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C yoU Next Tuesday

Title:  C You Next Tuesday
Studio:  Forbidden Fruits Films Director:  Jay West
Release Date:  10/16/13
Performers:  Jodi West, Desi Dalton, Allison Moore, Kennedy Leigh, Elexis Monroe, Angie Noir, Raven LeChance, Stacie Starr

This is a five scene lesbian themed video from Forbidden Fruits Films.  The format is simple, the setups are short and to the point, the women are beautiful, the sex is hot, and with five scenes instead of the usual four, there’s plenty of sex to go around.  I’m reviewing it so you already know I liked it, and, if you wish, you can stop reading here and just go wait for your copy to arrive, or, depending on when you read this, just go watch it.

Or, you can see what else I have to say.  Still here?  OK, here we go…

The title of this Forbidden Fruits Films production is a pun based on “C” for “see” the “U” from “you” the “N” from “next” and the “T” from Tuesday.  Put them together and they spell a nasty euphemism for vagina.  Clever, eh?  Well, it made me chuckle so, yes, I’ll go with clever.  One of the things I like about every Forbidden Fruits production I’ve seen is the total lack of subtlety.  They know what you want and they give it to you without all the wink-wink-nudge-nudge or attempts to disguise what’s really going on.  People are going to fuck.  Deal with it.  I like it.  The more I see of Jodi West the better I like her.  Damn…I’d like to bop that girl’s sox off.  Anyway…

We open on a three shot of Kennedy Leigh, Jodi West, and Desi Dalton sitting on a leather sectional waiting for Allison Moore to appear.  This is a regular gathering for these ladies – a Tuesday night book club.  Allison finally arrives and she’s upset about something that happened with her husband upon whom she heaps verbal abuse.  She gets lots of sympathy from her pals.  By this time I’m ready for things to shift into the next gear, and, thank goodness, they do.  Desi says to Allison “Honey your makeup is a little smudged.  Why don’t we go upstairs and clean you up.”  They troop off hand in hand leaving Jodi with Kennedy.

Scene One:  Jodi West/Kennedy Leigh

The book under discussion at the club this week is apparently about lesbians.  Kennedy has some questions and is really shy about the whole thing.  Apparently Jodi was Kennedy’s mother’s college roommate, and, well, you know all coed roommates have lesbian flings, right?  I think it’s in the college handbook or something.  Anyway, Kennedy’s mom doesn’t want her college bound (all-girls school) daughter to have the same questions she did as an undergrad, so Jodi is doing her a favor by anticipating and answering those questions.  With me still?  OK, well, it doesn’t take long for the show part of show-and-tell to become apparent.  As setups go this one is as believable as most and if, like me, you have an ironic turn of mind, it’s rather amusing.

What follows is a torrid introduction to the world of lesbian sex for Kennedy at the hands (lips, fingers, and tongue) of Jodi West.  Who better?  I mean, if I was a girl, I’d sure like Jodi to teach me all about lady lovin’, wouldn’t you?  Exactly.

Kennedy, true to the scenario, is shy at first but fortunately loses that shyness very quickly and is soon naked, on her back, enjoying three fingers and a tongue applied to her twat.  Oh there’s some great kissing in here as well.  And, Kennedy gives as good as she gets giving Jodi’s pussy a vigorous sucking in return.  It’s a romp and a highly wankable one at that, including something for the foot fetish crowd thrown in too.

Scene Two:  Desi Dalton/Allison Moore

Remember Desi and Allison leaving the living room to go fix Allison’s makeup?  In the next scene we find out what’s involved in that whole Why don’t we go upstairs and clean you up routine.  It takes about as long for Desi to seduce Allison as it takes the average guy to lose his load during intercourse.  We go from tissues to naked in a matter of seconds.  I’m in favor of this because both Desi and Allison are hot and seeing them naked is one of the reasons I wanted to watch this video in the first place.

Desi is in charge at least at first and gives Allison a good seeing to with her mouth and a dildo.  Allison obviously enjoys Desi’s ministrations and I enjoyed the sound of the dildo going in and out of Allison’s pussy.  I like squishy sounds during sex.  Allison returns the favor, sans dildo, and gives Desi a good time as well.  Another wank worthy scene.

Scene Three:  Jodi West/Stacie Starr

Although we never found out what happened at the end of scene one when Jodi tells Kennedy they should go upstairs and check on Desi/Allison, we can guess, right?  Perhaps that will be a scene in a sequel.  Fast forward a bit and we have Stacie Starr at Jodi’s door with a plate of cookies for the next book club meeting.  Jodi needs help choosing earrings and Stacie needs help with a knot in her neck caused by rough sex with her boyfriend.

Jodi comes to her aid with one of those big Hitachi style vibrators (it may have been a Hitachi, but I am not certain) and soon has it purring on more than Stacie’s neck.  She gives Stacie a vibrator induced orgasm and then initiates her into what the book club is all about.  The scene builds to a really cool point where Jodi and Stacie are sharing the magic wand.  Stacie shouts her way through a powerful climax (or maybe that was me shouting – I think we both came).  Things calm down a little afterwards and the two ladies share some nice cuddling/afterplay.  Whew.  I need a shower and some fluids.

Scene Four:  Elexis Monroe/Angie Noir

Angie shows up to the club meeting an hour late and the only one left is Elexis, who is not happy.  Elexis does sourpuss really well. She’s pissed and lets us know it.  But we also know she and Angie are going to fuck, so it’s OK.  Angie, for whom English is a second language (or possibly third), has had trouble reading the book, so Elexis starts to explain that it’s about lesbians and lesbian sex.  She tells Angie that in order to be in the club she’ll have to let Elexis show her about lesbian sex.  Well, that’s direct enough.

Angie, reluctantly, agrees, and Elexis makes her move, taking Angie’s lesbian cherry right there on the granite counter top.  The scene loses points for this with me because I don’t like watching sex on obviously uncomfortable surfaces, but I forgive the makers of the movie because it’s Elexis Monroe, one of my all-time favorites, and Angie Noir, who is great to watch anywhere.  Still I kept thinking about how cold that counter top must have been on Angie’s skin.  It was a distraction I didn’t need.

In spite of my misgivings about the location, this scene is HOT.  The two women take each other to orgasm-ville in a variety of ways and each gives as good as she gets.  Plus it’s Elexis, who is just so yummy and always fantastic to watch with another woman.  And, Angie Noir has that sexy accent and Euro-girl beauty.  I overcame my distraction with the counter top and was a complete mess by the end.

Scene Five:  Jodi West/Raven LeChance

I think this scene qualifies the video for the “embarrassment of riches” award.  It’s our third helping of the lovely Jodi West and this time she’s with her good friend Raven LeChance.  We’ve seen them work together before so we’re primed for a hot scene and we get it.

This scene takes longer to develop than the preceding four but it’s worth it.  Jodi takes her time seducing Raven and by the time she has her panties off Raven can’t wait to feel Jodi’s tongue in her pussy.  She is equally enthusiastic about returning the favor and she munches Jodi’s pussy with great relish. 

About the only thing wrong with this scene was technical.  There’s a very unfortunate edit during the set up, and there are some places where the whole color of the shot changes from one edit to another.  It almost looks like the two cameras used (assuming there were two) were operating on a different white balance resulting in differences in color temperature.  Frankly, given how sensuous and erotic this scene was I’m surprised my brain was getting enough blood to allow me to notice this level of detail.

Final Thoughts

I am a great admirer of the product that Forbidden Fruits is putting out.  The Wests have carved out a niche in porn and are filling it with tons of great product.  I have no difficulty at all in recommending this to anyone who’s a fan of Jodi’s, as I am, a fan of lesbian sex, or a fan of any of the other ladies in the video.  Keep it coming, Jodi.  Good job.

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