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Secret Desires

Title:  Secret Desires
Studio:  Transromantic
Director:  Nica Noelle
Release:  AEBN Streaming Video Only.  Not on DVD (yet)
Performers:  Wolf Hudson, Natalie Foxx, Amy Daly, Robert Axel, Christian XXX, Texas Doll, Eva Lin, Jane Marie

Transromantic Studio is Nica Noelle’s attempt to create story driven erotica in the transsexual niche.  Secret Desires is the second release for Transromantic (I still haven’t seen Forbidden Lovers, the first Transromantic release).  Prior to Transromantic I cannot think of any other studio that has ever featured transsexuals in anything but a gonzo format.  Titles like “Transsexual Prostitutes,” “Big Ass Shemale Adventures,” “The Next Shemale Idol,” and other, similar, fare has been the rule – mostly produced in Brazil, a country seemingly awash in beautiful transgendered ladies.

But transsexual porn has pretty much been niche porn.  For some, appearing with a transsexual in a video is considered the kiss of death for a career.  Some women won’t appear with them for the same reason they refuse to perform with bisexual males.  It’s a touchy subject.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I get turned on by the idea of someone with the body of a woman and the sexual equipment of a man.  And you have to admit that many of these transsexual women are really gorgeous.  Some just look like men with tits.  Still, Nica Noelle is taking a risk with Transromantic.  But she is no stranger to risk taking.  And in this, as in so many other areas of adult, she is well out in front of the rest of the industry.

So, what did I think of Secret Desires?  I’m reviewing it so that should tell you all you need to know.  Now stop reading this review and go to the AEBN website and give them some money so you can watch it too.

For those who actually enjoy reading my reviews, thanks for sticking around.  Read on.

Secret Desires has one unifying theme – men, presumably heterosexual men, are having sex with TSfemales.  This is a series of vignettes rather than a feature length story.  Each scene is different.  What I hope Nica will do at some point is include a TSfemale in one of her other productions.  I’d like to see the walls around the TS Ghetto come down.  Transromantic is a good start.

The videography is excellent as are the audio and editing.  The scenes are well lit.  Except for the first and third scenes there isn’t a lot of acting, or at least not by the standards of a Nica Noelle production.  The Wolf Hudson-Eva pairing has the longest (and best) set up and here is where Nica-the-story-teller really shines. 

Wolf does a great job with Nica’s expertly written dialog.  Eva Lin could have used a little more coaching, I think, but she did all right and her exotic beauty was more than compensation enough for any shortcomings as an actress.  I’m not going to give away the story, but it was the best scenario of the four, for my money.  The sex was romantic and tender; completely natural.  There was real chemistry and passion.  I wouldn’t have needed the money shots but it wouldn’t have been fair to let them have that much fun together and not finish.  It was a great scene.  Caveat No 1:  if implant scars bother you, be warned.  It appears that Eva’s implants are fairly new and the scars are pretty noticeable and very red. It didn’t bother me.  Her nipples are fantastic – men don’t usually have nipples like that – and because of that I didn’t really pay that much attention to the fact that her breasts were after market jobs.  Caveat No 2:  Wolf wears a condom.  If that’s a problem for you, I’m sorry.  It didn’t detract from the scene for me at all.

Christian XXX is in two scenes in this video.  Like Wolf Hudson, Christian is one of a handful of male porn actors who regularly shoots pegging scenes and scenes with TSFemales.  He’s also one of Nica’s “go to” guys in general and it’s easy to see why.  He’s a good looking man, he can deliver a line, and he’s good in the sack.  Heck, I’d do him – but it’s not likely that he’s into fat old men, so forget I mentioned that.  His first pairing is with Natalie, who plays the part of his legal secretary.  It also turns out that she is an out call escort/massage worker who ends up massaging Christian.  Oh what a tangled web we weave…  Natalie is beautiful and hasn’t had any upgrades, if that matters to you.  Not a lot of acting in this one – it’s pretty much of a standard set-up-and-let’s-get-to-the-sex kind of thing.  No worries – It’s still a great scene.  No condoms here and plenty of hot, passionate, yet still romantic and sensuous, sex.  Natalie gives us a big money shot before Christian XXX makes his contribution. 

His other scene, the last one in the video, is a purely fun threesome scene in which Christian is joined by the lovely Texas Doll and the also lovely Jane Marie.  Forget the set up, this one is about three people having a good time.  What could possibly go wrong? Well, lots, but this is Nica Noelle we’re talking about here, so no worries.  She rarely puts a foot wrong and this scene is no exception.  The tone is more playful than passionate, but that’s OK because we still get some cock stiffening sex delivered in Nica’s unique style.  Christian’s is the only money shot in this scene, but I totally didn’t care about that.  Everyone had a good time.

The other scene in this presentation features Amy Daly and Robert Axel.  Amy looks like the girl-next-door.  Robert Axel reminds me of Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds).  Amy is Axel’s babysitter/nanny.  Axel’s wife is working late and Amy has stayed later than usual to watch the baby.  How this leads to sex is something you’ll have to watch to find out.  But it does and that’s lucky for us, because I love watching Amy Daly.  She is the most “womanly” of the TSFemales in this video.  Her cock never gets hard, she never touches it during the scene, and she doesn’t ejaculate.  Why mention this?  Some will want to know.  But more than that, I think it’s important to point out that everything else about her in this scene fairly shouted “I’m really into this and enjoying it,” in terms of Amy’s body language – she was enjoying it as a woman, not a TS.  Robert has his way with Amy in multiple positions.  He made love to her with great tenderness and passion.   There’s more than lust going on here, and Robert’s wife had better look out.  I was left wanting to know what would be next for these two, and wanting more of Amy.

I have no difficulty at all strongly recommending this video for purchase or download if you are into transsexual videos (as I am) or even if you're just a fan of Nica's work.  If it ever comes out on DVD, you might want to have it for your collection.

This review comes with my famous money back guarantee.  If you don’t like the video feel free to try to get whatever you paid me when you read this review…

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