Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Couple of Internet Scenes

Title:  40Something.Com/SexandSubmission.com
Studio:  Score Media, Kink
Director(s): Not always credited
Performers:  Crystal Jewels, Veronica Avluv, Mark Davis

I don’t generally review streaming media because I don’t often have access to it (for a variety of reasons).   Sometimes generous souls offer me access to carefully chosen bits of ones-and-naughts streaming down the information super highway, and I get a glimpse into the world of downloadable porn.  This whole internet thing could really catch on…

Crystal Jewels Anal Scene

I’ll start with a Scoreland (40Something.com) shoot featuring Crystal Jewels in her only (to date) anal performance, and only her second hard core boy girl shoot that I’m aware of.  I don’t know why Crystal has had such a hard time winning over the talent scouts in Porn Valley.  She’s a beautiful MILF who loves sex.  What other qualifications are necessary?  I’ve given her a couple of positive reviews, including an outstanding performance in Lesbian Seductions 41 in which she shares a hot, and touching, scene with Heather Starlet.  She does both G/G and M/F, she does anal, will do DP and A2M, and is considering a gang-bang if she can find the right director and cast.   She looks like a real human being rather than a pumped up Barbie Doll, which is another thing in her favor, IMO.  And she has a body that most women her age would kill to have.  Watching this particular scene made me shake my head and ask:  Why isn’t this woman in more demand? 

It’s a simple scene in which we see Crystal, clad in a sexy baby-doll ensemble (is there a non-sexy baby doll ensemble?) looking out the window her hot Hispanic pool boy doing his job.  She has a hand in her panties as she fantasizes about asking him in for a little session of hide the salami (or in this case, chorizo).  Of course our young pool boy eventually makes it into the house where Crystal is waiting to seduce him.  He’s gorgeous.  I’d consider seducing him myself if he were my pool boy and if he swung both ways.  So no one can blame Crystal for going all wet in the panties over him. 

It doesn’t take long before she has his cock in her hands and mouth, and that’s where the fun starts.  This isn’t one of history’s great love stories.  This is lust, plain and simple.  Nothing fancy, just a good old fashioned shagging.  Crystal takes her young lover’s cock in a variety of positions for vaginal sex and then it’s time to move to the anal part of the show.  He slides into her back door with ease and then gives her a good seeing too (which she obviously enjoys) first in doggy and eventually in missionary.  And, to top it all off, she takes a load in the mouth and swallows – always a big plus in my book.

This video is worth a download for MILF sex fans, for Crystal Jewels fans, or for people who like simple, no-frills, passion featuring good looking people who get naked and copulate.  I hope that Crystal’s phone starts to ring pretty soon, because I think a lot of people are going to want to see more of her very soon.  You can see (and purchase) this video here: http://www.40somethingmag.com/modeldir/model/Crystal_Jewels-7038.html?nats=MTAwNC45LjEwLjEwLjI5LjAuMC4wLjA

Veornica Avluv/Mark Davis for Sex & Submission

Next up is the lovely (and oh so talented) Veronica Avluv.  As you all should know by now, Veronica has had an epiphany of sorts and has taken her career in a new direction.  I’ve always had the feeling, especially watching her with Manuel Ferrara, that she was a total sub where powerful men are concerned.  Not so much with women – in fact I’d say she’s more of a top in her girl-girl work, but that’s just my opinion.  If you go back to her performances with Manuel for Brazzers, her scene with him in RAW 9, Oil Overload 7, and RAW 13, her submissiveness is clearly evident.  So her post in a Brazzer’s forum that she was going to be exploring this aspect of her personality (and also splitting with hubby Hans, which I have to admit made me a bit sad) further came as no real surprise.

Fortunately for us we get to watch.  She’s done several Kink shoots recently, including Fucking Machines, Sex & Submission, and Foot Worship.  I didn’t get to see all three – I had to choose and I decided I wanted to see her with Mark Davis.  Now I’m sure that her other Kink shoots were outstanding, but I certainly wasn’t disappointed with her scene for S&S. 

Mark Davis, Hall of Fame Porn Actor, has emerged as a truly gifted male dominant.  I love watching him work with women.  More than that, I love watching women respond to him.  I’ve watched Mark for years (going back to when we both had hair on our heads) and I’ve always been a fan of his style.  He is both patient and forceful.  He takes his time but gets his way.  There’s no way some sub slut is going to top him from the bottom. 

With Veronica, however, he has a different challenge.  She so clearly wants to submit that he has to work a little harder to find her point of resistance – to find her limits and test them.  He seems to relish the challenge.  One thing about Veronica is that if you’re going to take her on you’d better have the balls for it because otherwise she’ll chew you up and spit you right out.  Mark is, of course, more than equal to the challenge and he completely dominates Veronica in every way.  She loves it.  She screams, she babbles, she orgasms, she squirts, and generally takes everything that Mark throws at her until she is reduced to (and we’ve seen this before) a whimpering puddle of girl goo.

The setting here is that Veronica is a sexually frustrated housewife who's husband ignores her, and her needs, in favor of work (or whatever it is husbands with incredibly sexy wives seem to do so often in porn).  Veronica goes to a bar where she becomes easy prey for Mark Davis, who takes her back to his dungeon and fucks seven kinds of hell out of her in a variety of bondage positions.  Whew. It doesn't look like so much of a big deal when I read these words, but trust me, you WILL get your money's worth if you buy this video.

I highly recommend this scene if you’re a fan of D/s, Vernoica Avluv, Mark Davis, or just like to see hard core fucking with a BDSM twist.  Well done, Kink.  You can find the scene at www.sexandsubmission.com. Enjoy.


  1. Let me start by saying that I’m really not much a BMSM fan. So I really don’t watch any Kink work other than Ultimate Surrender (love the wrestling competition). I do think that Peter Ackworth has a great business plan and produces quality niche porn. It’s just not my cup of tea.

    As for the other film, I’ve watched it. I’m like you. I cannot understand why Crystal’s phone is not ringing off the hook. She is real and that comes through very clearly in all of her films. She’s done GG and will have a GGG release shortly. We see her here in BG. She has another BG scene that portrays another side of her uncaptured in other scenes.

    If a producer wants to add a sense of realism to their pictures, take a chance on Crystal. What would they have to lose? What would they have to gain? Wouldn’t you agree Mstrhole?

  2. Hey I've loved Veronica for a long time (since she first started doing g/b wit Hans), but in this scene Mark Davis should know better (and I've told him so). He goes from ass to vag without cleaning himself off, and that DEFINITELY IS NOT SAFE. I don't care how clean a female thinks her ass is, that is a real good way to get a vag infection! I'm starting to see this more and more like it's the new ATM. At least the mouth has some defenses against bacteria. They used to cut away or change angle so you got the idea that the guy cleaned himself off, but no editing is that seamless. I like to watch with my wife but she goes ballistic if she sees some idiot doing this. You'd think someone who's been around as long as Mark Davis would know better. And what about these young guys out there who now think they can get away with this?

  3. This isn't the first time Veronica has gone A2V. She does it with Manuel Ferrara in Raw13 and I think she also did it with him in Raw9. I know she did it with him in Oil Overload 7. She went A2V with Mike Adriano in MILF's Anal Addiction -- he asked her permission and she said yes. As I recall her response was "I'm clean back there," or something like that. If she thought it was a problem, she probably wouldn't do allow it. I didn't mention it in my review because my assumption is that if it's in a legal work, the performer has given permission for it to happen and is aware of the possible consequences.


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