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Neighbors 3

Title:  Neighbors 3
Studio:  Sweet Sinner Director:  James Avalon
Released:  June 2013
Performers:  India Summer, Maddy O’Reilly, Michael Vegas, James Deen, Steven St. Croix

In Neighbors 3, India Summer proves once again that she is one of the most versatile and talented actresses in adult today, not to mention one of the hottest.   Writer/Director James Avalon demonstrates his ability to create a tightly scripted and evocative story that is still well within the ability of his cast to portray.  The result is a very enjoyable four scene video that runs a little over two hours.

It was India Summer’s presence that drew my interest and her performance alone would have made it worth the cost.  The fact that the rest of the cast deliver stellar turns as well was a very pleasant bonus.  I have no problem whatsoever giving this a strong buy or rent recommendation for all those who like a bit of story with their sex, fans of India Summer, or fans of James Avalon.  The sex in this video is passionate, spontaneous, extemporaneous, and aesthetically pleasing.  That’s all well and good, and I'm very glad to report this to you, but what I also want you to know about this video is that you will, if you're at all like me, enjoy the non-sex portions as well.

The dialog is exceptionally well written and well played and makes the sex that follows much more realistic and believable.  I love it when this happens.  It requires a lot from the cast. Most adult performers are not trained actors.  Success in a production of this type requires a script that is well written, simple, and that makes sense.  It also requires a director with the patience to work with his/her talent to obtain the desired result.  So kudos to Mr. Avalon for giving his performers something to work with and then providing them the space required to carry it off.

As to the story itself, India Summer plays a recently widowed woman and Maddy O’Reilly plays her young daughter.  Their neighbors are played by Steven St. Croix, whose wife also just died, and his son, played by Michael Vegas.  James Deen plays Maddy’s ne’er do well boyfriend.  India and Maddy have just moved into the neighborhood.

Michael meets Maddy while helping her find her dog, Peanut, and is attracted.  He finds out her mom is also unattached and decides to fix up his old man with Maddy’s mom.  Hitting on the idea of inviting mom and daughter over for a barbecue, he gets dad to go along and then discovers, as he’s inviting Maddy, that she’s got a boyfriend she wants to bring along.  Let’s just say that Michael isn't happy about it.

The barbecue does have the benefit of getting India Summer together with the ruggedly handsome Steven St. Croix, a porn star blast from the past who's been performing since the early 90’s (but does not have a lot of recent titles).  There’s chemistry between the two right off the bat and when the narrative arc brings them together with some privacy sparks fly.  They have some great dialog and the scene just feels “real.”  I can't explain it, but I think when you watch it you'll see what I mean.  When I say “sparks fly,” I’m actually underselling a bit.  The sex here is wicked hot, intense, passionate, sweaty, and orgasmic. 

We cut directly to Maddy and James who waste no time getting down to business.  No real set up here, unless you count their banter during the barbecue.  They’re a cute couple and Deen is his usual powerful self, devouring yet another maiden, Maddy.  The sex is hot, energetic, and athletic but I wasn’t affected in the same way as I was during the scene with Steven and India. 

There’s a great intersticial here as India is getting dressed.  She and Steven have a really interesting conversation that feels spontaneous in the way that really good improv feels.  The conversation centers around India’s concerns about her daughter and her dislike of her choice in men.  She feels bad for Vegas’ character (Josh), who was left out in the cold at the barbecue.  She wishes her daughter had treated him better and that she would dump “Stanley” (James Deen’s character). 

Which leads us to scene three between India Summer and Michael Vegas.  India comes over to see Vegas.  Her purpose?  To apologize for her daughter’s lack of sensitivity.  Vegas is still kind of angry about the whole thing.  India tells him that Stanley (Deen) is not right for her daughter (Maddy) and that it’s never going to work out between them.  She suggests that Vegas be patient.  She suggests that she knows what Vegas is feeling.  He says “I don't think you do.  I'm not interested in her.”  There’s a pause, and then he leans in and plants a kiss on India’s mouth, and says, “I’m interested in you though.”

One kiss leads to another and pretty soon the clothes are off and the happy couple is, well, coupling.  Vegas gives Ms. Summer a thorough swiving and I’m sure she felt well and truly welcomed to the neighborhood.  It was another stellar scene that came off as totally genuine.  More great chemistry.

Of course we need one more scene to make a movie, and this time, it’s Maddy O’Reilly’s character who comes calling, and guess what?  She’s got a thing for older guys.  Good thing for her that Steven St. Croix is alone.  This dialog sequence didn't go quite as well as the earlier set ups, but it got the job done.  St. Croix’s character soon found himself in a compromising position with young Ms. O’Reilly, her pan of brownies long forgotten.  Of the four scenes this one is the most heavily erotic.  St. Croix plays O’Reilly like an heirloom violin and there’s lots of dirty dialog while they do the dirty deed.  It’s REALLY hot, trust me, and a worthy scene to end the program.

Final Thoughts

One thing I really liked about this video was the use of natural light.  It made everything look more real and we didn’t get any of the wash or harsh shadows that so often mar a piece of video shot with artificial lighting.

Overall, I’d give this video an A+ all around for story, sex, and aesthetics, and I recommend it highly as a couples video.  Plenty of eye candy for men and women.  No technical issues to spoil the experience either. 

A nice job by all concerned.

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