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Girls Kissing Girls 12

Title:  Girls Kissing Girls 12
Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Director:  Dana Vespoli Released:  May 2013
Performers:  Dana Vespoli, Celeste Star, Ryan Keely, Alyssa Reece, Aiden Ashley, Jessie Andrews, Sovereign Syre, Anikka Albrite

As the title indicates, this is the 12th volume in the Sweetheart series devoted to lesbian osculators.  Started in 2008 by Nica Noelle who directed the first nine volumes, the series is now in the hands of Dana Vespoli who took over from James Avalon (Girls Kissing Girls 10) with the 11th GKG volume.

Dana Vespoli has emerged as one of the adult industry’s most versatile and sought after performer/directors.  Her performance range in front of the camera is vast and encompasses pretty much all of the various genres in adult.  She is also a more than competent actress which isn’t all that common in the adult biz.  Her work for Sweetheart has demonstrated that she is also a gifted writer/director and a worthy candidate to take helm of Mile High Media’s signature lesbian video line.  With every new title I am more and more impressed.  This one is no exception.

This video is presented in what is now the standard four scene structure. Each of the scenes stands alone under the overall theme of the video which is, of course, kissing.  And, not just any kissing – this is lesbian kissing, which the title reminds us of, just in case we forgot.

I’m giving this video a very high/strong “buy” recommendation.  First of all the pairings are excellent.  If you don’t have chemistry you don’t have a scene.  Oh you can shoot one and we’ll all enjoy watching naked women cavort in front of us, but for those who are paying attention to more than just tits and ass good chemistry is a must.  We see it here.

Second, and this has been a frequent them of mine, the scenes are allowed to develop organically, which is to say without a lot of interference from the director.  We can argue about who invented this style of porn shooting but the first director I really singled out for this was Nica Noelle.  There are others.  Dana Vespoli is one of them and for that, I am very grateful.

Third, because of the wise parings, great chemistry, and deft (i.e. not heavy handed) direction, we get lots and lots of passion.

Fourth, the scenarios are well written, well-acted, and believable (or believable enough).  Each of these women delivers a credible performance of Vespoli’s script and we’re completely comfortable with the way things go as we transition from set-up to smooching.  Nicely done.

And, finally, there’s kissing.  Lots and lots of kissing.  I always want more, of course, because I just love to watch women kiss.  But trust me, this story supports the lead as we say in journalism school, by which I mean that the title is supported by the contents of the box.

One other aspect to this that I’d like to put out there is the outstanding lighting.  Some directors haven’t completely learned how to light for HD yet – I’m not going to name names.  It’s tricky.  Often times we can get too much light and that can really mess up the intimacy of a scene, particularly in the more story/relationship driven porn.  In Gonzo, what we really need is plenty of light so we can see all the naughty bits as clear as possible. But for a video like this one natural, or natural looking, light is what we want because it helps establish the required level of intimacy and reality that make the scenes work.  In particular I submit the opening stanza featuring Vespoli and Aiden Ashley.  Lots and lots of natural light and a subtle mixture of artificial light create a marvelously diffused illumination in which the trysting duo performs.  It’s magic. 

I refuse to choose a favorite scene in this video.  I love watching Ryan Keely and I always want to see more of her.  The pairing with Jessie Andrews, and particularly the way the scene was set up, was perfect.

What can I say about Celeste Star?  She’s a star all right.  She’s had some truly epic scenes with some of my other favorite performers like Sinn Sage and Dani Daniels.  Her partner here is Anikka Albrite (so beautiful -- you just want to eat her up!) and oh my goodness this is an inspired coupling.

And, my views on Sovereign Syre are well known to anyone who follows this blog.  She always delivers and Girls Kissing Girls is no exception.  She and Alyssa Reece are well matched and this produces another excellent scene.

My advice to you is to make sure you have topped off your bodily fluids, stocked up on tissues, checked the batteries on your vibrator, and made sure the lube is nicely warmed before you sit down to watch Girls Kissing Girls 12.  You’ll thank me later.

No technical issues of any kind that I noticed.  Everything works the way it should.  The women are beautiful, they're kissing, they're passionate, and we really can't ask for more.

Now what are you doing reading this when you should be out buying a copy of this video?

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