Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mother Superior

Title:  Mother Superior
Studio:  Girl Candy Films
Director:  Nica Noelle
Writer:  Nica Noelle
Executive Producer:  Jerry Anders
Performers:  Magdalene St. Michaels, Mae Olson, Jasmine Jem, Ariella Ferrara, Ashley Graham, Lea Lexis, Presley Hart

Nica Noelle is going to Hell,
No Mea Culpa or ringing bell
No absolution or holy well,
Can restore her now from whence she fell.

Yes, friends, Nica Noelle is going to spend all eternity strapped to a chair watching Gonzo porn with her eyes sewn open.  I, too, will be there, forced to kneel between her legs and lick her pussy but not be allowed to give her an orgasm – just endless stimulation without release.  She’s going there because she made this video.  I’m going there because (bless me Father, for I have sinned) I watched it not just once, but three times (so far), and masturbated furiously each time.  So, I’m going to hell with Nica.  In fact, everyone who made this video will be there along with anyone who watches it.

But this video is worth it.  I’m glad I got to watch it.  I might not be so glad when demons are pouring molten lead down my throat, but for now, I say IT IS WORTH IT.

Magdalene St Michaels and Ariella Ferrara head an outstanding cast of women in habits.  And Nica Noelle has outdone herself with a brilliantly conceived, completely blasphemous, totally sacrilegious, tightly written script which she then directs with her usual deft touch.  To quote George Takei, “Oh my…”

I am going to forgo my usual scene-by-scene descriptions for this review.  I’ll leave the blow-by-blow descriptions and critiques to other reviewers.  I’m going to take a different approach.

Magdalene St. Michaels is a good actress.  She really is.  It really isn’t fair to other ladies in adult that she’s not only an incredibly sexy woman who can make dead men hard and even frigid women wet with desire, but that she can also act.  In this case she gets to play the Mother Superior and I cannot think of anyone else in the Adult Industry who could have played this part as well (or played it at all).  She takes Nica’s words and inhabits them; brings them to life.  She opens the video and has the first sex scene; setting the bar very high for everyone who follows her.  Her powerful presence dominates the production even when she is not on the screen.  When she is in the frame she completely dominates it in every way.  Her words are powerful whips of command that must be obeyed.  Her facial expressions convey an image of inner fires that might suddenly, spontaneously, combust.

Ariella Ferrara, long one of my favorite porn ladies, picks up the gauntlet Magdalene throws down and runs with it.  She gives a marvelously nuanced performance as a woman struggling with her sexual needs and desires; struggling with her guilt over feelings she can’t seem to control; her fear of being found out and cast out.  This kind of need/guilt/fear combination can be explosive and she demonstrates this in her two sex scenes, giving performances that show great passion, great vulnerability, and (this is not a contradiction) a certain degree of calculated sexuality.

Ariella’s scene with Jasmine Jem is a terrific example of what happens when a great script is delivered by performers who have completely committed to their roles.  And, at this point, I’m not even talking about the sex (which was incredibly hot).  The six or so minutes leading up to the actual porn part of this scene are well worth watching. 

I haven’t mentioned the other characters in this production, but they deserve notice as well.  Mae Olson’s scene with Magdalene (“Mother Magdalene” – OMG! Can you believe it?) torches the screen, takes the kinky-meter all the way to the stops, and leaves the viewer breathless, covered in perspiration, and in need of a towel.

Presley Hart, whose visage encased in all that starched white cloth reminds me a little of Chastity Lynn, plays the role of Ariella’s lesbian love interest to perfection.  And, when the clothes come off, her performance matches Ariella’s moan for moan, twitch for twitch, orgasm for orgasm.

And, I don’t want to neglect Ashley Graham and Lea Lexis who have a terrific scene together.  Their passion explodes across the screen but there’s also a playful element as well – a hint of mischief to add some spice to their sexual shenanigans.

Then there’s the music.  I don’t usually comment on porn sound tracks, but this one is an integral part of the video.  Nica Noelle rubs our faces in the sacrilege.  She starts out at full blaspheme and doesn’t take her foot off the gas for even a second.  Each passage of organ music or choral chanting is a reminder of how absolutely DIRTY this video is. 

The sets are perfectly conceived, with the Spartan ethos of Convent quarters as a backdrop for illicit, sinful, S-E-X.  Pictures of the “Blessed Virgin” and crucifixes are everywhere.  This is as it should be.  Nica set out to break a taboo that really hadn’t been broken before (at least not that I can recall, although I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong), and once she started down that road she had no choice but to go all the way.  As my grandfather used to say “might as well be hung for a sheep as a wooly lamb.”

No complaints technically speaking.  Shot selection, camera work, lighting, editing, and sound are all first rate.  I’ll even comment on the makeup, something I rarely do.  Each of the women was given something of a pale countenance which I thought fit the subject matter very well.

I’ve been a pretty poor predictor of awards, but if this one doesn’t win best girl-girl at next year’s AVN’s I want the judges drug tested and their bank accounts forensically examined.

Bravo, Nica.  I’ll save a spot for you next to the furnace.

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