Monday, August 26, 2013

Lesbian Office Seductions 9

(Blogger's Note:  I know it's been a while since I posted something, and some may be surprised to see me review this particular video since there are other, earlier, releases that should have caught my eye.  All I can say is that this particular video fell into my lap at just the moment when I had both the time and inclination to watch and write about it.  I'll get to some other videos in the coming weeks.  I promise...)

Title:  Lesbian Office Seductions 9
Studio:  Sweetheart Video (Mile High) 
Director:  Melissa Monet
Released:  August 21, 2013
Performers:  Raven Rockette, Maddy O’Reilly, Adrianna Luna, Skin Diamond, Tanya Tate, Celeste Star, Justine Joli, Kimberly Kane

Melissa Monet has emerged as one of porn’s better story tellers.  The only reason I haven't reviewed more of her work is lack of time.  At any rate, she’s done an outstanding job creating Lesbian Office Seductions 9, the most recent installment in Sweetheart Video’s lesbian series devoted to sex in the workplace.

Monet puts her unique stamp on the series while remaining true to its origins and ethos.  Her tightly written and well performed script takes us seamlessly from scene to scene enveloping us in its stories and setting us up for the sex we’re looking for. 

When I saw the talent line up for this volume my eye brows went up and I asked myself how in the world Monet was going to manage to pack that much talent into a standard four scene porno video.  It reminded me briefly of the old mystery surrounding how Contadina managed to put “eight great tomatoes in that itty bitty can.”  Well, she does it.  The “how” is for you to find out when you watch – no spoilers here.  But I recommend that you DO watch this video, and soon.  It’s worth it.

Raven Rockette must have a clause in her contract calling for her to play guitar and sing anytime she appears in a video.  Her angst filled moans and raw self-accompaniment on an acoustic guitar are a perfect backdrop to the opening credits and lead directly into the first scene, which doesn't feature Raven, but rather Justine Joli and Kimberly Kane.  Raven’s music is more suited to a smoke filled lesbian coffee house than a porn video but it works as well here as it has in the other videos in which she’s sung and played.  Since I’m clearly not in the demo for this type of music, I’ll move on.

Melissa Monet has, to say the least, a lot of experience in the adult industry.  I don’t think they were still shooting on actual film when her career began, but it was a while ago.  She’s obviously learned a few things along the way and that’s good for us.  The sex appears natural, spontaneous, and not overtly directed, which is to say we don’t notice any obvious spots where the director has called “cut” and moved the cameras.  The performers have chemistry with each other and seem to have a good time.  That’s what we want for our $20 and Monet gives it to us.

Here are a few highlights, for me, from the sex. 

Kimberly Kane rides Justine Joli’s face while frigging Justine’s pussy in the first scene.  I had to replay this sequence several times just because it really “did it” for me.  Whew.  Your mileage may vary.  Celeste Star bumpin’ muffins with Skin Diamond – the whole scene was molten lava hot, but I love me some muffin bumpin’.  Tanya Tate (whom I absolutely ADORE) and Adrianna Luna sucking face while stripping each other – it was like watching a finely choreographed ballet, and yet completely spontaneous at the same time.  These two are on the cover for good reason -- whew that was a hot scene.  And, finally, Raven and Maddy deliver an intense closer including a hot tribbing sequence – the contrast between Raven’s thick black bush and Maddy’s bald pubis is stark and sexy as hell (to me anyway – again, your mileage may vary).  

So, let’s summarize – we have beautiful women having hot, wet, lesbian sex on office furniture.  Yup, that about does it.  The fact that they get to deliver some well written dialog is a bonus.  Nothing to report in terms of technical problems.  I have no difficulty at all in giving this video a strong “buy” recommendation for fans of lipstick lesbian videos, fans of any of the above mentioned stars, fans of Melissa Monet’s directorial work, or anyone else who fancies a nice wank while watching hot women have sex.  Bon appetit.

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