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Lesbian Seductions 41

Title:  Lesbian Seductions 41
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Director:  None Credited (Presumably Dan O’Connell)
Released:  July 2012
Performers:  Crystal Jewels, Heather Starlet, Jodi West, Prinzzess, Rilee Marks, Vanilla DeVille, Bibette Blanche, Mia Gold, Angela Sommers (non-sex), Lily Labeau (non-sex), Sinn Sage (non-sex)

This series of older/younger lesbian encounters continues in volume 41 with four strong scenes featuring a cast well balanced between established girl-girl stars and relative newcomers. I’m giving this a strong “buy” recommendation for fans of lipstick lesbian sex, fans of the Lesbian Seductions series, and lesbian porn fans in general.  There I go again, giving away the whole story in the lead.

One of the things I’ve liked about this series is how each of the vignettes tends to present a different aspect of the older/younger lesbian sexual landscape.  This volume is no exception.  As usual with GFF these days the visuals, camera work, lighting, audio, and editing are first rate.  I appreciate their commitment to getting it right on technical stuff, treating their performers well, and creating a situation where the sex seems totally natural and unforced.  Bravo GFF.  Thanks for understanding what porn consumers want and giving it to us.  Dan O’Connell should get some sort of porn “lifetime achievement” award for the trail he blazed with Girlfriends Films.  Some of those early videos are a little painful to watch now, but he and his crew learned, evolved, and eventually perfected their formula for producing consistently high quality lesbian videos.

But I digress, again.  Here’s what you came for…

Scene 1:  Crystal Jewels and Heather Starlet

This scene intersects with the opening scene in Women Seeking Women 86, and until I saw WSW86 parts of it didn’t make any sense.  Crystal Jewels plays the part of Angela Sommers’ mother.  Crystal, you may recall, had a great scene in Mother Daughter Exchange Club 24, which I also reviewed.  We get a second taste of her here and I’m glad.  I hope that Dan will include Crystal in more productions. I think she has tremendous potential with the right pairings and directors.

In this scene we see Angela roll up with her suitcase home from some place (college?) and Crystal is there to greet her with two pieces of big news:  She’s divorcing Dad and the reason is, she’s determined that she’s a Lesbian, even though she’s never had sex with another woman.  Angela is, of course, freaked out and storms out of the room.  This is a rather well played scene by both women, and we’ll get to see the rest of it, and how it turns out, in WSW86.  Angela tells her friend Lily Labeau (whom we will also see in WSW86) about her crazy mom.  Well, it seems Lily is actually a Lesbian, and is sympathetic to Crystal’s plight – wanting a girl, but not knowing how to get one (what teenage boy can’t resonate to THAT?) -- and she suggests Netskirts.  The pair hatches a plan to get Crystal hooked up.

Cut to Crystal in the shower.  Angela walks in, naked, (we find out why in WSW86), and basically drags her mother (who manages to wrap herself in a towel) into a nearby bedroom where a completely naked Lily Labeau is waiting with a completely clothed Heather Starlet.  This part of the scene rates about a -10 in the plausibility meter but after I watched WSW86 it went from -10 to about +25 or so (out of 100) and made at least a *little* sense.

Angela says that she’s gone out and found someone who is also looking for her first ever lesbian experience (Heather), and she wants mom to get it on.  So, we get this incredibly awkward sequence with Angela and Lily naked and openly touching each other (for reasons which we don’t really get to find out until WSW86) while they watch and encourage Crystal and Heather to do the nasty right in front of them.

Don’t fast forward through this.  Crystal Jewels and Heather Starlet give terrific performances here two women who want to have sex but have no clue how to start.  The painful shyness, tentative kisses, awkward touches, and general uncertainty are profoundly intimate, in spite of the presence, for a good part of the scene, of Sommers/Lebeau.  When they leave, things heat up, but they don’t come to a boil until the Hitachi gets turned on.  What follows is sexual tension that builds to a terrific climax as the two women share the industrial strength vibrator between them.  Heather is, by far, the more experienced of the two women in terms of her resume as an adult performer but she is careful not to just take over the scene and let’s Crystal find her way through it.  You need to be patient because the last third of this scene is explosively erotic, particularly when Crystal completely loses it and forgets to be shy or uncertain.  Heather plays innocent and inexperienced better than pretty much anyone, so this is a perfect pairing.  Well done ladies.  I want to see more of Crystal in GFF productions.  This MILF has a lot of untapped potential, and, the best thing is, she’s 100 per cent authentic.  She lacks the experience to fake it on camera.  When she gets off, you know it.

Scene 2:  Jodi West and Prinzzess

One reason for buying this video would be this scene.  It features two of GFF’s most consistently hot women, Jodi West and Prinzzess.  Jodi is a hot MILF and she’s proven over and over again that she likes the young stuff.  Prinzzess…well…she’s Prinzzess.  Need I say more?  This is a pairing worth the price of the DVD all by itself.

The set up for this scene is clever, if implausible, and fun to watch (as opposed to painful as these things sometimes become).  It involves bikinis, a corset, and a camera and ends up as a sexy wrestling match on a bed, which of course leads to sex.  It’s fun.

These two know what it’s all about, they want each other, and the sparks fly from the first kiss.  There’s a nice, long, make-out sequence to start with.  This is one of the things I like about GFF.  There’s no timer running when the women have sex.  They can do what they want in whatever time it takes (seemingly) and so the sex is always natural and passionate.   That’s the case here.  There’s no rush to attach a mouth to a pussy or any of that sort of thing.  These two are serious about their passion and they’re intention is to enjoy each other to the max.  Which, of course, they do.

There’s lots of good titty play, some nice tribbing, more kissing, and pretty much everything else two women can do with each other sans toys.  Passion with a capital “P” is the order of the day.  Great scene from two outstanding performers.  Good pairing.

Scene 3: Rilee Marks and Vanilla DeVille

This scene opens with Vanilla sitting on a sofa drinking wine with Sinn Sage.  This part takes a while to develop and I’m not going to go into all the details as the scene takes place over several days, seemingly.  The bottom line is that Sinn wants Vanilla to mentor Rilee Marks, more or less. I’m way over simplifying the scenario here, but the point is to get Vanilla and Rilee into a situation where sex will ensue.  And, that’s what happens.

Rilee is the young and inexperienced one of the duo and DeVille is very patient with her.  The scene develops slowly at first but when it kicks into high gear it stays there right to the end.  Lots of pussy eating, fingering, tribbing, and all that stuff.  Lots of passion.  Great chemistry.  This was a very fun scene to watch with plenty of eye candy.  The two women obviously enjoyed each other very much.  Good third scene, and well played.

Scene 4:  Bibette Blanche and Mia Gold

First of all, Bibette should sue whoever shot the cover for this DVD box because the picture looks awful.  That aside, I’ve always liked Bibette for her sexual directness and her openness about what she wants.  She makes no bones about what she’s after and I like that.  The New York accent is kind of cute too (I think anyway). 

This scene opens with Bibette, Mia, and Jodi West sitting on lounge chairs by a pool.  Bibette gets up and Jodi has a chat with Mia, who is Bibette’s step daughter in this scene.  Jodi is a family friend who has some concerns about Babette’s welfare.  Apparently Mia’s dad is cheating on Babette and just generally being an asshole (base state of all males – it’s genetically hard wired into our brains).  Mia is shocked and upset by Jodi’s revelations.  She really likes her step mom and is not happy that her dad is mistreating Bibette. 

Mia ends up comforting her step mother, where else but on a bed (naturally).  I’m sure you can see where this is headed.  Full marks class…got it in one.  Comfort becomes make-out becomes sex.  Just like that, step mom and step daughter are doing the mattress mambo, the duvet dance, the muffin bump.

Like the preceding three scenes this one develops at its own pace as kissing leads to gentle exploring and gentle exploring leads to more specific touching and that leads to full blown lesbian sex.  Lots of pussy eating, some 69, finger banging, kissing, body contact, and general lesbian mayhem ensue.  It’s a hot scene and a good one to finish off the video.

Final Thoughts

This was another winner in the Lesbian Seductions series.  Each scene was well worth the price of the video.  The opener with Crystal and Heather had the most intense moments and the Jodi West/Prinzzess coupling featured the hottest looking sex, but the scenes were pretty close together in terms of overall quality and heat.  Like I said, any one of them made the video worth having in a collection.  Fans of this series will enjoy this installment, and anyone who likes girl girl sex with an older/younger vibe will want to see it.  Highly recommended.

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  1. Bravo MstrHole on another outstanding review. I really look forward to reading your thoughts because they are always timely. You give credit where it’s due – with the director. It’s the director that finds great pairings and excellent story lines. You can have brilliant performers but if the story line sucks or if they made a mistake on the pairings, you have a “limp” film. This video will make anyone’s juices flow.

    I totally agree with your opinions about Crystal Jewels. There is so much untapped potential in this 49 year old woman it’s unbelievable. Her greatest asset is that she’s real. A smart studio like GFF will find plenty of roles for her and make a fortune in the process. I’d prefer not to compare her to anyone. Instead let’s say that if she gets the right breaks, major fame is right around the corner.


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