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Tanya Tate's Tea & Muffin Party

Title:  Tanya Tate’s Tea and Muffin Party
Studio:  Filly Films
Director:  Tanya Tate
Release Date: January 2013 Performers:  Tanya Tate, Adrianna Luna, Samantha Bentley, Elaina Raye, Devon Lee, Presley Hart, Jessi Palmer, Celeste Star

At the time, this was Tanya Tate’s fifth foray into directing and fourth for Filly Films, a relatively low budget porn company known for taking chances on first time directors.  This has been fairly successful for Filly Films and I commend them for giving some new directors a chance.

Tea & Muffin Party is a romp from start to finish.  There’s a little bit of emotional content but since this is Tanya Tate we’re talking about the emphasis is on fun and hot, hot, sex.  Her time working in front of the camera for companies like Girlfriends, Sweetheart, and Sweet Sinner, seems to have rubbed off on Tanya the director because she has obviously paid good attention to pairings, and having done so, she lets her girls have at each other with what I perceived as a minimum of directorial interference.  This is a standard four scene porn video.  Fortunately for us, Tanya herself appears in two of them, and I have to say I never get tired of watching this lovely British tart, and, as she would say, wanking.  That is, after all, the point of porn, isn’t it?  To get us to wank?  A bonus for me in this volume is the presence of two of my favorite waifs Jessi Palmer and Celeste Star.  They appear in a blazing threesome with Tanya in the video’s final scene.

So, what did I like about this video? Pretty much everything.  Tanya keeps things simple, with simple set ups, straightforward shooting, solid camera angles, good sound, lighting, and editing.  The women are beautiful and very into each other and each scene is solid.  This isn’t a porn spectacular by any means but it’s not supposed to be.  It’s good value for money with four solid, authentic, scenes.  And, we get to see Tanya Tate NAKED!  Whoo-hoo!  I liked this video or you wouldn’t be reading this review.  That should be enough.  Have I ever given you bad advice?  If I have, please tell me.  What I’m telling you now is that if you like girl-girl sex, if you’re a fan of any of the women in this video, and in particular if you’re a fan of Tanya Tate, just go out and buy it will you?  And, if you buy it from Tanya’s web site, tell her I sent you.  No, you won’t get a discount, but I’d like her to know I told you to buy it.  If you don’t want to buy it, at least rent it.

Scene One:  Adrianna Luna & Samantha Bentley

Adrianna and Samantha are in some sort of relationship.  Samantha is from England and is leaving to go back home.  This is making her unhappy.  Tanya Tate is having a going away tea party for Samantha, but Samantha isn’t interested.  Adrianna is going to cheer her up.  Her method?  S-E-X.  Good choice Adrianna.   These two ladies really like each other a lot and it shows in their performance.  Lots of hot pussy licking, finger banging, tribbing, and some titty play.  Would have liked a little more kissing, but that’s my bias and I could probably say that about nearly every girl-girl video I watch.  There’s a nice contrast between the olive skinned large breasted Luna and the light skinned less endowed Bentley.  There isn’t a ton of foreplay – both women know what they’re here for and they get right down to it.  It’s a good opening scene.

Scene Two:  Elaina Raye & Tanya Tate

Aunt Tanya comes out from behind the camera for this scene and I, for one, am happy about it.  Her partner is the cute-as-a-bug Elaina Raye, a pale blonde who is an easy mark for Tanya.  Elaina brings over a plate of cookies, she and Tanya chat for a bit, and then a comforting hug turns into a kiss and we’re off to the races.  This scene is cute, playful, passionate, warm, and inventive.  It doesn’t take place on a bed or even in a bedroom.  How they managed to make tribbing on a chair look comfortable is still amazing to me.  But, trust me, they did.  Raye is a total cutie and Tate gobbles her up like a plate of chocolate chip cookies.  Good give and take here and they manage to make what could have been a very awkward physical set up work wonderfully.  Tanya is well paired with the waif like Elaina and once again the contrast in body types creates an interesting visual effect.  Another solid, highly wankable, scene.

Scene Three:  Presley Hart & Devon Lee

Now we get to the actual tea party itself.  Presley and Devon (I think she plays Elaina Raye’s mother) are visiting with Tanya and enjoying tea on the patio.  Small talk ensues.  When Jessi Palmer arrives as a serving maid, along with Celeste Star, Presley excuses herself to use the rest room and Devon follows.  In the lounge, Hart’s purse tips over and SURPRISE a vibrator falls out.  This awkward moment becomes the catalyst for a sexy coupling between Hart and Lee.  Realizing that this is going to have to be something of a “quicky” before they are missed at the party outside, this pair wastes no time.  They get right down to it and the pace never lets up.  Once again we get standard lesbian sexual fare well shot and obviously enjoyed by this pair of lovely women.  Good eye candy, nicely shot/framed, and some hot girl-girl carpet munching make this third scene another winner.  Once again, highly wankable.

Scene Four:  Tanya Tate, Celeste Star, & Jessi Palmer

I’ve been a fan of Jessi Palmer’s since I first saw her, and that was way back in MDEC 10.  Her scene with Persia Monir was one for the ages.  Well, that was three years ago and she’s learned a lot since then.  And, OMG, Celeste Star?  She’s an absolute tiger when it comes to girl-girl swiving.  Throw the spectacularly talented and completely beautiful Tanya Tate into the mix and there is no way to lose.  Well, actually there is.  Threesomes can be tricky particularly three girl threesomes.  Someone is going to get left out and often times these scenes boil down to the mechanics and geometry of sex rather than the kind of realistic passion I prefer on my screen. 

But this is where Tanya shines as a director.  She keeps it fun.  The fun starts with the set up which is the best of the four scenes.  Jessi is new at this and is apparently not very good at being a maid.  She manages to get some frosting on Tanya’s cleavage.  When she attempts to use a napkin to clean up the mess, Celeste stops her and says “lick it off, like I showed you.”  Jessi does it wrong, so Celeste takes another dollop of pink frosting and places it on Tanya’s other tit and then licks it off, demonstrating the proper technique.  LOL – this is CUTE!  Of course the next thing you know, the trio is inside and getting down and dirty.  The party is forgotten as these three women proceed to lick, suck, finger, rim, and rub each other off in a variety of imaginative and erotic ways.  Wow…what a great closing scene!    Whew…I need a shower and some fluid replenishment.  Back in a minute.

Final Thoughts

No one here is going to win the Academy Award for acting.  They don’t need to.  Tanya wins here by keeping things simple and direct.  But there’s a thread of fun that runs from beginning to end in this video, climaxing with the sexy three way finishing scene.  A romp to be sure and enjoyable in all its parts.  Nicely played Tanya.  Full marks!  Good job that woman!

Well, what are you doing still reading this blog?  Go out and buy a copy.  Sheesh.

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