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Lesbian Hitchhiker 4

[Blogger's note:  I found this partially completed review on a thumb drive that had been "temporarily misplaced" and thought I'd polish it a bit and publish it.  It's late, I know, but I hope Nica will forgive my tardiness.]

Title:  Lesbian Hitchhiker 4
Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Director:  Nica Noelle
Released:  2012
Performers:  April O’Neil, Darla Crane, Nina Hartley, Sovereign Syre, Jessie Rogers, Kate Kastle

Your mother probably warned you against hitch hiking, didn’t she?  Perhaps this isn’t quite what she had in mind to warn you about unless she was a lesbian and had experienced something like this herself.  But I digress.  The hitch hiking theme has had a number of “lives” in the porn world.  This particular episode, the fourth in the series, isn’t as plot or story heavy as a lot of Nica Noelle’s work but it still has her signature touch – sexy women are placed in comfortable surroundings and allowed to interact in a natural fashion.  There’s also a little bit of an older/younger vibe here.

The main attractions for me, besides Nica Noelle as director, were Darla Crane and Sovereign Syre, two women whose work always gets my attention (and often my hard earned cash).  This isn’t to say that the other members of the cast don’t merit my notice.  My goodness – it’s an all-star cast if ever there was one.  Nina Hartley?  Legendary.  I still remember seeing her in “Debbie Does Dishes” and that was in 1986.  And she’s just as beautiful and sexy today as ever.  Kate Kastle has presence whenever she’s in front of the camera.  She commands attention.  April O’Neil and Jessie Rogers are total cuties who are always worth watching.  So it’s a great cast with tons of potential.  Does the video deliver?  Would I be reviewing it if it didn’t?

Scene One:  April O’Neil and Darla Crane

Well, April has ended up being picked up and brought home by Darla Crane.  Darla can pick me up and bring me home anytime she likes.  With that long hair and great body, killer smile, sense of humor, and those LEGS.  Oh.   My.  God.  She looks like a pin-up girl.  Her form should grace the nose of a WWII B-17.  I’ve seen her in all sorts of scenes and I never get tired of watching.  April O’Neil is cute in a Mediterranean way that belies the “O’Neil” moniker.  She’s petite and passionate.  In this scene she’s also playing the shy one to Darla’s predatory lesbian.

It’s time for bed and Darla has no guest room.  Nor does she have a nightie for April to borrow.  “We’re girls” Darla says after announcing that she doesn’t wear anything to bed anyway and there’s plenty of room.   April tries not to watch as Darla strips down to a pair of panties, and when April strips off her top and her Daisy Dukes she tries to keep her hands over her bra encased breasts as she crawls into bed.  Covers up tight to her chin, April seems to want to go to sleep.  Ha!  Darla’s not having any of this.  She wants April and means to have her.  April doesn’t have a chance and eventually gives in and enjoys Darla’s spirited and skillful love making.  Major kudos to April for playing the reluctant lesbian so well.  She does a great job.  Darla, of course, is at her best in these kinds of roles.  She’s got one of the best predatory grins in the business and her open leering at April is priceless.

The sex, when it happens, is typical Nica Noelle fare – natural and passionate.  We get all the standard toyless lesbian sex positions and acts but that doesn’t really matter because what comes through is how much these two ladies are enjoying each other.  Saying “a good time was had by all” doesn’t cover it, but you’ll have to buy or rent the movie to discover the details.  Trust me, it’s worth it.

Scene Two:  April O’Neil and Nina Hartley

To me, it sounds like April won the lottery here as she got to make love to not only Darla Crane, but the legendary Nina Hartley in the same video.  Lucky girl! 

Here’s where the plot thickens a bit.  Turns out that Darla and Nina are a couple.  Nina has been out of town and returns home (gasp!) early.  We see her wheeling her suitcase into the house and sitting down at the kitchen table just as April emerges from the hall with her back pack.  Nina, of course, wants to know who is in her house.  April stumbles through an explanation clearly nonplussed when she discovers that Nina is Darla’s “girlfriend.”  She escapes and then Darla stumbles into the room, surprised to see her lover home so soon.  Nice to know that lesbians can be unfaithful too J.  Well, Nina puts two and two together and clearly isn’t buying Darla’s explanation for April’s presence. 

As it turns out, Darla is on her way out of town.  She leaves the room to go pack and we see Nina with a very thoughtful expression contemplating what she has just seen.  Cut to April back out on the road.  This time the cougar who picks her up is Nina Hartley.  I ask myself why didn’t Nina Hartley or Darla Crane ever pick ME up when I was hitch hiking.  One answer, of course, is that I am older (much) than either of them and they would likely have not been old enough to drive during those halcyon days of my youth when I might have been amenable to being picked up by an older woman.  The other is that I never, in my life, tried to get a ride using my thumb.  But I digress.

It is April’s fate to be picked up by the girlfriend of the woman she’d slept with the night before.  This, of course, was Nina’s plan.  Back at the house there’s some excellent by-play between the two women before Nina springs her trap.  She tells April that she knows April fucked her girlfriend the night before and she wants what Darla got.  April just wants to leave, but she’s no fool, and she stays put.  Nina has her way with her and gives April a good seeing to.  Nina Hartley is a consummate actress and world class dominatrix.  She’s in charge of this scene from the opening to the close and April does what she’s told.  It’s classic Nina Hartley and fun to watch.  A great scene with lots of passion and two beautiful women who get naked.  Goody for us!

Scene Three:  Sovereign Syre and Jessie Rogers

Sovereign Syre is flat out one of the most beautiful women in the adult video world.  Sovereign Syre is a real treat for the eyes no matter where you look.  She doesn’t even have to take her clothes off for me to become aroused.  Just seeing her lips is generally enough.  How can you look at this woman and NOT want to kiss her?  (Rhetorical question)  And, here we have her in a scene with the exotic Brazilian import, the breathtakingly beautiful Jessie Rogers.  Talk about eye candy!  This scene is already a winner and nothing’s happened yet.

Jessie is our hitch hiker in this scene which begins with a nice shot of Sovereign at the wheel with her big sun glasses on looking beautiful (as always).  She pulls over to pick up Jessie who is looking positively fetching with her long tanned legs as she stands by the road with her thumb out.

There’s a piece of laugh-out-loud dialog early in this scene that I’ll include in the review:

SOVEREIGN:       Hitch hiking is dangerous you know.
JESSIE:                  I only take rides from women.

If that doesn’t get an LOL from viewers then I guess I just don’t understand humor, especially considering what comes next.  Sovereign takes Jessie to a hotel where she offers Jessie the chance to take a shower.  Narrative causality takes care of the rest and the sex starts in the shower, after Sovereign walks in on a surprised Jessie with an offer of a towel.  Then she just steps in, still wearing her shorts and crop top, and goes for the gusto, so to speak, trapping Jessie against the wall and kissing her.

Unless there was some sort of audio malfunction, I didn’t hear Jessie cry for help or scream rape (irony intended), although initially she doesn’t really respond – it’s kind of awkward in a natural sort of way.  I mean, think about it – you’ve just accepted a ride and lodging from a total stranger.  You’re in the shower and she walks in and starts making out with you.  What are you going to do?  Well, you’re a good looking woman and Sovereign is a good looking woman and, what the hell, at worst you can look at the ceiling and think of England (or in this case, Brazil).   But it doesn’t take Jessie long to warm up to the idea that having sex with Sovereign Syre is not the worst possible outcome, and that when things really heat up.

Faithful readers of this blog know how I feel about sex in the shower.  It’s nice to fantasize about, but for my taste, too many hard surfaces always leave me wondering about how uncomfortable participants are if they try to lay down and do the horizontal boogie on the wet (cold) tile.  Fortunately what we get here is a nice, wet, make out session before the real action moves to the bed.  Whew.

Sovereign is the initiator and controls the action at first, spending some quality time making love to Jessie’s legs and (eventually) her pussy.  Jessie returns the favor and it becomes a turn and turnabout affair with lots of mutual pleasuring and a couple of nice tribbing sequences thrown in to boot.  Lots of kissing, a fair amount of titty play,  and excellent overall energy/passion make this a scene you’ll want to watch more than once, I think.

Scene Four:  Sovereign Syre and Kate Kastle

One of the things that I like about Nica Noelle’s work is that she always finds a way to get into our heads and play around a little.  There’s always more than one thing happening in any scene.  You don’t get a lot of subtext in porn.  I enjoy it when I find it.  There’s plenty in this scene.

Sovereign has been cuckolding her regular lover/housemate Kate Kastle and isn’t the least bit guilty over it.  So, this scene opens in a darkened bedroom where Kate is ostensibly trying to sleep.  In strolls Sovereign who strips and attempts to get into bed without waking Kate.  Whoops.  The lights come on and an argument develops.  But it’s a one sided argument because Sovereign refuses to acknowledge Kate’s anger.  Kate, on the other hand, has seen this before which leaves me wondering why she doesn’t just kick Sovereign to the curb and move on.  But Sovereign kind of knows she won’t do it and plays the cute sexpot card to seek some sort of forgiveness.

Sovereign must be pretty good at this girl-girl sex thing because Kate’s anger and resolve begins to melt almost as soon as Sovereign starts lip nibbling her way around Kate’s anatomy.  Can you blame her?  Really?  Of all the Kate Kastle scenes I’ve watched I think this is my favorite.  She gives a terrific performance here as the injured party who just can’t seem to follow through on dealing with her lover’s habitual betrayals and infidelities. 

It doesn’t take long before Kate is putty in Sovereign’s hands (or in this case, mouth) and the temperature in the scene zooms to the boiling point almost immediately.  Not a lot of foreplay here – Sovereign knows she needs to deliver some quality orgasms in order to preserve her position and she uses all the skill she has to make that happen.  Kate almost literally fucks Sovereign’s face as she grinds herself to orgasm against Sovereign’s lips, tongue, and fingers.  And that’s just for openers. 

It’s a great closing scene with lots of real passion and mutual pleasure.  A fitting close to a terrific video production.  Only one thing could have made it perfect and that is for Kate, as the scene was fading to black, to say something to Sovereign Syer likelike, “So…where were you?” Or, even, “Now, get the fuck out of my house.”

Final Thoughts

This video gets a strong buy/rent recommendation for anyone who is a fan of Nica Noelle’s directorial work or a fan of any of the ladies in the video.  They all give terrific performances.  There’s great value for money in this one.

No technical issues – camera work, editing, lighting, and sound are all first rate.  As usual the direction is deft, sure handed, and minimal, by which I mean that it is always Nica’s intent to let the players develop the sexual parts of the scenes in the most natural way possible without a lot of (or any for that matter) stops and starts for changes of position.

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