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Evil Anal 18

Title:  Evil Anal 18
Studio:  Evil Angel
Director:  Manuel Ferrara
Released:  May 2013
Performers:  Manuel Ferrara, Bailey Blue, London Keyes, Princess Donna, Dana Dearmond, Mia Gold

There’s no question that Manuel Ferrara is in a class by himself as a male performer/director/content creator in the world of porn.  He has the awards to prove it.  In this, the 18th volume of Evil Anal, he reminds us why he’s numéro un. You won’t find many reviews of gonzo on this blog. The lie I tell myself is that I’ve grown out of that genre, but I’m as susceptible to getting off on watching a good anal drubbing as the next guy.  I might be a gin snob, but sometimes I just like a cold can of Leinenkugel’s. 

I’ve been watching a lot of what I call “art porn” lately.  Sometimes I need to cleanse the pallet so to speak – pure wank fuel.  I don’t watch gonzo all the time, but when I do…

Each of the four scenes in this video sets up pretty much the same way.  There’s a tease sequence to show off the ladies’ assets, and then Manuel comes in and gives them his unique brand of brutal, yet somehow tender (this guy REALLY loves women), anal swiving.

So what sets this apart from the 2,000 other gonzo titles on the shelf?  Did I mention that Manuel Ferrara stars and directs this thing?  I did?  OK, well, there’s that then.  But wait, there’s more…  Look at the line up of ladies.  Evil Anal 18 has enough star power to make the Milky Way jealous.  London Keyes, Dana Dearmond, and Princess Donna – the presence of any ONE of these legendary stars should be enough to get your wallet out of your jeans.  Mia Gold?  This little strumpet delivers cute by the metric ton – yes, she’s a cutie, but she has a full clip of nasty girl to go along with it.  And, I don’t want to leave out Bailey Blue, the only blond in this ass banging extravaganza.  Speaking of ass, Blue has ass for days and takes a real pounding from Manuel before sitting up and begging for his cum.

I have been very pleased that Princess Donna has been doing some work for Evil Angel.  Her recent performance with Mike Adriano and Japanese cutie Marika Hase in Anal Appetite was nothing less than ball draining.   Her name on this cover was one of the things precipitating my decision to acquire this title.  Her exotic looks, bad girl attitude, and the knowledge that she could just as easily top you as submit get to me every time. When I see her on the screen I don’t know what to do first – kneel, pick up a whip, or jerk off.

Bailey Blue is first up and the scene opens with her working out on the Stair Master.  We get some great shots of her ass and tits in workout clothes before the bottoms come off and we see that she has a butt plug in already.  She masturbates her asshole with a variety of metal and glass dildos then plays with her pussy for a bit before Manuel enters the frame to claim her ass.  No pussy fucking here – he goes right to the #2 hole and hammers it in a variety of positions before choking Bailey with his spunk.  Good opening scene.

Next, we get the fabulous London Keyes.  She’s in the shower.  She masturbates.  She gets squeaky clean.  Then the doorbell rings.  It’s a delivery guy with a package.  She’s excited.  “Oh my god…it finally got here.”  What is it?  A dildo.  Not just any dildo, but a lifelike representation of Manuel Ferrara’s dick.  She’s excited.  So she takes it out of the box and starts playing with it.  Eventually, she begins worshiping it with her mouth.  Did I mention she’s naked?  PRESTO!  The plastic cock is magically replaced by the real thing, and we’re off to the races.  This is a very sexy and at the same time humorous set up.  Keyes talks to the plastic cock and really goes crazy on it.  She’s obviously fantasizing and the rest of the scene shows us what the fantasy looks like.  From here on the scene is standard Manuel.  Again, no pussy action – it’s all about the ass.  Lots of cock worship and butt licking thrown in.  And, of course, a copious spooge blast at the end.  Another intense anal thrashing delivered by Manuel Ferrara.

Then it’s Princess Donna’s turn to take a Ferrara ride.  She opens with fishnet tights and a leather (or leather look) bustier.  We can see a jeweled butt plug through the mesh.  Cut to Donna’s face and those eyes – well, left eye actually, her hair was covering the right one.  Princess Donna has eyes that you could just fall into forever.  They’re enormous almond shaped orbs of such depth that they’re capable of a nearly infinite amount of expression.  She knows exactly how to use them too.  We get a Mona Lisa smile and then the camera shifts back to her ass.  She tears the mesh to provide access to the goodies and gives us an unimpeded view of one of porn’s most beautiful pussies.  Then she crawls over to a ledge where there’s another anal toy sitting ready for her ass.  What follows is a sequence of anal masturbation and A2M before Manuel arrives on the scene to take charge.  It’s sexy as hell. 

He plays with her ass using a variety of toys before she goes to work on his dick with her mouth.  It’s a POV sequence with lots of good eye contact.  POV is one of the few times when I want to see a performer look into the camera.  Mostly I want them to forget it’s there.  POV is different.  This sequence feels a little bit like Manuel’s RAW series.  It’s very erotic.  No words are spoken and this adds to the eroticism.  Eventually Manuel whispers something to Princess Donna and she stands up, turns around, and spreads her ass for fucking.  And that’s what it is; fucking.  For the next 22 minutes or so, Manuel fucks Princess Donna’s ass, with a couple of breaks for A2M cock sucking and a nice bit of pussy eating.  Lots of positions and lots of passionate butt banging as only Manuel can deliver.  And, speaking of delivering, Manuel delivers a face full of spunk with several shots right into Donna’s eyes. She barely flinches and her eyes stay open.  Fucking-A she’s a trooper. 

And now we come to the ultimate scene in this video featuring Dana Dearmond and Mia Gold along with Manuel.  Fade in from black to Dana in a tight dark gray dress (shark skin?) and very high heels (red).  She’s walking through this mansion (with some of THE ugliest furniture I’ve ever seen – sometimes rich people have NO fucking taste whatsoever, I mean, good grief…) calling for Mia.  She’s carrying something that looks like a curved piece of stainless with a ball at each end.  Obviously it’s a sex toy (based on the fact that there have been sex toys in every scene so far, and, really, what the fuck else could it be?).  The camera follows Dana up stairs and we get a beautiful view of one of the best asses in porn swaying back and forth in front of the camera.  I’d follow that ass anywhere.

Cut to Mia with a mouth full of Manuel Ferrara’s soft cock.  She says “I wanna feel it get hard in my mouth.”  She spends some serious time cock worshiping before Dana appears.  I’m not real sure what the arrangement is here, but it appears that Mia was supposed to be serving (servicing?) Dana and Dana has five more minutes coming.  She grabs Mia and they head out the door and back down stairs where Dana proceeds to work on Mia’s ass – eventually working four fingers into it.  Oh, and that shiny metal toy?  Yup…that goes in to. 

Eventually Manuel shows up and works both ladies over (understatement).  Dana Dearmond is an amazing performer.  Why she doesn’t have an entire warehouse full of award trophies is a matter for Congressional investigation.  I will always love her for her Ensign Ro portrayal in the XXX Star Trek TNG parody.  But, I digress.  We have the amazing Dana Dearmond paired with up and comer (no pun intended) Mia Gold.  Well, let me tell you something – Mia Gold is a Dana Dearmond in training.  She looks so cute an innocent, but she’s as nasty as they come.  She takes everything Manuel and Dana dish out and asks for more.  This scene has everything you could want from a video titled “Evil Anal” including plenty of gaping, A2M, cock worship, and anal pounding.  By the time Manuel delivers the pop shot neither Mia nor Dana has much, if any, make up left and their hair has been destroyed.  They don’t care because they’re having a good time.  This is a great finishing scene.
Final Thoughts

Evil Anal 18 promises a lot and then delivers even more.  I have no problem at all giving it a strong buy or rent recommendation for anyone who likes gonzo, is a fan of Manuel Ferrara, or a fan of any of the ladies in this volume.  Better have a full bottle of lube and a giant box of tissues before you hit “play” though.  I would also recommend being fully hydrated.  You can thank me later.

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