Friday, May 10, 2013

Girl Fever

Title:  Girl Fever
Studio:  New Sensations
Director:  Eddie Powell
Released:  March 2013
Performers:  Remy Lacroix, Riley Reid, Dani Daniels, Mia Malkova, Kiera Winters, Sophia Jade, Romi Rain, Abigail Mac

This video is pretty simple really, and yet, each scene has its own story, and it’s pretty easy to follow even without dialog – in fact the complete lack of dialog is a major part of the charm.  What we have is four vignettes featuring cute girls having sex with each other, and, yes, I’m guilty as hell of making a significant understatement here.  Outstanding videography and lighting plus a seductive sound track add to the sensuality of Eddie Powell’s girl-girl triumph.  And triumph it is from the first scene to the last. 

The headline is the first ever pairing of Remy Lacroix with Riley Reid, but unless I’m mistaken (always a possibility) this was also the first on-screen tryst between Mia Malkova and Dani Daniels.  The bonus (as if I needed one) was that this video also introduced me to four other ladies whose work came as a pleasant surprise.  In truth, my motivation for acquiring this title was the Daniels/Malkova pairing, which is something I had been calling for on Twitter since the first time I ever saw Ms. Malkova’s image on my screen.

But you have to be careful what you wish for, or so my mother always told me, because just being good looking (understatement in this case) doesn’t guarantee chemistry.  Well, Mom, this is the exception that proves the rule because Mia and Dani were explosively hot together on the screen.  This pair didn’t get the cover but they get my vote for hottest of the four scenes.  And, I hasten to add, that does NOT mean that the other three weren’t über hot.  They were.  Every scene in this video was a total ball drainer (sorry ladies, I am temporarily at a loss for the distaff analog here).  Oh my goodness, yes.

Kiera Winters, Sophia Jade, Romi Rain, and Abigail Mac are equally delightful in their scenes.  The sex is passionate, imaginative, spontaneous, and let’s just say it looks like everyone had a pretty good time.  The overall tone is playful rather than romantic.  A couple of the scenes feature toys (vibrators), so if you prefer your lesbian porn to be completely appliance free, be warned.  I generally prefer the absence of toys, but the way they were used here added to the eroticism, appeared spontaneous, and made sense in the context of the scene.  Nicely played all around.

Kudos to director Eddie Powell for his deft direction.  Bravo, Mr. Powell.  Interesting camera angles, subtle lighting, judicious and creative use of background music, and excellent performer chemistry combined to make this both an artistic and erotic triumph.  One small glitch in the Malkova/Daniels scene nearly ruined it for me though – I heard the director’s voice, but it wasn’t clear what he was saying.  That was at least a temporary wood killer, but I got over it.  Still, I wish it hadn’t happened.  A good director’s work, like a good magician’s, should be invisible and undetectable to the audience.  We should forget that he or she is there.  However, other than that, this was as close to a perfect girl-girl video as you’re going to get.

I have no trouble giving this video a definite “BUY” recommendation.  If you don’t trust me, you should at least rent it.

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