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Oil Overload 7

Title:  Oil Overload 7
Studio:  Jules Jordan Video (Christ Streams Productions)
Director:  Chris Streams
Performers:  Asa Akira, Brooklyn Lee, Eva Angelina, Jessie Rogers, Kryssy Lynn, Veronica Avluv, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Mr. Pete, Toni Ribas

Synopsis:  Women cover themselves with oil and are then pounded into puddles of orgasmic goo by well hung studs.  There are six scenes on this two disc offering from Jules Jordan Video.  Each stands alone.  Do NOT watch this video without a large supply of lube and tissues.  Trust me.


-       You like Gonzo Porn

-       You enjoy seeing beautiful, horny, women wearing sexy outfits covered in oil

-       You enjoy watching women reduced to trembling, shaking, totally destroyed, puddles of orgasmic goo by   master cocksmen who show them absolutely no mercy

-       You like videos that you can watch again and again

-       You are a fan of Veronica Avluv and/or Asa Akira

Watching this video is the closest I’ve been to a “no hands” orgasm since I watched my very first porn video when I was 18 years old.  I don’t know how much higher a recommendation I can give it than that.  Chris Streams has put together a compelling combination of hot women, oil, and huge cocks in this volume of Oil Overload.  For some reason I managed to miss volumes 1 through 6 of this series, a defect in my porn viewing that I intend to repair as soon as possible (or as soon as I catch my breath, which may be a while).

The trailer alone is wank worthy.  But trailers often mislead us about what’s actually in a video.  Ha! Not true in this case.  The trailer is a very faithful representation of what’s inside.  And it’s SEVEN MINUTES LONG.  Trust me on this one folks, the trailer shows you what you’re getting.  Some of you are going to be jerkin’ the gherkin before you even get to scene one.

Many gonzo videos will have one or two really strong scenes and a few that just sort of fill out the rest of the disc.  Once again that’s not true in this case.  Every scene is a winner.  Do I have my favorites?  Of course I do.  My current favorite MILF, Veronica Avluv is in this production and that alone made me want to see it.  Asa Akira, another fave of mine, is also in it and that was a second great reason to want to watch it.  Erik Everhard  (an aptronym if I ever saw one) and Manuel Ferrara, two of porndom’s most masterful cocksmen are in two scenes each.  Ladies and gentlemen, this video has more heavy hitters than the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers.

And the women.  OMG.  What an absolutely mouth watering collection of distaff pulchritude.  Jessie Rogers?  Brooklyn Lee? Eva Angelina? Krissy Lynn?  Plus Asa and Veronica?  It’s not fair.  It’s not fair at all.  I had to watch this video over several days because I was so totally drained, I couldn’t watch more than two scenes at a stretch.  Each of these awesome ladies is covered in oil and then pounded into total orgasmic submission by one or more of porn valley’s top studs.  It. Is. Not. Fair.

I enjoy story driven porn a lot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like a little gonzo once in a while, and this is a great example of what I like.  I have consistently said, here and elsewhere, that the best thing a porn director can do is put two horny people who like each other in a room, turn on the lights, microphones, and cameras, and let them have at it.  There is fantastic chemistry in every scene.  The men know what they’re doing, the women are responsive and oh-so-sexy, the camera work and lighting are superb, and the editing is kept to a bare minimum.  You never get the impression that the director has yelled “CUT!” at any point before the money shot.  This is raw, uninhibited, no holds barred (or holes for that matter), s-e-x.  This is fucking at its most brutal animalistic level, and yet, there is an undercurrent of mutual respect in all of this that is not often found in this genre.  The women aren’t humiliated or belittled.  The men seem focused on giving pleasure to the women and the women give it right back.

This may be the longest review I’ve ever written.  Good thing blog space is pretty much unlimited.  I don’t know why you’re still reading at this point – you should be going out and getting yourself a copy of this video.  But, as long as you’re still here…

Scene One:  Jessie Rogers and Erik Everhard

Director Chris Streams doesn’t waste any time putting his foot on the gas in this video.  He starts right off with the throttle wide open and never lets up.  Jessie Rogers appears in a cute little blue outfit with her heart shaped booty and killer smile and does a little rump shaking for us before the olive oil bottle comes out and the fun starts.  This sets the pattern for the rest of the video as each lady treats us to some solo dancing/prancing/squirming with the oil before the cock appears (or cocks in the case of Krissy Lynn’s scene).

Erik Everhard is one of my favorite male performers.   I’ve never seen him fail to entice a terrific scene out of his female partners.  He’s handsome, hung like a donkey, and he knows what to do.  I’m guessing that he’s an OK guy otherwise because the women he’s with seem to like him a lot.  Jessie sure seems to. 

Once Everhard starts fucking Ms. Rogers he pounds the living hell out of her and she absolutely loves every second of it.  He opens up her ass and then squirts large quantities of oil directly into her gape and then follows it with his cock.  Her facial expressions are priceless as she’s being pounded into submission.  So are his, come to think of it.  This is an incredibly intense scene and finishes with a nice deposit of guy goo on Jessie’s face and in her mouth.  Whew…if this is how it STARTS…

Scene 2:  Brooklyn Lee and Manuel Ferrara

Brooklyn appears on the screen in a fetching (and tiny) black and teal number and does a sexy little grind for us before oiling up.  Manuel appears and adds more oil before he’s ready to nail her to the floor.  The fucktastic Frenchman takes over from this point on and Lee appears to start popping off orgasms like firecrackers from the first moment Manuel fastens his mouth on her pussy.  Was she ready to be fucked?  Can any woman really be ready for the kind of fucking Manuel gives?  Seriously – I’m asking.

She worships his cock, he literally sucks her pussy, then he fucks her.  That’s sort of an understatement. He fucks her some more.  He fucks her ass.  He squirts oil directly into her ass and fucks her some more. He fingers her into a spectacular series of orgasms until she begs him to stop.  He fucks her some more. She worships his cock and tosses his salad.  He fucks her some more. Finally, he stands back and sprays her supine form with his nut sauce.  Fade to black?  No, she worships his cock some more and gets jizz in her hair.  Now we can fade to black.

Scene 3:  Krissy Lynn with Tony Ribas and Mr Pete

Krissy Lynn is a leggy, buxom, bombshell who opens with some pole dancing before the oil comes out.  She has a cute blue outfit on including some blue chaps (although they’re more like stockings). Mr RIbas and Mr Pete show up and the cock worship begins.  So, you have two studs, one hot woman, huge quantities of oil, and cameras.  Let the fucking commence.  From this point on there is almost no moment when Ms. Lynn doesn’t have a dick in at least one of her openings.   Lots of spit roast action along with a generous helping of DP and anal in various positions. 

I’m convinced that one of the reasons that female porn stars wear so much eye makeup is so that we can see it completely destroyed and draw some conclusions about the intensity of the scene from that.  Works for me.  Lynn’s makeup is pretty much trashed less than half way through her complete domination by these two masterful cocks.  She’s a mess.  But she’s also a trooper and she takes everything these two guys can dish out and is begging for their cum at the end, still playful and still in the game.  What a performance!  Bravo!  Everyone hit the showers.  That’s the end of disc one.  Holy shit…we still have a whole disc, and three more scenes to go.  Must…replenish…fluids…

Scene 4:  Eva Angelina and Erik Everhard

Mohawked  alt chick Eva Angelina is dressed (well, sort of) in black latex (or leather?).  Her bustier has cutouts for her breasts – very erotic.  The setting is appears to be one of those converted warehouse lofts with lots of industrial brick.  The background includes some pretty impressive multimedia gear including a stack of speakers I’d love to have in MY living room.  What am I saying?  I’d love to have EVA in my living room, although the wife would probably object.  Oh well.

Continuing the pattern set in the first three scenes, Angelina dances and prances for us in front of a large window and then a leather sofa without and then with oil added before Everhard appears with his mighty spear.  He buries it in Angelina’s pussy and we’re off to the races.  In a lot of gonzo we mostly see the women and the cocks remain largely faceless, as though they people the cocks belong to aren’t important.  That’s not the case in Oil Overload 7.  Lots of nice long shots showing us both participants abound in this volume.  This scene is a great example.  We clearly see how much Erik enjoys having his schlong massaged by Eva’s pussy.  His look of concentrated pleasure is a real turn on.  I was imagining what it felt like to be him at that moment.

He plunders her pussy, fucks her oiled up titties, goes back to the pussy, finger bangs her pussy, fucks her pussy some more, teases her asshole with his fingers, bangs her pussy again, strums her clit like a mandolin player, and finally dumps a load of cum in her wide open mouth.  No anal in this scene but the intensity of the fucking make up for it.  Eva is well and truly seen to.

Scene 5:  Asa Akira and Tony Ribas

Asian hottie Asa Akira is paired with studly Spaniard Tony Ribas for this scene.  We’ve already seen Tony tag team Krissy Lynn with Mr. Pete so we have an idea of what he can do here.  Asa and Tony have some (good) history.  He had scenes with her in both volumes of Asa Akira is Insatiable and has appeared with her in several other video releases as well.  So there’s chemistry aplenty before the first ones and zeros start to accumulate. 

As with the previous four scenes Asa gives us a little bump and grind action before getting together with Tony.  Hmmm…”getting together with Tony” makes it sound like a couple of friends going out for a beer.  That is definitely NOT what we’re talking about here.  Remember when I said that Mr. Streams had opened the throttle wide and never took his foot off the gas?  The intensity meter is still pinned all the way over to maximum for this scene. 
Asa loves to fuck – the harder the better.  Tony uses his mouth, his cock, his fingers, and even his toes to completely dominate all of Akira’s oil soaked openings and the harder he fucks her the more she wants.  She really does seem to be insatiable.

Tony makes Asa squirt and eventually she makes him squirt as well producing a very messy facial and some nasty cum covered cock worship at the end.  Asa is a mess, just like the other women in this production but she wears it well – her dishevelment becomes a badge of honor.  She looks at the camera and seems to say “look what I did!”  Yes, Asa, we see it.  Good job.

Scene 6:  Veronica Avluv and Manuel Ferrara

And now we come to the ultimate scene.  The one I’ve forced myself to wait for.  I gave myself a day off after viewing the Asa Akira/Tony Ribas love bout so that I could replenish my precious bodily fluids. I wanted to have plenty on hand (no pun intended) when I watched Veronica and Manuel go at it for what must be the fifth or sixth time in the last couple of years.  IAFD lists three other scenes where they were together (not counting this one) and I know there are others for Brazzers.  Veronica loves fucking Manuel.  She becomes his cock slave and its pretty god damned intense.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen any woman respond to a man the way that Veronica does to Manuel.  She squirts, she babbles, she shoots oil out of her ass, she lets Manuel squirt oil into her mouth (man, that HAD to taste nasty), and she submits to one of the most brutal (and yet somehow tender) fuck sessions I’ve ever seen.

It’s like Manuel has a GPS of all of Veronica’s most sensitive spots and he manipulates them like Yo-Yo Ma playing a concert. 

Look at her eyes when Manuel enters the frame.  Smoldering much?  She can’t wait.  If you watch closely during her solo bump and grind sequence she’s actually trembling.  I doubt if she has Parkinson’s so I’m going to assume its lust.  Her whole body is vibrating as she awaits the arrival of her master.  And make no mistake, when it comes to fucking, Manuel is her master.

Have I mentioned how beautiful Veronica Avluv is?  Shame on me.  Should have put that up front.  Dancers legs, a Vargas Girl body, and a face that could have launched Marlowe’s famous thousand ships.  Every inch of her absolutely SCREAMS sex.  But she’s not for just any man.  No sir.   If you’re going to go a few rounds with Veronica you’d better be able to keep up because she brings it one hundred per cent from the word “go.”  It takes a VERY confident man; a very secure man; to make love to a woman like Veronica.  Her husband Hans must be a world class stud, that’s all I can say.

Ferrara claims (and I use that word with intent) all of Veronica’s openings with his massive endowment, gives her tits a good cock stroking, repeatedly squirts oil directly up her ass and stands back while she squirts it back out, kisses her passionately, eats her pussy, finger bangs her to several squirting orgasms, and generally reduces her to a babbling orgasmic mess.   When he finally blows his wad she looks up adoringly as she waits for the deluge.  Anything he manages to deposit in her mouth she eagerly swallows.  The rest paints her face and torso.  It’s a pretty impressive load.

This scene isn’t as intimate as their bout in Raw 9, but it is every bit as intense and deserves its place at the end of this magnificent two disc set.  Whew.  By the time my screen went to black I was just as much a mess as the two people on the screen.  Double Whew.


Beware; this video may be too intense for anyone with a weak heart.  They really should have put that warning on the box cover.  Get a copy of this video and watch it.

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