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Girls Kissing Girls 11

Title:  Girls Kissing Girls 11
Studio:  Sweetheart Video
Director:  Dana Vespoli
Performers:  Lily LaBeau, Janessa Jordan, Samantha Ryan, Skin Diamond, Gracie Glam, Sinn Sage, Sandy, Chastity Lynn

What is it about women kissing that turns us on so much?  One answer might be “who cares?”  But the erotic power of women pressing their lips together, tongues probing, breath quickening, flesh trembling, is undeniable.  Nica Noelle certainly knew that when she started this series with volume one back in 2008.  Since taking over the franchise, Dana Vespoli has not only maintained the original series intent but has managed to intensify it.

Girls Kissing Girls 11 is a triumphant portrayal of Sapphic sexuality featuring a group of osculatrixes (yes, I just made up that word) who not only love kissing but know how to do it well.  And if kissing was the only thing they did well this would still be a good video.  Fortunately there’s more to it than that.  Ms. Vespoli unleashes all of her storytelling and directorial powers here and gives us great scenes full of passion, eroticism, and lust, all the while maintaining the romantic ethos suggested by the idea of women kissing.

Artistically, this video starts with a bang up montage backed by Skin Diamond reading from an erotic novel about women kissing.  As she’s reading we see, in succession, each of the pairs of women who will appear.  As trailers go this one can actually stand by itself as a solid piece of erotica.

The pairings are crucial to a video like this one and Vespoli doesn’t put a foot wrong in any of them.  So as Warner Wolf always used to say, “let’s go to the video tape.”

Scene One:  Lily La Beau and Janessa Jordan

Lily La Beau has a crush on Janessa Jordan.  Janessa doesn’t know this.  The only reason we know it is tha the scene opens with Lily journaling and describing her feelings.  Lily’s mother calls and Lily heads out.  Meanwhile, Janessa shows up and sees the journal where Lily has left it, and discovers Lily’s secret.  Lily catches Janessa in the act of reading the diary and, as you might expect, she’s embarrassed.  Fortunately for us, Janessa isn’t squicked by Lily’s feelings, and, (hooray!) they kiss.  (sigh) And, the rest, as they say, is history.

The speed with which they go from awkward to full on lust is a bit hard on my sense of credulity, but this isn’t Downton Abbey, it’s porn.  Things don’t have to make sense.  The passion is palpable, the flesh is lovely to behold, and there’s plenty of kissing to go along with the theme and title of the video.

Scene Two:  Samantha Ryan and Skin Diamond

Samantha Ryan is one of the most underappreciated and under recognized women in adult.  She is an artist in her own right, she’s beautiful, she’s graceful, she can act, and she’s got brains.  I have always admired her work and her name on a video box is guaranteed to get my attention.  Skin Diamond is an exotic beauty with charisma to spare, gigawatts of erotic energy, and feline grace.  The idea of these two women in the same scene made this video a must have for me.  I wasn’t disappointed.

Samantha is an erotic writer for this scene, and Skin is doing an interview.  At least she is supposed to be doing an interview.  Sometimes it seems like Ryan is the one doing the interviewing.  Samantha gets Skin to read (aloud) what she sees as her favorite passage from one of Samantha’s novels, which she does.  Ryan uses this as an opportunity to make her move, quickly seducing the younger woman.  This is one f the most effective scene set-ups I’ve ever watched.  It’s short and believable.  It gets us into the action without making us cringe.  And, if you’ve ever watched Samantha Ryan kiss you’ll agree that she’s one of the most erotic kissers in porn.

There’s a fire in the background but it can’t compete with the heat generated by these two lovely ladies.  Vepoli lets them take the scene wherever it wants to go, a good directorial decision on her part, and it pays off as we get a highly passionate, erotically charged scene featuring two of porndom’s loveliest lasses.  There’s plenty of clothed teasing and, of course, lots and lots of kissing.  But more than that these two make me believe that there’s no place they’d rather be and nothing they’d rather be doing than ravishing each other.  And, that, dear reader, is all we can ask from a porn performance.

Scene Three:  Sandy and Chastity Lynn

What can I say about Chastity Lynn that hasn’t already been said a hundred times?  She’s a total cutie pie and that makes the level of sexual depravity of which she is capable all the more erotic for being so unexpected.  She is, however, quite capable, as demonstrated in this scene, of delivering a romantic and nuanced performance as well.  Her partner here, Sandy, who I first saw in Lesbian Analingus is a gorgeous Hungarian import with more than 90 performances to her credit.  How I managed to miss her until this year will have to remain a mystery. 

Chastity is in coltish-little-girl-mode to kick off this scene.  She’s swimming laps, or something, while Sandy lays sunning her lovely backside and reading a magazine.  Each sneaks looks at the other and we catch them at it.  Chastity emerges from the pool and we learn that it’s Sandy’s pool and she’s letting Chastity use it.  Chastity is about to leave when Sandy asks the younger woman to “put some lotion on my back,” which, next to the offer of a massage, is one of the oldest seduction tricks in the world.  She compliments Sandy on her skin, and an awkward moment ensues, with Chastity playing the shy young thing to perfection, allowing herself to be seduced by the lovely Sandy.

I should note here that I haven’t, traditionally, been a big fan of Eurogirls in porn.  Too much playing to the camera and contrived passion for me.  If you like, I’ll give you a list of scenes that illustrate my point, but I won’t print them here.  I say that to say this – Sandy defies my stereotypes utterly.  Her raw sexuality is more than a match for Chastity’s well played inexperience and the result is a total pants tightener – DAMN.  The passion starts out hot and works its way past inferno to super nova before the bikinis even come off.  Sandy plays Chastity like a fiddle and it’s all the more powerful because we’ve seen Chastity do this to other women in other scenes.  Eventually the kissing couple moves to a nearby bedroom (thank goodness!) where Chastity worships Sandy’s beauty and is well rewarded.  Whew.  I felt rewarded too -- also sweaty and badly in need of a shower – by the time this scene faded to black.

Scene Four:  Sinn Sage and Gracie Glam

Sinn Sage and just about any female porn star you can name would be a top scene.  But when you combine Sinn with someone like Gracie Glam, well, my goodness, it’s explosive. 

Sinn has just returned from a year in the third world building houses.  We see her as she is reunited with her bestie Gracie Glam.  Sinn is acting all weird and shit and then she suddenly outs herself as a lesbian, expecting Gracie to freak out, which, thank goodness, she doesn’t.  On the other hand she goes right to the edge of protesting her un-freaked-ness too much, as in, “I’m saying I’m not freaked out, but, day-um, I sure as hell would have liked some warning.”  If anything, Sinn is the one who is freaked.  Even after admitting her love for other women and getting a totally affirming response, she’s still upset about something.  What is it?  Can it be that she has feelings for her best friend and is nervous about losing that friendship?  Probably.  It falls to Gracie to break the ice and there’s an excellent closeup of that first, tentative, kiss.  It’s a kiss that quickly escalates into a full on lip lock and we’re off to the races.

From this point things proceed along the usual high energy Sinn Sage scene path – a path I never get tired of no matter how many times I’ve seen it.  I can’t think of any other woman in girl-girl porn who is as passionately into women as Sinn Sage.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t any – it just means I haven’t seen them.  And as for Gracie Glam, she’s a sexual fireball all on her own.  But what about chemistry?  No worries – there’s a whole laboratory full of chemistry in this amazing closing scene.  Oh my yes, there’s chemistry here.  And, since this is a Sinn Sage scene, we are treated to multiple tribbing sequences (yes!) and lots and lots of lustful eye contact and intensity.

Final Thoughts

By the time I finished this one, dear reader, I was a mess.  I needed a shower, a drink, and a nap, in that order.  I also needed a major replenishment of fluids.  So, I think it’s safe to say that I liked this video and that I have no difficulty in recommending it to you for purchase or rental. 

The camera work, lighting, sound, and editing are all first rate.  Vespoli has a great eye and her shot choices are spot on (or at least I agree with them – your mileage may vary).  She has chosen a great cast and let them have at it.  It’s another great episode in this series, which I hope continues to many more volumes.

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