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Mother Lovers Society 7

Title:  Mother Lovers Society 7
Studio:  Sweetheart (Mile High Media)
Director/Writer:  Melissa Monet
Performers:  Julia Ann, Chastity Lynn, Eva Fenix, Jessie Andrews, Zoe Holloway

Melissa Monet takes the reins of the Mother Lovers Society series as both writer and director.  She has a tough act to follow as Nica Noelle did a superb job with volumes one through six.  Volume 7 is a reboot of the franchise – the previous six installments described the trials and tribulations of youth obsessed Magdalene St Michaels.  While I’m not a big fan of reboots I think this series was ready for some changes following Nica Noelle’s departure from Mile High.  Melissa Monet brings a fresh approach while at the same time maintaining the things that were appealing about this series to begin with.

What is it about generational sex that makes it so erotic?  Is it the hint of forbidden fruit?  The older, more experienced individual seducing a fresh young thing? Or, as is sometimes the case, a young but precocious character seducing someone older?  Either way it seems to be a big dang deal in the porn world.  There are hundreds (if not thousands) of titles featuring this theme.  So, I ask you, what is it about this type of relationship that is so damn sexy?  Please respond in the comments section.

Mother Lovers Society 7 is well worth watching both for the sex, which is spectacular, and for the story which is both well written and well portrayed.  Zoey Holloway deserves special mention.  Her performance as an uptight mother who secretly reads smutty novels is a smashing success.  Kudos to Monet for providing a well written and well conceived script and to Zoey Holloway for delivering it convincingly.  Likewise, Julia Ann delivers an excellent performance as a mature woman who enjoys sipping from the font of youth.  And the youngsters in this video also deliver making up for their lack of experience with youthful energy and passion.

So having established that 1) I liked the movie, 2) I thought the script was well written, 3) the sex was spectacular, and 4) the acting was excellent, what’s left to say?  I suppose I ought to get into some specifics.  There are four sex scenes in this video.  Three of them feature the older/younger fetish.  There are two story lines.  One is that Julia Ann and her (much) younger lover (Chastity Lynn) have moved into a neighborhood occupied by Zoe Holloway, her daughter (Jessie Andrews), and her daughter’s friend (Eva Fenix). 

The second story line concerns the sexual awakening (?) (or is it confusion) being experienced by Zoey Holloway’s character.  She appears to be a sexually repressed/frustrated woman approaching middle age with an itch she can’t scratch.  She gets some help from Eva Fenix who also seems to have an itchy situation.

The story opens with Julia Ann and Chastity Lynn moving boxes of stuff into their new home.  Jessie and Eva walk by and notice that Julia kisses Chastity on the mouth.  Julia notices the cute young girls as well and I would describe her attitude toward them as “hungry.”  Cut to the Holloway living room where Zoey is on the sofa, a piece of furniture put to good use later on, reading a steamy novel aloud to herself.  She has a hand poised to dive into her blouse but doesn’t go all the way with it.  In a nice piece of directorial business, Monet has Jessie and Eva walk past a window which is in the frame of the shot so that we know they’re about to enter the house even though Zoey does not – her back is to the door. 

The surprise and shock on Zoey’s face when Jessie and Eva “catch” her is priceless.  As is her demeanor when she hurriedly stuffs the book between the sofa cushions and rearranges her clothes.  She tries to pretend nothing has happened but she’s busted and she knows it.  Anyone who’s been caught with contraband knows the feeling and the reaction.

The girls announce that they’re going to Jessie’s room to “work on our resumes,” and this sets up sex scene number one.

Scene One:  Jessie Andrews and Eva Fenix

So we have Jessie and Eva sitting cross legged on Jessie’s bed.  Let’s see…what should we talk about? How about lesbian sex?  Sure.  We have two lesbians living next to us now and you’re uptight about it-- I saw you squirm when they kissed.  Did not.  Are you afraid of two women kissing? No I’m not.  Are too.  Am not.  3…2…1…SMACK! Houston, we have ignition…and…we are GO for lip lock…  The rest is pretty standard girl-girl fare – no new ground being broken here – but it is well done girl-girl with lots of passion, youthful enthusiasm, and lust.  And of course it doesn’t hurt that Jessie and Eva are both lovely– we have something nice to look at everywhere in the frame.  Well done ladies.

Scene Two:  Julia Ann and Chastity Lynn

In terms of whom I like to watch on the screen I have to say that Julia Ann and Chastity Lynn are two of my favorites.  I won’t go into the details of why here – you can find my views on these two elsewhere in this blog – but either one of their names on a video box cover or internet ad is guaranteed to get my attention and more often than not my hard earned cash.  So it’s a real bonus to have them not only in the same video but in the same scene as well.  Julia and Chastity are a couple, obvious differences in age aside.  So it’s no surprise that they have sex.  In this case, they have it in the shower.  If you’ve read my other reviews you’ll know that I have a “thing” about not liking scenes where the surface upon which the bodies rest during sex looks uncomfortable.  The hard, cold, tile of a shower seems like it should be such a place. Well, it should.  Forget it.  This is easily the most intense scene in the entire video, and I wish I had a stronger word to use than “intense.” 

When Julia Ann was a young porn starlet back in the 90’s she seemed to be all about the hair and the makeup.  She was young and beautiful and inexperienced.  Fast forward a couple of decades.  The hair and the makeup are still formidable, and the beauty is still just as it was (only more mature and I think more attractive), but the person inhabiting that lovely well coifed and impeccably made up shell now has a huge storehouse of sexual experience to call upon in every scene.  Not only that, but Julia continues to grow as a person and as a performer in terms of what she wants to explore.  She’s willing to push boundaries and is perfectly willing to appear vulnerable, i.e. “real” on the screen.  She has nothing left to prove to us and her more recent performances (e.g. Gangbanged 4) reveal a willingness to let us see her under less than perfect circumstances as she enjoys herself with complete freedom and abandon.

Chastity Lynn is the perfect partner for Julia in this scene.  In fact, I can’t think of another adult star of her generation who could have pulled this off.  Chastity, as I’ve said before, has a perfectly innocent looking exterior with the mind of a totally debauched pervert – and I mean that in the most complementary way.  I have never seen her give a performance that wasn’t one hundred per cent bone inducing.

So, Julia Ann and Chastity Lynn have sex in the shower.  Well excuse my tendency toward understatement please.  They fuck each other’s brains out.  They fuck each other silly.  They push each other into orgasm after orgasm with an intensity that has to be seen to be comprehended. By the end neither one has a lick of makeup left.  They look, in a word, bedraggled.  They are obviously drained, sated, and completely fucked out.  That pretty much describes me by that point as well.

Scene Three:  Zoey Holloway and Eva Fenix

The positioning of scenes within a video is, I think, an important part of the art of directing.  Here is a case in point.  We’ve just seen an incredibly intense balls-to-the-wall scene between Julia and Chastity.  Melissa Monet makes a great decision to follow that with a much more romantic, sensual, and slower paced scene between Zoey and Eva.  And I’m not saying that this scene is in any way less arousing or somehow less erotic than the one preceding it.  But the contrast between the two scenes couldn’t be starker. 

Instead of the cold, hard and unyielding tile of a bathroom/shower, we have a comfortable living room with a massive leather couch with pillows and a homey looking throw.  Warmth surrounds us on all sides.  Leather is sexy, although in my experience it’s not all that great a surface for naked skin – your mileage may vary.  But leather is sexy and warm.  In this case it’s a well worn brown leather couch that looks really comfortable.  The lighting is different as well and this scene has a completely different feel to it.

Having dispatched Jessie Andrews to deliver cookies to the new neighbors Zoey is alone in the house with Eva.  When Zoey leaves the room, Eva digs into the cushions for Zoey’s book and begins reading it (keep in mind that not that long ago, Eva and Jessie had caught Zoey reading this same book with one hand down her pants) seemingly oblivious to the idea of being caught; or as is more likely she WANTS Zoey to catch her.  Thank you again Captain Obvious.

Of course Zoey catches her.  Eva doesn’t try to hide the book or her reaction to it.  Zoey takes this as a green light to proceed with seducing her daughter’s young friend and Eva is more than willing.  What ensues is a loving, sensual, intimate encounter with ample foreplay, lots of kissing, and a slow build up to explosive orgasms for both women.

Zoey is very patient with her young partner.  She doesn’t rush things.  It may seem like it takes forever for them to get naked but that is part of the charm of this well played scene.  And while it seems to take a while to get up speed once they’re cruising Zoey and Eva keep the intensity level set on high.  It’s a great scene.

Scene Four:  Julia Ann and Jessie Andrews

“Come into my parlor,” said the spider to the fly.  This sums up the final scene in the video.  Jessie, at her mother’s direction, has brought a plate of cookies to the new neighbors.  Julia finds Jessie’s assumption that Chastity is Julia’s daughter amusing.  She looks Jessie over and decides she might make a tasty morsel.  Forget the cookies.  Julia wants Jessie’s cookie.  The seduction is ON.

I love Julia Ann as predator.  She’s so good at it.  In this scene she’s practically drooling over Jessie Andrews from the moment they sit down on the sofa together.  Jessie seems perfectly willing to be Julia’s next snack but she does a great job of seeming oblivious to what’s going on at least at first.  Jessie thinks she’s being interviewed for a job in Julia’s organization and she’s eager to please.  She acts a little confused when Julia starts to get physical.  She even plays a little hard to get when Julia moves in for the kill.  It’s a cute moment but thankfully short lived because it’s simply not sustainable as a premise.

Once the real kissing starts the scene escalates quickly.  It’s fun to watch Julia with a much younger female partner.  She uses her experience to give pleasure and to teach at the same time.  Jessie is a fast learner and the two share a spirited romp on the living room sofa (leather again).  Julia fully tastes her new conquest and Jessie is more than happy to be the flavor du jour.  It’s a delightful closing scene, and there’s a laugh out loud moment at the end as Jessie is resting against Julia’s chest and looks back over her shoulder to ask “did I get the job?”  To which Julia replies, “I have plans for you.”  Fade to black.


No technical issues.  Good videography, solid editing, excellent lighting and sound. 

This was a good production from every aspect.  Well written and directed.  Well played by the actresses.  I’ll be interested to see if MLS continues as a soap opera with interlinked episodes (like volumes 1 through 6) or if it becomes more of a Lesbian Seductions series exploring the older/younger vibe without any continuing stories.  This episode lacked the drama and angst of previous volumes but the issues explored were still real issues and presented in a realistic way.

This is a highly recommended video for anyone who likes a little story with their lipstick lesbian sex, either for purchase or rental.  Julia Ann fans will love it because she has two scenes.  Perhaps we can see Chastity Lynn with Zoey Holloway in a future episode…

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  1. Great question on why we love buying porn that spans a generation. Since I’m an old fart, let me pontificate about the older partner in these movies.

    There are some fantastic porn performers that have 30 in the rearview mirror. Let me name names. I love India Summer, Julia Ann, Nina Hartley, Magdalene St Michaels, Daryll Hanah, Sindee Coxx and a new performer – Crystal Jewels. All of them look years younger than they really are. All of them do things in front of the camera that most of us only (wet) dream about. But there is another side of this too.

    These powerful performers send clear messages to ordinary soccer-moms. Keep in shape. Stay sexually attractive and sexually active. Try new and stimulating things. Share your fantasies with your partner. It’s OK to be different than your parents. My kids are probably doing the exact same consensual things already.

    We are seeing that older women today make a conscious effort to maintain a sexy appearance. I thank the MILF porn performers for being cutting edge role models.

    I would be very interested in hear other opinions, and especially from the younger point of view.


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