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Mother Daughter Exchange Club 25

Title:  Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 25
Studio:  Girlfriends Films
Released:  July 2012
Director: None Credited (presumably Dan O’Connell)
Performers:  Jodi West, Mia Gold, Kiera Winters, Syren DeMer, Bibette Blanche, Izy-Bella Blue, Brandi Love, Prinzzess

Take an all star cast of MILFS, put them in beautiful settings, pair them with cute young starlets, add a whiff of forbidden fruit, turn on the cameras, and tell them to have at it.   Well, that sure sounds like a formula for a successful lesbian video series if I ever heard one.  And that’s what the “Mother Daughter Exchange Club” has been for Girlfriends Films.  While some of the scenarios have been a bit awkward over the life of the series there is absolutely no doubt that the sex has been first rate, the women both beautiful and passionate, and the overall quality top notch.

That is certainly true of this 25th volume of Mother Daughter Exchange Club and that’s why I have no trouble at all strongly recommending this video for purchase or rental.  If you’ve been a fan of the series or are just a fan of high quality lesbian videos you’ll want this in your collection.  There are four scenes in this video, with two scenarios as set-ups.

Scene One:  Jodi West and Mia Gold

The scenario for this first scene is well played but silly and I won’t describe it further here.  It serves the purpose of getting Jodi and Mia alone in a bedroom and likewise Syren and Kiera in Scene 2.  ‘Nuff said.

If you went to Florida you would expect to see women like Jodi on a boat, on the tennis court, on the golf course, or some other outdoor location.  She’s gorgeous, she obviously works hard to stay in shape, and she obviously loves sex.  I prefer her girl-girl work, but her boy-girl shoots are also very bone inducing.  Mia Gold is a cute little thing with cheeks made for pinching and a mischievous smile.   She has a compact body with teeny-titties and she’s a flirty-teasing-tart who looks like she’d be a lot of fun.

Once alone they take their time talking and flirting before that all important first kiss.  Lots of nice kissing and clothed foreplay before they get naked.  Lots of eye candy wherever you look in this scene.  These two ladies like to have fun and this is a very passionate scene that still manages to be playful.  Nothing awkward or tentative here.  They know what they want and are very relaxed about getting it. No overdone fake moaning or gasping – I hate that.  Neither of them pays any attention to the camera or anything but each other.  They are enjoying themselves and we get to watch.  Lucky us!  Lots of kissing, touching, licking, pussy eating, fingering, and a nice scissoring sequence make this a highly wankable opening scene.  It’s well worth watching more than once.

Scene 2:  Syren DeMer and Kiera Winters

This pairing features a nice contrast in body type – Kiera brings the whole “waif” vibe, while Syren presents a more mature, and dare I say voluptuous image.   Syren plays the inexperienced one in this scene and in the initial stages, Kiera is clearly in charge.

Kiera is not shy once the two are behind closed doors.  I would describe the way she looks at Syren as “avid.”  Both of them look like the cat that ate the cream.  No doubt the atmosphere on the set was thick with lust as this was being shot.

Lots of finger play in this scene.  But it starts with Kiera getting Syren’s breasts uncovered and giving them a thorough going over.  Syren doesn’t object at all.  Then it’s on to pussy rubbing and Kiera rubs Syren to an orgasm, after which Syren returns the favor.  More play ensues and there’s pretty much the whole inventory of girl-girl sex sans toys. Nice bit of tribbing.  Good pussy eating sequences.  Plenty of kissing.  Both women have a good time.  Good scene with lots of eye candy and enough orgasms to go around.

Scene 3:  Bibette Blanche and Izy-Bella Blue

I would hate to speculate how many hours a week Bibette spends maintaining her physique.  I would imagine it’s a lot, and it shows.  Boy howdy.  She has an absolute killer body.  Izy-Bella is a total cutie.  She looks like she could be Bobbi Starr’s younger sister (not too much younger).  Look at her face and tell me I’m wrong.

I’ve seen quite a few of Bibette’s scenes for GFF and in my opinion this is the hottest one yet (and that’s saying something, because she’s been in some lava-hot scenes).  She’s really hot for Izy-Bella and does her best to get the young girl off (including some nice anal play), and that’s hot, but the scene REALLY takes off when Izy-Bella starts in on Bibette’s pussy.  Bibette has one of the most beautiful pussies in porn.  It’s a four course meal all by itself.  I know I could spend a number of happy hours eating it if she’d let me.  Izy-Bella knows what buttons to push and she pushes them.  Holy smokes does she push them.  She makes Bibette cum repeatedly and violently in squirting orgasms that are a thing of beauty to behold.  It’s incredibly intense and at the same time very intimate.  Bibette really lets go and we get to see her in a very vulnerable and real moment here.

The rest of the scene rocks too and it’s extremely wank worthy.

Scene 4:  Brandi Love and Prinzzess

First of all it must be said that this scene pairs two of the most beautiful women in porn.  Most women of any age would kill to have Brandi Love’s body with its perfect breasts, six pack abs, fabulous tush, dancer’s legs, and a face worthy of a Marlowe poem.  And, what shall I say about Prinzzess?  A young gazelle with the body and grace of a ballerina, pouty lips that beg to be kissed, and eyes that smolder with lust when she is on the make.

These two were just together in a terrific scene in MDEC 24, where they played mother/daughter.  Here, Brandi is playing Izy-Bella’s uptight mother and it’s Prinzzess’ job to get her to loosen up a bit.  Ha!  This oughtta be good.

Prinzzess plays her part with gusto, ruthlessly manipulating Brandi, who knows what is good for her and let’s Prinzzess have her way.  Most of this scene is Prinzzess teasing and then satisfying Brandi.  Prinzzess would make an awesome dominatrix, I think.  She’s definitely a top, except when she’s with India Summer (and even sometimes then).   In this case her focus on Brandi is almost palpably intense.  Brandi plays the part of someone inexperienced who has been without sex for too long and she plays it brilliantly.  Prinzzess controls the scene and goes to great pains to fully arouse Brandi before finishing her off.  Oh, she gets her rocks off as well, but the peak moments of the scene are when she’s playing Brandi like a finely tuned musical instrument.

This scene is explosively intense and makes a great ending for the video.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know how GFF keeps topping itself with the MDEC series.  I thought MDEC 24 was one of the best yet and this one turned out to be even hotter.  All four scenes were well done and very wankable.  This video will be very enjoyable for fans of GFF in general, of the MDEC series specifically, and/or fans of any of these stars.

No technical problems that I noticed.  Good camera work and excellent lighting.  Audio was good as was the editing. 

This gets a “highly recommended” from me for either purchase or rental.  Bon appétit!

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