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My Mom Likes Girls 3

Title:  My Mom Likes Girls 3 Studio:  Addicted 2 Girls (
Director:  None Credited
Released:  10/7/13
Performers:  Veronica Avluv, Cassie Laine, Holly West, Tanya Tate, Carmen Callaway, Nicki Hunter, Vanessa Veracruz, Liv Aguilera

This is the third volume in this series, which strikes a familiar theme in porn – older with younger.  In this case, some of the scenes made it harder to tell who was older than who but we get the idea.  No plot or any set ups to speak of.  The scenes start with the women already down to their undies.  In a way this is sort of like gonzo (stretching the definition a bit) where there is no relational context for the sex – we just get to see two women have at it.  Since the women are all beautiful and they do the nasty with abandon, I’m prepared to overlook the lack of a plot.  Some of my favorite porn ladies are in this one which added to the appeal for me (and it should for you too, I think).

There’s nothing romantic here, no mood lighting or relationship building.  It’s not the kind of hot, sweaty, über intense sex that you see in some porn videos – it’s pretty much just two girls having at it but it’s a good wank.  The sex is relaxed and fun – the pace isn’t forced and I didn’t get the impression that the director, whoever he or she was, did much except point the camera. The girls are beautiful, and the videography was fine.

Scene 1:  Tanya Tate/Liv Aguilera

Brit beauty Tanya Tate is paired with lovely Latina Liv Aguilera in the first scene.  Tanya has a red bra/panties set on while Aguilera is wearing a white set.  They’re on a bed (hooray!) and are making out as the transition from intro to main content completes.  The scene starts with a lot of kissing and over the lingerie groping before the undies come off and the two ladies get down to business.  Not sure who the “mom” is supposed to be here, as neither one of these women is the appropriate age to be a mom to the other.  We’ll just engage our willing suspension of disbelief for the moment and enjoy the show.

Once the brassieres come off the titty play starts and both women do a little breast worship.  Lots of kissing is interspersed throughout the scene (a pattern repeated in the other scenes as well).  There’s some pussy rubbing through panties and more teasing as things heat up. 

Tanya gets to spend some quality time with Liv’s booty and her comments add a lot to the scene. Tanya does a great job of teasing Liv’s pussy from behind before removing Liv’s panties.  She puts her head on Aguilera’s ass at one point and comments about being able to just lie there all day.  I think I see her point – Liv has a fantastic ass.  This is followed by some doggy style pussy teasing courtesy of Tanya’s tongue, before Tanya ends up on her back with Aguilera between her legs licking Tanya’s happy spot, much to her delight.  More kisses, some pussy to thigh action, and Tanya spends some quality time eating and fingering Liv’s cooze.  For me the high point came toward the end of the scene when Tate rides Aguilera’s tongue and we get a great view of her erect clit as Liv tongues it.  A little kiss and cuddle action at the end finishes the scene. Very hot.

Scene 2:  Veronica Avluv/Cassie Laine

What can I say about Veronica Avluv?  Isn’t she just the best?  Any scene she’s in will be a winner whether she’s with another woman or with 10 guys getting the living piss fucked out of her.  I mean she just loves sex of all kinds and  whoever she’s with is just swept up in Veronica’s passion.  She must be amazing to perform with.  In this case she’s paired with the totally scrumptious Cassie Laine.  OMG…Veronica must have had drool control issues when she saw Cassie, and I’ll bet she just wanted to eat her up.

Veronica is in charge of this coupling and has her way with Cassie in a very sensual fashion, spending some time stripping the young red head’s skimpy covering and thoroughly kissing and licking her alternating with sexy whispers (we don’t really hear what she is saying, but she’s saying something).  Cassie is content to let Veronica lick and grope her at first before she engages in some titty worship (I tried not to be jealous – I’d worship those titties too, given the opportunity).  There’s a lot of kissing and “soft” play to start the scene, and for those who like breast play this is a great scene.

Veronica and Cassie take their time, but eventually Veronica leads Cassie up a set of stairs by her hair (very sexy) and they find a bed to play on.  Veronica says “I’m gonna eat you up,” and truer words were never spoken.  This is a very hot sequence as Avluv whispers to Cassie “show me how you touch yourself” and then guides Cassie’s fingers to spur on the demonstration.  It’s hotter on the screen than it sounds here.  Veronica’s tongue eventually takes over the pussy manipulation and she does a great job of teasing Laine with lips, fingers, and tongue while also managing to lick Laine’s toes.

Some missionary tribbing (Avluv on top) combines with some tit worship follows taking the heat up another notch.  But it REALLY escalates when Veronica takes a page out of Sinn Sage’s book and pile driver tribs Laine.  HOLY FUCK! You absolutely MUST see this if you’re as much of a tribbing fan as I am.  Veronica Avluv never does anything by halves and she shows it here.

Veronica goes back to eating Cassie’s pussy for a while – she’s pretty much doing whatever she wants, positioning Cassie however she wants her, definitely the “top” here.  Eventually Veronica slides up Cassie’s frame and plants her own pussy on Laine’s face for some lady licking.  “Don’t stop,” she commands as she grinds her cooze against Cassie’s mouth.  Veronica eventually ends up on her back with Cassie worshiping the raven haired beauty’s pussy missionary style.  Avluv has a clit-erection for sure and we see it clearly just as Laine zeros in on it with her tongue and lips.  Veronica’s head is thrown back and she’s feelin’ it.  Eventually she rubs her own clit while Laine uses a couple of fingers to massage Veronica’s vagina.

But we’re not done yet.  Avluv devours Laine’s pussy while fingering it and there’s another brief tribbing sequence before the kiss/cuddle ending.  Whew.  I need a shower, a cold beverage, another box of tissues, and a nap.  These first two scenes have drained me.

Scene Three:  Nicki Hunter/Carmen Callaway

I’ve always liked watching Nicki Hunter with women.  One of my all-time favorite scenes is Nicki with Jessi Palmer in Women Seeking Women 72.  Damn.  That was hot.  In this scene, Hunter is paired with Carmen Callaway who I was seeing for the first time as near as I can remember. 

Hunter is a top and she tops Callaway here.  In this scene, Hunter is wearing a dress of some sort while Carmen just has on a bra and panties (but not for too long).   This scene sets up like the previous two with lots of kissing, rubbing, teasing, breast play, etc to get things started.  But fairly soon Hunter has Callaway on her back, legs spread, and pussy wide open for Nicki’s talented tongue.  To say that she “eats” Carmen’s pussy would be an understatement.  She did everything but suck it right out of Callaway’s crotch.  She licked, sucked, and fingered Callaway to a fare-thee-well. 

Eventually it’s Carmen’s turn to play hide-the-tongue-in-the-snatch and she does so with great gusto and a lot of verbal guidance from Hunter.  I sometimes find a lot of dirty talk during sex to be distracting but that wasn’t the case here.  You could hear how turned on Hunter was when she spoke and it added to the scene.  Carmen gives as good as she got before Hunter wants another taste, including a nice rim job.  Some finger banging and a kiss/cuddle brings the scene to a close.  Another hot one.

Scene 4:  Holly West/Vanessa Veracruz

As in the previous scenes we open with the two ladies in lingerie making out.  They’re both brunettes and look a lot alike so it was sometimes difficult to tell who was who, not having seen either one very often.  So if I misidentify one or both of the ladies sometimes please forgive me in advance.  My brain wasn’t getting a whole lot of blood by this point.  Also as in previous scenes we get a nice long make out session with lots of groping and kissing.

Eventually West gets Veracruz’s undies off and starts off with a little ass kissing. Vanessa relives Holly of her undies and does a little tit sucking before graduating to pussy eating.  West returns the favor in several positions before more kissing/cuddling ensues.  Plenty of give-and-take in the pussy eating/fingering department.  A solid, but not spectacular, closing scene.

Final Comments

I would have changed the order of these scenes to put the Avluv/Laine scene last.  In fact, I would have re-ordered the whole video, opening with the West/Veracruz pairing, then Hunter/Callaway, and then Tate/Aguilera (although the Hunter/Callaway scene could easily have worked in third position). 

This was a good, but not mind-blowingly-awesome video.  On the other hand, it only cost 20 bucks.  For $19.99 this was a great video.  And, I got to see some of my favorite ladies in it so I’m happy (otherwise I wouldn’t have taken time to write this review).  No big technical issues but this was obviously not a high budget production.  Again, look at the price tag.  As wank material goes, this was Wendy’s, not Flemings, but sometimes what I really want is a good fast food burger and fries.  Either way, I’m satisfied.

I am giving this video a strong buy/rent recommendation, especially for fans of Veronica Avluv, Tanya Tate, or Nicki Hunter.  Enjoy.

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