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Cum Inside Me

Title:  Come Inside Me
Studio:  Hard Candy Films (AEBN)
Director:  Nica Noelle
Release:  May 2013
Performers:  Rayveness, Nat Turnher, Marcus London, Alyssa Branch, Seth Gamble, Anissa Kate, James Deen, Lara Brookes

One of the first interactions I ever had with Nica Noelle was on a discussion board at  I had (gently) taken her to task in my reviews of several Sweet Sinner efforts for what I considered pointless money shots.  She had worked so hard to create the reality of passionate sex between a man and a woman that the “happy ending” just rang false to me.  I’m not sure, at this point, that she had ever read any of my reviews, just so we’re clear on that.  At any rate, we got into a discussion about it, she explained some of the porn facts of life (not every performer will agree to an internal semen deposit) to me, but we discovered that we agreed on pretty much everything else porn related and she jokingly offered me a job as a member of her crew.  I would, at that point, have dropped everything and high tailed it for porn valley had that been a possibility.  We became friends.  She became, and remains, my favorite porn director.  If I can ever get my butt to L.A., I hope to have dinner with her and not even talk about porn once.

“Aha!” you say.  “You can’t be objective about her work!  You’re nothing more than a Nica Noelle apologist!”

If that’s what you’re thinking, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Now where was I?  Oh, yes, I had criticized Nica for what I considered inane pop shots, and she told me she hoped to one day be able to make videos where her performers just let things conclude the way normal people do – i.e., the male ejaculates inside the female.

The “creampie” video is pretty common these days and has been for some time, so Nica isn’t breaking any new ground in that respect.  But, what makes this video compelling is that you know, starting out, that at the moment of truth, the man isn’t going to pull out and blow his load on his partner’s belly, breasts, or bottom.   You know she’s going to let the passion build and you know you’re going to be watching real people interact in a realistic (or as realistic as porn gets) manner.  If you’re a fan of Nica’s work you’ll want to watch this video because you know this is something she’s wanted to make happen for a long time and she has finally managed to pull it off (as opposed to pulling out).  Her movies have had creampies in them before, but rarely.  In fact, I don’t recall one at the moment.  I *think* Michelle Lay did one, and it might have been with Jay Huntington in the first Stepmother video, but I could be wrong.

Come Inside Me is pure Nica from start to finish.  Tightly written and well acted scenarios, good chemistry, and authentic interactions between her characters are hallmarks of a Nica Noelle directed video.  We get that here for the majority of the video.  As a bonus we get Nica Noelle as risk taker, big time (more on that later).  But it would have been better if some of the scenes had featured more foreplay.  I never thought I'd say this about a porn video, but there was too much fucking, i.e., some of it went on for too long, and there seemed to be a real rush to get to the cock insertion.  That said, I'm still giving this video a strong buy recommendation, because my quibbles with the length of the intercourse sequences are just that -- quibbles.

The performers are all extremely attractive, there’s a great deal of physical variety in the four women, and all the men are handsome and well equipped.  The scenes are well lit, the audio is great, and except for one 4 second shot of some curtains (the subjects had moved out of the frame and the camera did not follow – why this was not fixed in post I hope to find out some day), the editing was first rate.  Nice camera work (with aforementioned exception).  This was shot in HD and the crystal clear picture is excellent.  I’m reviewing this video so you know I liked it.  In fact, I’m recommending that you plunk down your 5 bucks and rent this thing for 48 hours from AEBN’s VOD site, or even 10 bucks for lifetime access.  It’s easily worth it.  So let’s get down to cases, shall we?

Each scene offers us something different – no two are exactly alike, although the middle two scenes are at least a little similar, in terms of the action. 

Scene one gives us the pairing of Rayveness and Nat Turnher.  Rayveness looks fantastic these days, a rare combination of incredible breasts, ass, and legs to go with a beautiful face and the acting chops to pull off any role.  Nica Noelle uses her very effectively here, making her a black cock slut.  She’s cuckolding her husband, Marcus London, with the much taller and even more muscular Nat Turnher.  There is no cunnilingus or titty play here.  Lots of kissing, lots of fellatio, and lots of fucking.  Turnher gives Rayveness a brutal cock drubbing and she absolutely loves it.  The moans, grunts, growls, and squeals she emits during this scene will go right to your genitals, regardless of gender.  She should have had a “Queen of Spades” tramp stamp (henna of course) for this scene as the final, finishing touch.  It’s a great set up and a creamy finish.

Scene two finds Marcus London, left home alone by his BBC slut wife, resorting to the pleasures of his assistant’s arms.  His assistant is played by Alyssa Branch.  This is an example of the subtle subtexts one always finds in a Nica Noelle production.  Branch is the physical opposite of Rayveness.  Rayveness is all mature curves (perfectly proportioned curves, I hasten to add), and Branch is all angles (but very symmetrical and lovely angles), from her 34 A cup breasts to her dainty little feet.  The subtext here is that both Rayveness and her erstwhile hubby Marcus London have sought out the polar opposite, physically, of their mate.  Nica makes an interesting psychological point here and knowing her work as well as I do I’m betting it is intentional.  The scene itself, once the couple gets into the bedroom, is also the opposite of the first scene.  The sex here is more about lovemaking than dominance, although it starts out with Branch “in charge.”  That idea goes out the window once the cock goes in the pussy and the happy couple spends about half an hour bopping each other’s brains out before London explodes in Branch’s pussy. 

So the first two scenes are connected in terms of narrative.  The next two stand alone.  Seth Gamble is a cutie.  He strolls into a hotel bar where Anissa Kate and her (apparent) husband (adroitly played by Jim King) are deep in conversation.  Anissa’s husband is a very unpleasant fellow with more than the average amount of spleen, apparently.  He’s an architect and he’s not happy about some construction job.  Gamble is an intern who works for this guy.  Seth joins the couple for a drink and the husband gets called away by a phone call – apparently there’s a problem at a job site and he must go and correct it.  Anissa is bored to tears by all of this and views Gamble as a pleasant diversion from her vitriolic mate.  Her French accented speech and come hither, up front, let’s go upstairs and fuck, attitude soon break down his reluctance to boff the boss’ wife and next thing you know the pair is horizontal and superimposed on a hotel bed.

Annisa Kate is an incredibly beautiful woman and Seth Gamble is a heartbreakingly handsome man.  The sex between them is hot, heavy, and ends with a creamy finish.  That said, I did not get the chemistry vibe I was looking for in this scene.  It was still a great scene by general porn standards – everyone did what they were supposed to do – it just wasn’t a great scene by Nica Noelle standards.  No problem.  Albert Pujols doesn’t hit a home run at every at bat.

And now we come to the final scene.  Nica Noelle takes a huge risk here and for a while I didn’t think it was going to work.  But, I’m glad I stuck with it, because this ended up being the best of the four (with the Rayveness/Turnher coupling coming in a very close second in a photo finish).  Let me explain. 

Instead of a straight up scenario like we have in the first three scenes, Nica Noelle has James Deen on a bed where she interviews him from behind the camera.  It’s all about how Deen would seduce a woman who didn’t know he was a world famous male porn star with an enormous schwantz.  Eventually, Nica tells Deen the reason for the interview, springing on him the notion that he will be doing sexual improve with Lara Brookes, a young lady with just 8 titles including this one in her resume, (although she’s done some web work that doesn’t appear there).  It is likely, at the time of this shoot, that she hadn’t done more than a couple of hard core shoots, but I’m guessing. 

Nica gives James Deen the job of seducing this nubile newbie using the technique he spoke of during the interview.  The result is one of the most cringe inducing sequences ever captured in a porn video, but it TOTALLY works.  Brookes is incredibly nervous and shy.  Deen tries to engage her on some topics, including pet ownership, but it is not working.  She’s on a porn set and is reluctant to engage because she can’t seem to put the other people in the room out of her mind.  Deen takes care of this by putting a pillow over both of their heads for their initial kiss.  This causes some giggling and the ice is broken.  From there it’s just a matter of seconds before Deen has Lara’s panties off and his fingers in her pussy.

Chemistry?  Holy cow!  Once Deen goes to work on her, Lara Brookes wants him bad.  That’s B-to-the-A-to-the-D bad.  I thought she was going to go through the roof just from being finger frigged.  Then Deen gets his cock in her and elevates the scene to the next level.

This scene is short and VERY intense.  There’s lots of verbal by-play that’s too soft for the microphones to pick up.  Deen is both tender and dominant.  Brookes is shy at first and tends to hide her face while she’s having an orgasm as if she’s embarrassed by her obvious displays of pleasure.  This just makes her all the cuter.  Oh, my, yes – Deen makes her squeal, he makes her laugh, and he makes her orgasm repeatedly before depositing his own orgasmic evidence at the creampie finish.  Some tender touching afterwards and we fade to black.  One sort of odd thing about this scene is that while there was lots of kissing there didn’t seem to be any tongue.  Lip to lip only as near as I could tell, which was odd for a porn scene, but in my opinion added to the innocence (if that word applies here) to Brookes’ responses to Deen’s lovemaking.  This was an incredibly intimate, personal, and erotic scene.  A worthy finish to a worthy production.

About the only flaw in this video was the “curtain shot” in scene two.   Other than that and the wish that there had been more foreplay and a little less intercourse in scenes 2 and 3, I have no complaints.  I watched this on AEBN’s VOD service and had a couple of problems with buffering (I have 10mbs Charter for an ISP) but that could have been on my end.  As I said earlier, this video has all the hallmarks we expect in a Nica Noelle production, and the final scene started out looking like a swing and a miss and ended up being a grand slam home run.  Bravo, Nica.  Nicely played.

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