stepdaughter is played by Mia Gold.  Ela Darling is employed as a cleaning lady for Bardoux’s husband/Lara’s father.  With me so far?

We open with Bardoux kissing her current mate goodbye as he’s out the door on a business trip, leaving Bardoux alone with her stepdaughter, Lara.  Bardoux reveals something of her character when she snoops in Lara’s room and reads her diary.  In it she confirms her suspicions that Lara doesn’t like her one bit and blames her for the breakup of her birth-mother’s marriage. 

Meanwhile, Mia Gold sees a notice of Bardoux’s coming nuptials in the paper.  In a flashback sequence we learn that this isn’t the first time that Bardoux has been a step mom.  And we also learn that Bardoux is a lesbian with a taste for young flesh.  We also learn that Mia Gold doesn’t mind playing with girls either.  The bottom line here is that Mia decides to warn Lara about Bardoux, which leads to an interesting plot twist a bit later.  The sex between Rebecca Bardoux and Mia Gold is hot.  There’s real chemistry here and Bardoux’s hunger for Gold rings with authenticity.  Mia Gold likes to fuck – something that shows up every time she’s on the screen – and she has a great time with Bardoux.

Meanwhile, Bardoux seduces Ela Darling, who is cleaning the house, giving us our second of three Rebecca Bardoux scenes (hooray!).  How does seducing the cleaning lady advance the plot, you ask?  Duh…it further reveals Bardoux’s predatory nature and predilection for younger women, silly.  Plus it gives us a look at Ela Darling who is always good to look at, especially naked.  Once again the sex is delightfully sensual and the scene develops naturally with no rushing or awkwardness.  We don’t get the sense that there is anyone other than these two in the room.

Now we come to the twist in the plot.  I’m not going to spoil it for you.  Lara and Rebecca make love and its fantastic.  The forbidden fruit element adds to the deliciousness of the scene and the contrasting physicality of the pair adds to its aesthetics.  There’s good energy and good chemistry, or so we think, but now I’m getting close to spoiler territory.  It’s a great sex scene and one that bears repeated viewing (as do the other three scenes, by the way – this DVD should definitely be added to your collection).

Lastly, we get Mia Gold and Lara Brookes together for a rousing finale.  Youthful vigor wins the day here as Mia and Lara explore each other with abandon.  It’s a great closing scene and wraps things up nicely.  We’re left with just enough questions so that if Nica decides to write a sequel she’ll have a place to start.

This movie is very well shot, lit, and edited.  Nica Noelle goes from strength to strength.  Her style of putting people together who have some chemistry and then asking them to simply make love is a proven winner with this just being one recent example.  In addition we get an interesting story with real characters delivering believable dialog in character

I have no difficulty whatever in giving this video a strong “buy” recommendation for anyone who is a fan of Nica’s past work, the lipstick lesbian genre in general, fans of any of the participants, or anyone who just likes to watch well-made adult fare.

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