Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Creamy Panties: My Lesbian Stalker

Title:  My Lesbian Stalker (Creamy Panties Series)
Studio:  Girl Candy Films
Director:  Nica Noelle
Performers:  Jalena Jensen, Siri

Creamy Panties is a series of lesbian vignettes written, produced, and directed by Nica Noelle.  These mini-movies have actual story lines and require her performers to be able to act as well as have sex.  Notwithstanding the fact that most adult performers are better at the sex part, the stories still work.

In (TITS!) this installment (TITS!), titled My Lesbian Stalker, (TITS!) we are blessed (TITS!) by the presence of two of porndom’s naturally well endowed (i.e. their breasts aren’t surgically enhanced) women (TITS!), Jelena Jensen and Siri.  This is the first time I’ve seen Jelena in a scene where her breasts weren’t the biggest in the room.  Siri is a relative newcomer to porn, and she would have made a perfect model for 17th century Dutch painter Peter Paul Rubens.  In fact, the term “Rubenesque” might have been coined just for her.  She is gorgeous.  So is Jelena Jensen.  In fact this video vignette has a veritable SURPLUS of gorgeous.  We’re on pulchritude overload.  Oh and did I mention there are TITS!?

So this episode is a twofer – if you have either a breast or panty fetish you are in for a treat.

As the scene opens, Jelena Jensen takes an artsy poolside stroll accompanied by some new age piano music – the kind you hear coming out of the kiosk at Target where they sell all those new age relaxation CD’s with titles like “Celtic Dreams” and “Relaxing Piano” – but the music worked and the fact that Jensen was in a skimpy black bikini made it difficult to concentrate on anything else anyway.  Jensen puts her feet in the water, takes some water in her hands and dribbles it on her ample chest, and just generally looks beautiful.

Cue Siri, who sneaks onto the scene and provides some narration to set up the rest of the scene.  She’s a spurned lover who can’t let go and now she’s stalking Jelena.  She’s peeking through the fence at Jelena lounging by the pool.  Of course she’ll get caught.  It is an inevitable development in the dramatic convention of stalking portrayals that eventually the stalker is caught.  And, so, Nica gives us a series of images, over time, of Siri spying on Jelena.  Until Jelena catches her and boy is she pissed.

Now there is a nice bit of acting by both women here and an excellent piece of writing/direction by Nica Noelle.  This is worth watching.

Jelena is pissed and proceeds to give Siri a dressing down.  This is turning Jensen on.  She releases her inner Dominatrix, or to put it another way, she opens up the cupboard and takes out a six pack of whup-ass.  Siri just wants to leave.  She is humiliated.  This beautifully played.

Jelena hauls Siri to the bedroom and pushes her down on the bed, and then she proceeds to dominate her sexually in one of the most erotic performances I’ve seen.  Sometimes sexual humiliation is just uncomfortable to watch.  It makes me feel uncomfortable.  This isn’t like that. 

Jensen pushes Siri down on the bed and then straddles her (fully clothed at this point). “Is this what you wanted?” she asks.  That’s just for starters.  The look of shame on Siri’s face is so real you almost feel bad for watching.  Almost, but, not quite.  This is sexy as hell.  Jensen and Siri are brilliaint.  Watching Siri go from humiliated and embarrassed to turned on and willing was very arousing.  Nicely done!

In keeping with the Creamy Panties theme Jensen and Siri engage in lots of panty play.  When Jensen finally takes off Siri’s panties she stuffs them in Siri’s mouth.  This is a very sexy bit of business and appears completely unscripted.

There’s also a lot of breast play and we see Jensen’s now signature move as she masturbates Siri’s pussy with one of her tits.  It’s a hot move and it always works.

One of the high points of the scene for me was Jensen riding Siri’s face, fucking the younger woman’s mouth with her pussy and really getting off on doing it.  That was a very intense moment.  And, the one thing I was afraid of didn’t happen.  Having taken her pleasure, Jensen didn’t jump off the bed and say “now, get out bitch and never bother me again.”  Instead there was some nice after play with kissing and gentle touching as the scene faded to black.

This was a great piece of work in all respects.  Technically there were no flaws whatsoever.  Good writing, good acting, good videography, and hot girl-girl sex – what more could we ask for?

This entire series is HIGHLY recommended.  This is a great one for panty fetishists, breast lovers, lipstick lesbian aficionados, or anyone else who likes their porn with a little bit of story attached.

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