Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creamy Panties: Straight Girl in Distress

Title:  Creamy Panties – Straight Girl in Distress
Studio:  Girl Candy Films
Director: Nica Noelle
Performers:  Sovereign Syre, Aiden Starr

Just recently a kind patron of the reviewers’ art provided me with access to AEBN’s VOD service, and, no, it was not anyone connected in any way with the production or distribution of adult videos.  So, I used my new found access to watch some of Girl Candy’s new material which is not yet out on DVD.  I started with Nica Noelle’s  Creamy Panties series.  These are lesbian sexual vignettes with a definite nod toward the panty fetish and each stands on its own.  This review concerns Straight Girl in Distress.

Each of the stories in the Creamy Panties series (and they ARE stories – this is, after all Nica Noelle we’re talking about) stands alone but there are similarities.  Panties figure heavily in each.  Well thank you very much Captain Obvious.  But when I say “heavily” I mean that they are VERY prominent in terms of the sexual action.  So, for everyone with a panty fetish, this is YOUR series.  And, even if you aren’t all that interested in panties the scenes are still hot.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Straight Girl in Distress is just under 38 minutes in length and Nica takes her time getting her two protagonists horizontal and superimposed.  I didn’t mind at all and I don’t think you will either.  First let’s take a look at the players.

Aiden Starr is sexy as hell.  She’s not a conventional beauty by any definition but she has a “look” that just screams sexuality.  I think her eyes are about the most expressive of any female adult performer. And she’s a Dominatrix which gives her a level of confidence that comes through loud and clear on the video screen.  She’s a wild cat and you get the impression that there are no limits in terms of what she’ll do to capture her prey.  Sovereign Syre is gorgeous.  She has the look and feel of a runway model with a smoldering sensuality that is just waiting to burst into flame.  She is well matched with Aiden who enjoys taking beautiful women down and putting them through their sexual paces.

As for the story, it’s a good one.  Sovereign is in a bar.  Aiden is the bar tender.  Sovereign shares the news that she’s just been kicked out of her apartment over a dispute with her roommate.  This is the Cliff’s Notes version.  Aiden, generous soul that she is, offers to let Sovereign come to her place and use the spare room.  Now then, I want a show of hands…how many of you think Aiden is going to let Sovereign sleep in the guest room?  Right.  I thought so.  You’re a pretty smart bunch.

Sovereign agrees and the two women go to Aiden’s place where they end up on the couch watching a movie.  Eventually the lesbian in this duo, Aiden Starr, explains why she doesn’t have boy problems and there’s an inevitable suggestion that Sovereign would do better trying it with women for a change.  Sovereign plays it cool and is a little reluctant at first.  Aiden has Sovereign in a tough spot – she’s provided shelter and even a set of PJ’s.  Where’s Sovereign going to go if she rejects Aiden’s advances?  Aiden isn’t bashful about taking advantage.  There are two ways this could have gone:  1 – Ms. Syre could have just gone along and done the “think of England” thing; 2 – She could enthusiastically join in and enjoy the experience. 

Fortunately for this vignette, she chose door number 2 and the sex that follows is wonderful to watch.  LOTS of panty oriented foreplay.  Lots of kissing and touching.  Lots of teasing.  Lots of pubic mound licking through panties.  Aiden is experienced at dominating women and she plays Sovereign Syre like a fiddle.  For her part, Sovereign seems to really enjoy being teased.  There’s a payoff, of course, and Aiden doesn’t leave her partner hanging.  Nor does Sovereign when she turns the tables.  “A good time was had by all,” definitely applies here. 

Kudos, again, to Nica for being willing to explore psychologically interesting storylines, and to Aiden and Sovereign for taking Nica’s story and bringing it to life.  Bravo.

Camera work, audio, editing, and lighting were all first rate.  No problems anywhere that I spotted. 

In summary then, this video vignette is highly recommended.  It is DEFINITELY worth a download for anyone with a panty fetish. I think it would also work well as a couples video or for anyone who likes their lesbian sex videos to be free of appliances.  A very highly wankable video to be sure, though your mileage may vary and all that applies, as usual.

Watch this space for reviews of other Creamy Panties titles coming soon…

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